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C.L.S Chapter 230 Group


With Yi Tianyun singlehandedly trying to preserve Heaven’s Top Mansion dignity, the Great Elder and all the others that came with him were all looking at Yi Tianyun with wonders.

Yi Tianyun successfully rekindled their spirit that was dimmed by Heaven’s Top Mansion decline.

They all made a promise to follows Yi Tianyun’s command eagerly in the future.

Yi Tianyun only smiled to them, he didn’t feel anything he did just now was something worth mentioning.

It was only natural for him to punish anyone who dared mocking people close to him.

Furthermore, killing people was great for him, as they would be a staple for his Exp gain.

But Yi Tianyun made up his mind that all of the Divine Runes Mansion’s disciple were all the same as Lin Li, selfish people with a little to none ability to back it up!

This newfound thought made Yi Tianyun became more disgusted by Divine Runes Mansion’s disciple, he may visit them in the near future after all.

They could give him a large amount of Divine Runes Mastery.

Immediately, the Great Elder and the rest of Heaven’s Top Mansion’s disciples excused themselves to let Yi Tianyun rest on the room, leaving him alone.

Yi Tianyun already said that some of them could share his room, but the Great Elder insisted that this was a treatment that any Mansion Lord should have.

So Yi Tianyun only sighed and let them go to the next room.

In his spare time, while waiting for the time to meet with Netherworld Empire, Yi Tianyun cultivated his Divine Rune Mastery a little bit and couldn’t help but think that he should move the Heavenly Jade Sect to Heaven’s Top Mansion as soon as possible.

This merge would substantially improve both cultivation progress!

As he was deep on his thought, a knock on the door was heard.

“It is time, Lord Yi.” The Great Elder said politely.

Yi Tianyun quickly stood and opened the door to see the Great Elder in front of his door.

Yi Tianyun nodded his head and then proceeded to walk outside the Inn.

The Great Elder quickly led the way to the Imperial Building of Gathering Dragons City.

This building was built especially for the representative of the Netherworld Empire.

Yi Tianyun looked around the front yard of the building and saw that there were so many beautiful decorations everywhere and this place could also hold thousand people easily.

Knowing that fact, Yi Tianyun felt that the Netherworld Empire were so rude to invite a guest but letting them rest on an Inn instead of their own place.

As Yi Tianyun arrived at the gate, the Guard quickly extended their arms and asked for the invitation for the group.

The Great Elder quickly handed out the invitation given to them earlier and soon after, the guard let them all in.

After entering the place, Yi Tianyun noticed that many guards were patrolling the place back and forth.

Yi Tianyun saw one person who was a step above the other in term of cultivation and he assumed that person had to be the Guard’s Captain!

Sure enough, Yi Tianyun saw the difference between an empire and a mansion. A Spirit Core cultivator could easily become a deacon or an elder in a 3rd Grade Faction. But here, a Spirit Core cultivator was only a guard’s captain!

As Yi Tianyun arrived at the Innermost Palace of this building, Yi Tianyun saw two familiar faces.

He saw the two ladies that he encountered on the Devil Cloud Island, if he wasn’t mistaken, their name was Yu Shiqian and Zhao Yu. But, with his face were different from that time, he doubts those 2 ladies would be able to recognize him.

Yi Tianyun tapped the Great Elder and asked him for what sect was the 2 ladies were from.

“Oh, they are from the White Lotus Mansion. They are all females in there, a Female only faction. The same type of faction as your Heavenly Jade Sect, Lord Yi.” The Great Elder answered politely.

“Hmmm, interesting.” Yi Tianyun said as he kept staring at Yu Shiqian and Zhao Yu’s direction.

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