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C.L.S Chapter 239 Change


The Netherworld Empire didn’t choose to destroy the Heaven’s Top Mansion immediately because they still didn’t know who was backing the Heaven’s Top Mansion.

The best thing that they could do was to recruit Heaven’s Top Mansion into their rank.

The second elder’s rebellion was also a part of their plan, as it would scrape off Heaven’s Top Mansion’s forces afterward.

The only thing which didn’t go as planned was that the Shadow’s Guards that was sent to help the second elder were easily killed!

At the moment, Yi Tianyun was preparing to go out of the room for a little while, he let the Great Elder knew that he would be going out for a little while.

The Great Elder quickly nodded his head and didn’t ask any question after that.

As he opened the door to go outside, a guard immediately stopped him.

They said that it already passed the curfew given so that they have to remain inside the room until morning.

Yi Tianyun sighed as it seemed that the treatment here wasn’t really great, it was like they didn’t even see Heaven’s Top Mansion as a guest in this place.

Once he returned back to his room, the Great Elder and Mu Xian’er expressed their frustration.

Yi Tianyun only sighed again and said that it was okay, he will just go from the window instead.

Yi Tianyun quickly jumped out of the window into the tile on the roof.

The Great Elder and Mu Xian’er were a little bit surprised, but they didn’t do anything as they trusted Yi Tianyun wouldn’t do anything to endanger their lives.

On the roof, Yi Tianyun quickly used his stealth ability and was completely hidden in the night.

He saw that many guards were patrolling the place but they didn’t see Yi Tianyun even though Yi Tianyun was only a few feet away from them.

He quickly leaped towards the main building where Cheng Feng resided.

He wanted to see what was Cheng Feng planning for them right now, he already decided that if Cheng Feng was planning something bad for Heaven’s Top Mansion, Yi Tianyun would take immediate action.

As he leaped towards Cheng Feng’s resident, he heard a yell from one of the rooms near him.

“That son of a bitch! I didn’t expect him to be a Mansion Lord! If it’s not because of Minister Cheng’s unfortunate event, I would already kill him on the stage!” Nan Fengyun shouted.

Yi Tianyun only rolled his eyes hearing Nan Fengyun’s childish tantrum and quickly headed to Cheng Feng’s resident.

At the same time, as he left, Nan Fengyun was being consoled by one of his elders.

“Lord Nan, we can’t do anything right now, and he is also the Guest Elder of Star Pavilion. He got that title after winning the Star Pavilion Divine Rune tournament earlier.” The elder said honestly.

“So young, yet he already reached the 4th Grade Divine Rune Master! No wonder he already became a Mansion Lord at such a young age! It is a shame that he would be dead after leaving this place.” Nan Fengyun said while laughing evilly.

Yi Tianyun soon quickly arrived at the depths of the Palace, there were not so many guards in there compare to outside.

“This should be the place!” Yi Tianyun said as he began to sneakily search for Cheng Feng’s room.

As Yi Tianyun searched, he suddenly hears someone shout.

“I told you to not get close to me! I will throw the paper to you, just wait there!” it was Cheng Feng’s voice!

Yi Tianyun didn’t expect that Cheng Feng became this paranoid after experiencing the Bad Luck Divine Pill firsthand.

Yi Tianyun quickly used his Hundred Transformation Mask and used a black cloth to cover his face, and he immediately hid near the windows and observed Cheng Feng from there.

“Is this all the information that you collected? This is all useless! Fuck! Can’t you do your job thoroughly you useless piece of shit! You can’t even find anything good from that shitty Heaven’s Top Mansion!” Cheng Feng said rudely to his shadow guard.

“I can’t find anything about their expert, it is like he didn’t exist at all! The only thing I know for sure is that their Mansion Lord has already lost his cultivation!” The shadow guard said in frustration.

“If there is no expert how can they kill that many of my shadow guards easily! I cultivated them thoroughly! There is no way a crippled faction like Heaven’s Top Mansion could handle them easily!” Cheng Feng said furiously.

He quickly picked up a chair near him and threw it towards the Shadow Guard.

“Forget it! I will grab the kid that poses as a Mansion Lord myself! I will make him serve under me! Perhaps he would be more useful than you trash! I don’t believe that they have an expert that’s more powerful than our Netherworld Empire! Even if they have a dragon, I will serve it on a silver plater to the emperor!” Cheng Feng said furiously.

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