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Crazy Leveling System Chapter 113: Pet Black Dragon!


The voice of the Black Dragon King is getting weaker in every passing minute as the wave of aura from the Black Dragon Strength dissipates.

“I beg you human, let me go! Stop absorbing my strength, I will die! I know a lot of secret, treasure and stuff. Let me go and I will tell you everything!” Black Dragon King keep begging Yi Tianyun to let him go.

“Unfortunately for you, I don’t have interest for that stuff. Plus, all you want is to fuse with me so that you can take over my body and mind, forcing me to give you sacrifice for your resurrection, am I right? I see whatever it is you are doing to the old man Hei Hun from before. His body is done for, there is no way he would live long enough with that amount of corruption in his body.” Yi Tianyun said while smirking. 

Yi Tianyun saw through this trick, he knows that Old Ancestor Hei Hun is also aware of this fact, but because normal cultivation method is just too slow, Yi Tianyun believes the old man let himself fall for the power. 

It is extremely risky to resurrect just by using the body it possess, that’s why it relies heavily on sacrifices to slowly store the power necessary for resurrection, the sacrifices is there to mitigate the negative effect or it can be said that the sacrifices is there to make the resurrection successful without harming the body of the host. 

The Black Dragon King needs his host to be at the very least in legendary Saint King stage of cultivation, so the body can withstand the amount of power he will receive. There is no mistaken to reach that stage, countless sacrifices is necessary. 

This fact alone is all Yi Tianyun needs to kill this thing, there is no way his conscience will be okay, knowing if he let this thing go, he would be responsible for the death of many innocent lives.

“I don’t need you to do anything for me, just… just let me go, yeah.” Black Dragon King whispered and begged at the same time.

“hahaha, you are funny! There is no way that I will let you go, you already killed too much, it’s time for you to be put in your place!” As Yi Tianyun finishes his speech he smashes the dragon skull that he held.

“Ahh.. I curse you forever!” the Black Dragon King screams as he reach his end by Yi Tianyun.

[Ding, successfully killed Black Dragon King soul, earned 100,000 experience, 5,000 Crazy Point. Get Black Dragon Soul, Black Dragon Spiritual Vein Crystal!]

He successfully obtain the Black Dragon Soul and Black Dragon Spiritual Vein Crystal in addition after killing the Black Dragon King, He smiles a little bit, but he quickly realizes that at this point the Black Dragon Strength that waving across the room is all gone. There is no trace of wicked power left at all.

“Yes, I got it! I got the Black Dragon Soul!” Yi Tianyun just doesn’t care about this place anymore, he jumps back into his enthusiast to receive the last piece from summoning his own Black Dragon. 

While he jumps up and down from his excitement, Yi Tianyun feels the ground began to shake, he quickly starts running outside the underground passageway, as he reach the top of the stairs, the tunnel behind him began to collapse, he starts running again to escape from the collapsing building. 

He just reach the entrance as the building completely folded inside leaving no trace whatsoever of the previously big building. 

“Phew, that was close!” Yi Tianyun said while swiping his sweat. 

After resting for a little while, he makes up his mind to summon his dragon. He took out the Black Dragon Strength, Black Dragon Spiritual Vein Crystal, and the Black Dragon Skeleton, as he already gathered all three, the option to fuse the item appears in front of him. 

With almost no hesitation, he clicks the fusion button, the three items quickly merged together. At first, all Yi Tianyun can see is just a black vortex, but after a while, the black vortex shapes itself into a three meter tall black dragon. 

It has all the characteristic that is needed to be a dragon, it has a huge wing in its back, it has a huge and sharp claw, and it also has a black scale covering its entire body. And Yi Tianyun just gasp in the side while looking at the dragon in awe.

Black Dragon: First Level Core Condensation, the whole body scale is comparable to the Lower Grade Soul Tool Rank, indestructible; the claw is equal to the Lower Grade Soul Tool Weapon Rank, unbreakable! The potential is fifth-class Rank. As the cultivation base gets stronger and stronger, the body will become bigger and bigger, and the flame breath will become more powerful.

“Very powerful!” Yi Tianyun smiles brightly, he has a bright future ahead of him with this kind of familiar. He now has two familiar, the Snow Wolf that has the second class potential, and now the Black Dragon that has a fifth class potential. But that potential level really bugs Yi Tianyun a little bit.

“How come a dragon has a fifth class potential in tenth potential rank system?” he can’t help but wonder, what kind of monster that have a tenth class potential are. 


The Black Dragon roars as he sees Yi Tianyun and quickly rubs its head to Yi Tianyun’s, clearly showing a familiar bond.

“Okay, okay, you are my pet now, you are gonna help me with everything that I need you to do, and I will make sure all your needs is fulfilled.” Yi Tianyun said while patting the dragon’s head. The Black Dragon just whimpers and nods a bit showing its willingness. 

Yi Tianyun smiles and feels very satisfied by the outcome, he really needs more familiar to aid him fighting against a large group of enemies in the future. 

Now he needs to make sure that the Black Dragon cultivate efficiently so that it also would be a huge help for him in the future. 

After the Black Dragon is content, Yi Tianyun quickly open his status and inventory windows, he needs to organize all the weapon and martial art he got from the previous fight. 

He got a lot of earth level martial art that he immediately sold, he felt that he doesn’t need to level up his Dark North Divine Art as of now it’s sufficient to leave it at the current level. After selling the Black Dragon Divine Secret Art, he opens his status windows.

Host: Yi Tianyun

Level: 30 (Peak Core Condensation)

Experience: 187.532/8.500.000

Crazy Point: 138.728 

Prestige Points: 230 

Cultivation Technique: Dark North Divine Art , Dragon God Secret Art , Xuan Tian Divine Art

Martial Arts: Absorbing Stars Great Technique ,Blood Fiend Soaring Heaven

Weapon: Frost Fist, Blood Fiend Divine Spear, Sword of Endlessness, Chaotic Heaven Sacred Axe

Armor: Snow Wolf Battle Boots, Deity Armor, Shadow Cloak, Chaotic Heaven Divine Armor, Chaotic Heaven Battle Boots

Divine Ability: Crazy Mode, Luck Aura

Bloodline: Dragon God Bloodline

Adornments: Forging God Hammer, Power bracelet, Power ring, Power Belt, Blood Fiend Bracelet

All items: Recovery Medicinal Pill 18, Double Experience Pill 5, 30 Level 1 Gift Pack, Life*1, Bad Luck Divine Pill

Treasure: Purple Fire Divine Furnace

Title: Guardian

Flame: Immortal Fire

When he saw the experience needed for the next level, he sighed, how long would it take to accumulate a total of 8.5 million EXPs!

“Phew, forget it, all I need to do is just do anything step by step, I don’t need to rush things. And now I need to get back to sister Xiao lian, I don’t want to worry her for because i took too long to get back.” 

Yi Tianyun proceeds by gesturing the Black Dragon to take a kneeling position and then Yi Tianyun climbs the dragon’s back and said: “Let’s go back! Now fly!” The Black Dragon quickly flaps its wing and flew up into the sky. The speed is much faster than riding the Snow Wolf, but the comparison is a little bit unfair as flying didn’t have any terrain obstacle. 

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