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Comic System In Naruto’s World Chapter 226


“Akabane, does this sentence… have a special meaning?”
Why do you say that people are old and good?
No one else noticed it, except for those close to Akabane who felt that he seemed a little excited and proud, which gave them a very strange feeling.
When Akabane heard this question, he couldn’t help coughing a few times. 
Because there was no special importance to it.
“Probably the release language of illusion?”
Some people guess.
“Ahem, watch the live broadcast first, I will drag everyone into the illusion, please mentors don’t resist.”
Akabane interrupted their brainless speculation.
If he lets them guess, any result is possible. He can’t say that he only copied the line as it was quite cool.
 As for why they were pulled into the illusion…
Firstly, these mentors will be responsible for guiding the Genin training in the future. So for that to happen, they need to know their students’ strengths and expertise and then make targeted Guidance.
Secondly, the mental power of these mentors is much stronger than that of Genins. They only need to watch after entering the illusion. They don’t need to consume extra spiritual energy at all, and the spiritual energy they reserve can be used to supply the consumption of the illusion.
Simply put, a group of tool people.
The entire group entered the Illusory Domain and soon saw a huge eagle taking all the Genin, flying over the land-of-Wind-shaped field, and came to a huge desert.
Desert, a war background?
Everyone is thoughtful.
“This desert terrain should be a famous forbidden area in Sand Village.”
Ryosuke said.
His leg was broken during the war with Sand Village. Although he was treated later, the broken bones were embedded in the bones, and he could no longer be a qualified ninja and had to retire.
He is quite familiar with the Land of Wind.
“Yes, this is the forbidden desert in the Land of Wind. There are countless traps and poisonous fog in some places. Their goal is to survive and then find the exit I left based on clues.”
Akabane explained.
All in all, it is running poison, running laps, and skydiving-this is very important. If the ninjas do not jump well, they are likely to fall directly into the trap and die.
All these have been reminded, no one can blame others for making a mistake and dying.
of course……
In addition to how to control the Parachute that became Umbrella since they didn’t know what Parachute is, there is also the ability to control Chakra.
Similar to climbing trees and treading water, when landing at a high altitude, they can use the control chakra to cushion the impact of landing. These are mentioned in the Academy.
At this time, the giant eagle had flown over the desert, and many Genin began to jump down. 
This kind of fantasy game is the first time everyone has seen it, but it looks really exciting. 
Seeing Genin jumping off the back of the giant eagle, several instructors themselves feel very excited.
Within a few minutes, fighting broke out in some places.
Unexpectedly, Ryosuke kept his eyes on the small map showing everyone’s location. After looking at it, he said, “This Genin named Uchiha Ryo, it seems that he has no team…”
“It’s Uchiha’s basic operations, just calm down.”
Akabane glanced at it without paying too much attention.
The other mentors are not too surprised either. Although the Uchiha clan has now tried to integrate into the village, the impression it has made over the years is difficult to change in a short time.
of course.
If the thoughts of the mentors were known to Uchiha, the child would feel very heartbroken.
He doesn’t want to be alone, but really nobody wants him in the team.
Life is too difficult!
“But if it’s Uchiha’s people, there must be no problem in ability, and Uchiha Ryo seemed to be the top student in Akabane’s class last year, but something happened and was relegated.”
Nohara Cheng seems to have done the student’s homework and knows about Uchiha Ryo.
[TL/n: Nohara Cheng is the father of the Father of Rin Nohara. An OC]
After hearing this, everyone thought of who he was and showed sympathy-the child had talent, but he met Akabane, and his head became hot and used a giant fireball. As a result, he stayed in the first grade.
With such a background, it is strange to find teammates.
As soon as the camera turned, everyone saw a group had surrounded Uchiha Ryo.
A team of four, specially chosen to be around Uchiha Ryo when parachuting, finally found his whereabouts after some searching.
But what if a flock of sheep surrounds the wolf?
After a wave of confrontation operations, Uchiha Ryo killed one as he escaped, but the ability gap still exists.
“One year older, there is indeed a slight difference in strength. By the way, I remember Akabane, you have many students from the same class, right?”
“Well, let me see…”
Akabane searched for people in the illusion, and then switched out several large screens in this “viewing room”.
The Inuzuka Ishi team, Shimi’s InoShikaCho team, and a few other students whose name is not known by Akabane.
There is a year difference, but there is a big difference in strength between the two sides.
In less than ten minutes, the number has been reduced from more than 100 to more than 80, most of whom are under the hands of these senior grades, and the younger generations are killed without mercy.
In ten minutes or so, fifty people remain in the field—some of them died by other Genin’s hands, and some were killed by traps or poisoned by themselves without surveying the terrain.
“This kind of battlefield has tested all the abilities needed in a ninja war. I didn’t expect such a bizarre training method. No wonder the village wants you to be a training instructor.”
Shiranui Ryosuke who watched and paid attention to the battle of the Genins the whole time, has his mentality changed from suspicion to certifying, and even the way he called Akabane changed to honorifics.
“This illusion is too strong.”
“It’s no wonder that although Akabane is so young, he is already a Special Jonin.”
A group of Chunin mentors are also convinced.
This kind of illusion is simply a big killer for training, and now only Akabane in the new generation of the Kurama Clan has awakened Kekkei Genkai.
