Crazy Leveling System

C.L.S Chapter 246 New Minister


Yi Tianyun kept laughing alone, making the Great Elder and Mu Xian’er uncomfortable.

“Grandpa, are you sure there is nothing wrong with the Mansion Lord?” Mu Xian’er asked worriedly.

But Great Elder only shrugged his shoulder, because he really didn’t know anything.

At the same time, Yi Tianyun knew that he was being watched but he didn’t care. He had the Cold Ice Divine Bow now!

With that weapon, his next battle surely would be easier than before!

Yi Tianyun immediately checked his status to see how much he has progressed.

Host                                     : Yi Tianyun

Level                                    : 41 (1st Level Core Transformation Stage)

Experience Point                  : 0/100.000.000

Crazy Point                          : 1.893.689

Prestige Point                       : 630

Sin Point                              : 3.556

Cultivation Technique          : Dark North Divine Art, Dragon God Secret Art, Xuan Tian Divine Art, Heavens Devouring Divine Secret Art, Golden Body Secret Art.

Ability                                  : Absorbing Stars Great Technique, Blood Fiend Soaring Heaven, Qingyun sword technique, Azure Profound Step Technique.

Weapon                                : Frost Fist, Blood Fiend’s Divine Spear, Sword of Endlessness, Chaotic Heaven Sacred Axe, Blood Dragon’s Skeleton Blade, Cold Ice Divine Bow.

Armor                                   : Deity Armor, Shadow Cloak, Chaotic Heaven Divine Armor, Chaotic Heaven Battle Boots, Blood Fiend’s Divine Armor.

Divine Ability                      : Crazy Mode, Lucky Halo, Teleportation.

Bloodline                             : Dragon God Bloodline.

Adornment                           : Forging God Hammer, Power bracelet, Power ring, Power Belt, Blood Fiend’s Bracelet.

Item                                      : Recovery Medicinal Pill Eight, Level 50 Gift Pack, X1 Life, Blast Divine Pill, (2)X20 Exp Card, Netherworld Talisman, X30 Exp Card, X5 Mastery Card, X5 Crazy Points Card, X2 Sin Points card.

Treasure                                : Purple Fire Divine Furnace, Blood Jade, Coiling Dragon Treasure Map, Jade Pearl, Command Treasure Book, Spirit Race Key.

Title                                      : Guardian, Saviour

Fire                                       : Immortal Fire

Yi Tianyun was shocked to see the required exp to level up, he had to collect 100 million Exp!

There was no way he could level up as fast as he could like before!

He will need to kill 100 cultivators at the same level as Cheng Feng for just 1 level!

He felt helpless about this development, but there was nothing he could do about it. He immediately decided to rest since the next day would be hectic.

In an instant he woke up it was already dawn, the only thing that changed was they were not allowed to leave the room they were currently in.

Netherworld Empire Official still didn’t release any statement regarding this matter.

Many Mansion Lords and disciples began to wonder what really was happening, but they never got an honest answer from the guards.

On the third day, they were all summoned to the courtyard but they were all surprised to see that another minister was attending instead of Cheng Feng.

The new minister didn’t conceal his aura and everyone knew instantly that he was more powerful than Cheng Feng.

“I know that everyone has been distressed for a few days because of our behavior. The truth is we have some serious matter at hand, Minister Cheng Feng was killed 2 days ago. We still don’t have any clue as to who the perpetrator was. Therefore, the inconvenience for the earlier 2 days was inevitable.” Minister Lin Hao said solemnly.

Everyone immediately felt a sudden chill coming from Minister Lin Hao, everyone immediately knew that Minister Cheng Feng’s death was a blow to Minister Lin Hao.

The Great Elder, Mu Xian’er and Yu Shiqian, however, felt the chill for a completely different reason.

They all had a guess as to who was the killer of Minister Cheng Feng, with the exception that Yu Shiqian didn’t know the true identity of the killer.

Great Elder and Yu Shiqian were all shocked that Yi Tianyun could kill someone at Cheng Feng’s caliber, the two of them began to wonder just how powerful Yi Tianyun really was.

But they soon realized that they needed to cover this up, this matter shouldn’t be known to others!

Heaven’s Top Mansion safety was riding on this information.

Nan Fengyun’s face was full of displeasure, he went out of his way to build a good relationship with Minister Cheng Feng, and now it didn’t matter any longer.

The promise made by Cheng Feng earlier didn’t have any value now.

“I don’t know if this incident was related to one of you, but I know that most of you are already at a quite high level of cultivation. Therefore one of you may be able to sneak past the guards and commit the killing!” Minister Lin Hao said seriously.

Everyone suddenly froze!

They couldn’t help but be afraid that they could be in the Netherworld Empire’s torture chamber to get the truth forcefully!

“Rest assured, I will not do anything to you. I don’t see any good reason for you to kill Cheng Feng as he has a little to none interaction with you until the day he invites you here.” Minister Lin Hao said.

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