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C.L.S Chapter 249 Rampant


The Soul-Searching Technique was a ruthless technique that searched for a certain memory of the target and left them incapacitated, crazy, autistic or even dead!

Great Elder’s complexion suddenly changed after hearing the Minister will use this technique!

Yi Tianyun however, didn’t care about this technique.

The opponent wouldn’t be using this technique for them anyway!

“Let’s stop here for a moment, I will give you what you want!” Yi Tianyun said casually.

“Are you stupid? You refuse the offer to become part of the Netherworld Empire before, and now, you want to give in? How bold can you be!” Nan Fengyun said while laughing.

The Mansion Lord who has already joined the Netherworld Empire also joined Nan Fengyun on the laughter as they found Yi Tianyun was easily giving up.

“It’s okay! If you hand Xuan Tian Divine Art to me now, I will spare Heaven’s Top Mansion.” Minister Lin Hao said with a poker face.

“Okay, here it is!” Yi Tianyun said as he threw a book near Lin Hao’s feet.

“Pick it up!” Lin Hao said as he ordered the guard next to him to pick up the book.

“Lord Lin, let me help you!” Nan Fengyun said as he picked up the book and gave it to Minister Lin Hao.

As soon as he received the book, Lin Hao immediately ordered the three Shadow Guards around Yi Tianyun to kill him and the Heaven’s Top Mansion representative!

The Shadow Guards immediately rushed over, ready to attack Yi Tianyun.

But it was all for naught as Yi Tianyun quickly kicked them in the stomach one by one as they came close enough, killing them almost instantly.


‘Successfully killed Shadow Guard!’

‘Reward: 260.000 Exp, 3.200 Crazy Points, 50 Sin Points, Shadow Step Martial Art, Shadow Blade.’


‘Successfully killed Shadow Guard!’

‘Reward: . . .’


‘Successfully killed . . .’

The Mansion Lords were all surprised to see Yi Tianyun easily killed so many Shadow Guards like that.

They all realized that Yi Tianyun was definitely in the higher stage of Spirit Core Cultivation!

“I already saw this coming! Read the book first, you fool!” Yi Tianyun said challengingly.

Lin Hao immediately looked at the book Yi Tianyun threw earlier and immediately enraged and destroyed the books into pieces.

“How dare you play me! I want Xuan Tian Divine Art! Not a Basic Boxing!” Lin Hao said furiously.

“Well, it’s doesn’t really matter. You still attacked me regardless, didn’t you?” Yi Tianyun said with a bored expression.

Yi Tianyun’s words enraged Minister Lin Hao even further.

Seeing that the Minister would be exploding in anger soon, Nan Fengyun quickly offered himself to be the one fighting against Yi Tianyun.

Lin Hao nodded his head in agreement and therefore, every Mansion Lords near Nan Fengyun also joined the battle!

Minister Lin Hao smirked as he thought Yi Tianyun wouldn’t survive to fight this many cultivators at once!

The Shadow Guard earlier maybe was too weak for Yi Tianyun but, these Mansion Lords were comparably stronger!

Nan Fengyun and the other Mansion Lords released their aura simultaneously.

Filling the area with intense Core Transformation stage aura.

“This time I will pay you back for killing my disciple!” Nan Fengyun said while smirking evilly.

Yi Tianyun didn’t even wait for Nan Fengyun to attack, he immediately flashed over to Nan Fengyun and gave a strong kick to Nan Fengyun’s chest!

Nan Fengyun was immediately flung towards the wall and hit it hard!

“Now, where is your payback again?” Yi Tianyun said casually.

His face didn’t give out any emotion as Nan Fengyun wasn’t even at his radar at all.

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