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C.L.S Chapter 241 Netherworld Great Emperor Phantom Shadow


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Yi Tianyun quickly activated all power-enhancing move he had.

He activated the X8 damage on his crazy mode, and his power exploded to 3.9 million!

He quickly took out the Frost Fist and then immediately froze Cheng Feng in place.

He knew that the Frost Fist’s effect wouldn’t last long, so he quickly took out the Blood Dragon’s Skeleton Blade to finish Cheng Feng in one swing!

As Yi Tianyun’s blade reached Cheng Feng’s chest, the freezing effect broke!

Cheng Feng immediately covered his body with a golden aura, this aura was the defensive aura which was harder than metal.

It showed resistance against Yi Tianyun’s blade!

But with Yi Tianyun’s heightened offensive power, he was able to inflict an injury on Cheng Feng’s chest!

But it was not enough to kill him.

Yi Tianyun quickly tried to attack Cheng Feng one more time, and this time, with Cheng Feng’s aura already covered him completely, Yi Tianyun’s blade was like slammed into a metal wall!

The sound of metal clashed was immediately heard as Yi Tianyun’s blade hit Cheng Feng’s body.

Yi Tianyun didn’t stop!

He kept stabbing Cheng Feng’s body to end his life.

After some time, Yi Tianyun activated the effect of the Blood Dragon’s Skeleton Blade and then a blood dragon immediately rushed forward from the blade and pierced Cheng Feng’s body.

Seeing that his opponent has the capability of piercing his defense, Cheng Feng immediately burned his own Blood Essence!

His power and speed increased considerably but he decided not to attack!

Yi Tianyun investigated Cheng Feng’s sudden burst of power and saw that his combat power already rose to 3.450.000!

Seeing this power difference, Yi Tianyun immediately changed his strategy.

Yi Tianyun immediately smashed Cheng Feng up, so that he couldn’t dodge his attack in the air.

Yi Tianyun quickly used the power of Blood Dragon’s Skeleton Blade one more time and then, cut Cheng Feng’s arm!

Cheng Feng immediately escaped Yi Tianyun’s flurry of attack and then hid behind the wall.

If his defensive ability wasn’t strong enough, Cheng Feng would’ve died by now!

Cheng Feng quickly stopped the bleeding on his arm and then consumed out a medicinal pill to recover.

But, he didn’t have much time as Yi Tianyun immediately followed him and attacked him relentlessly!

“Impudent bastard!” Cheng Feng said frustratingly.

He immediately pulls out a jade pendant and immediately crushed it.

In the next moment, the emperor’s shadow appeared!

When Yi Tianyun assessed its power with his Appraisal Eye, the Shadow was at Core Transformation Peak Stage and had 6.5 million Combat Power!

This is only the base power!

The shadows definitely could exert much more power when attacking!

But with this amount of power, Yi Tianyun knew that shadow wouldn’t last long!

“Netherworld Empire’s Great Emperor!” Yi Tianyun said as he was unsure that he could withstand an attack from this shadow.

As he prepared himself from the attack of the shadow, the shadow immediately attacked!

The shadow immediately attacked Yi Tianyun with a powerful shockwave from his palm covering the entire hall!

With Yi Tianyun had nowhere to hide from this attack, he had no choice but to block it!

This attack was like a giant wall, separating him from killing Cheng Feng!

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