The older generation who awakened their Kekkei Genkai will either die or be injured, or they will no longer have the ability to serve as a mentor at their age. Moreover, even those older generations may not necessarily have such exquisite illusions as Akabane.
Counting down, only Akabane in the village is suitable for this position.
Akabane was satisfied.
After a wave of small training, both the students and teachers were convinced.
It’s an Outstanding effect!
The Little Dream Tapir is also very satisfied. Although this spiritual energy goes in and out, but he can still eat so much at once, the satisfaction in his heart is quite strong.
Before long, the poison circle shrank again.
At this time there were only two teams left in the circle, it’s Inuzuka Ishi Team and the Nara Shimi Team. Besides himself, Inuzuka Ishi also has a teammate from Aburame Clan and is a member of Hyuga Branch House.
They are a Standard scout team.
While Nara Shimi team is a classic combination of pigs, deers and butterflies. Although their individual strength is not very strong, the three people are very strong in cooperation, and there is no fear of the combination of Inuzuka Ishi.
Therefore, in the finals, Nara Shimi and Yamanaka took the lead in controlling the opponent to reduce their combat power and finally using Akimichi’s Human-Bullet Tank they attacked and crushed their enemy.
A game without suspense.
However, Inuzuka Ishi’s team is not without high-light performance. Their frontal combat effectiveness is actually quite average, but using their strong reconnaissance ability, perfect use of terrain, traps and poisonous fog, they killed more than a dozen teams in the middle.
Among those eliminated, one-third died indirectly from their team.
After the battle ended, the illusion also disappeared.
The little dream tapir burped very contentedly on Akabane’s shoulder.
Injury and death will cause violent mental fluctuations, and then emit a certain amount of mental energy, and some of this mental energy will stay in its body when it enters and exits.
So after a game, it is really full!
Outside the Illusory Domain, all Genins are crying.
Even if it is only 60% of the pain, it is also very strong for them at their age. What’s more, they went directly into shock and were dragged down by the medical team that was waiting in advance.
“As I expected, you are a group of rookies, and rookies are not qualified to be ninjas, so all those who passed out into a coma were eliminated and returned to Ninja Academy to repeat.”
Akabane did not leave any affection.
Shiranui Ryosuke agreed very much.
Just 60% of the pain makes them shocked, such courage and will when on the battlefield, they will just become harmful to others.
“Some of the remaining genin who are eliminated by traps. These people are stupid and fail to do basic reconnaissance.”
“Some of them were killed by the poisonous mist. I recommend training with physical classes for these people, and some were killed because of stupid tactical decisions. I recommend strengthening the development of their brains.”
“There are other types of people who are lone wolves, who believe in individual heroism, and then are killed by a sea of tactics. I won’t elaborate on who it is here.”
Faced with Akabane’s unrelenting irony, everyone was annoyed, but thinking about their performance, they couldn’t refute it.
Among them, Uchiha Ryo, Might Duy and others bowed their heads in shame.
The lone wolf he was talking about was Uchiha Ryo and the stupid tactical decision was by Might Duy a hotblooded boy who rushed up bravely when he saw a clone and then gave him a wave of nothing.
“Of course I am young, and I may not have enough experience. So listen to your teacher Ryosuke, a Jonin, who is the oldest on our side.”
“Teacher Ryosuke, Please tell me about the performance of these people.”
Akabane transferred the topic to Shiranui Ryosuke.
Ryosuke is the only Special-Jonin here. Although he only teaches Ninja Tool manipulation, he has unique experience and vision and has a higher right to speak than other teachers.
He said without hesitation: “I think everyone is unqualified, and all of them will be sent back to school for revision.”
“This is not so good!”
Nohara Cheng’s expression changed.
In the past, there were also some Genins who failed the test and sent them back to the Academy, but this year, they will send more than a hundred people back. The teacher at Ninja Academy estimates that their mentality will explode.
“Two Lords, isn’t this too much?”
A Chunin teacher immediately answered to continue the conversation, because when they thought about it carefully, they all reacted.
What Akabane and Ryosuke said was true and also false at the same time!
Except for the shock group, the rest were all means to scare the genins.
“Do you think it’s over? Then I will give you one month to train them into qualified rookie, and also one month later I will hold the Virtual Battle  test again, if it is not attained, you will return to the Academy with them to learn the basics.”
 Akabane said “relentlessly”.
Shiranui Ryosuke quickly continued, “In order to ensure the quality of training, we will conduct closed training this month. Whoever disagrees can leave now.”
This group of Genin is miserable.
They haven’t even eaten breakfast until now, and they have just been tortured by Illusory Domain, and they are all exhausted now.
In the Ninja Village, it is understandable for some to leave, but whoever wants to quit at this time will be despised by the whole village.
So no one quit.
Nara Shimi sighed in his heart, he understood everything, but it was useless. Because as one of the genin who graduated from last year, he also had to receive training.
of course……
According to his guess, they and Inuzuka Ishi’s team would be dispersed to each team as captains.
The facts were not beyond his expectations, and then Ryosuke announced the list of groups and divisions. The last 25 people who died received a lot of praise——
They were appointed as group leaders and were responsible for leading the training of the other three.
And for those people who are not liked by others, they were grouped together.
For example, Uchiha Ryo, Might Duy and ordinary civilian ninja.

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