Crazy Leveling System

Crazy Leveling System Chapter 141: Innate Ability Shift


The Wicked Fire circled around Yi Tianyun’s body because at the moment Shadow Cloak was protecting him.

“Quickly!” When Huan Qin saw the Wicked Fire, she exclaimed: “This is the Wicked Fire came from inside of the Fire Dragon Stone, it was designated to target the one who tweaked the Fire Dragon Stone!”

Yi Tianyun gritted his teeth, the light in his eyes didn’t diminish. The clock was ticking and his time before Shadow Cloak’s effect expired was short.


Yi Tianyun screamed, he kept bending the pillar, causing more crack on the cage, and finally 5 seconds passed and Yi Tianyun still couldn’t create enough gap on the cage for Huan Qin to go through.

When the Shadow Cloak’s effect expired, the Wicked Fire immediately entered Yi Tianyun’s body and began to burn his insides, Yi Tianyun decided to ignore it for the moment, and continued to bend the cage, fortunately, because his physical prowes was quite exceptional he could brush aside the pain at the moment, although how long he’ll last before this Wicked Fire began causing damage to his internals, even he himself didn’t know.

“Even if you’re exceptionally tough, at this rate, you will die!” Huan Qin looked at Yi Tianyun with teary eyes, she couldn’t help but shouted, she couldn’t let her saviour die!

“I won’t die until I rescue you. Believe me…” Yi Tianyun looked at her and smiled faintly.


Tears fell down Huan Qin’s eyes, she bit her lips because of her powerlessness, she was glad someone would help her, but with Heavenly Thunder Great Array being activated, she can’t do anything, otherwise she wouldn’t just sit in a cage crying while seeing Yi Tianyun tried his best to break her out.


Along with the roar, Yi Tianyun summoned more power from within his body, his arms became a bit bigger, and he continued to bend the cage to each sides!


Finally the pillar shattered after Yi Tianyun’s effort, and Huan Qin walked out of the remnants of the cage

With the cage being destroyed, Heavenly Thunder Great Array was disabled, but at the same time Yi Tianyun felt a pain inside of him, Wicked Fire inside his body have caused quite some damage, his internal organs was scorched.

He fell and he barely can open his eyes, but when he was about to fall, someone held him.

He tried to open his eyes, and he saw Huan Qin’s teary eyes, and se said something, but Yi Tianyun could not hear it. His consciousness gradually faded away, even Peak Spirit Core Cultivators could’ve died if this Wicked Fire entered their body.

All Yi Tianyun could do was endure, and hoped that eventually this Wicked Fire would diminish.

Not long after he felt a cool breeze inside his body, extinguishing the Wicked Fire inside him, and suddenly the pain subsided, and he felt better than ever.

“Hmm…” He slowly opened his eyes.

Then came the eye-catching Huan Qin, who was crying, hugged him really tight as if not willing to let him go.

“This is…”

Yi Tianyun noticed that a Divine Rune on Huan Qin’s forehead disappeared, which was engraved on his chest now. He realized it because that’s where the cool breeze came from.

He didn’t know what side effects it would cause, but he knew this was something costly for Huan Qin. Transferring the Innate Ability Divine Rune, not only will reduce one’s lifespan, but also reduce cultivation base!

The most important thing is Huan Qin’s Innate Ability has been transferred to him. To say Huan Qin’s innate ability was reduced by half wouldn’t be an exaggeration.

She judged that transferring her innate ability with ice attributes was the best way to save Yi Tianyun at that moment.

Yi Tianyun was moved, he couldn’t say anything, but one thing for sure, he didn’t regret saving Huan Qin.


‘Obtained Heavenly Eyes Innate Ability’

He heard a notification in his head that just obtained Innate Ability!

“You transferred Divine Rune to me, why? That’s something very valuable, it’s priceless” Yi Tianyun shook his head and sat up, he thought it will be quite a while before his internal injuries fully healed, but it seemed like Huan Qin’s Divine Rune really worked like a charm.

“I refuse to owe anyone anything!” Huan Qin wiped his tears and triedto help Yi Tianyun to get back on his feet, she didn’t even care about how valuable her Divine Rune as long as she could save Yi Tianyun.

“It’s okay I can stand by myself. Are you sure about it? Transferring Divine Rune is really a big deal, it will impact your lives from now on” Yi Tianyun asked.

“This is not a big deal. Like I said, I refuse to owe anyone anything.” Huan Qin said with a light smile: “You are willing to save me, giving you that Divine Rune was not a big deal, just consider it a gift.”

“This is priceless, how is this a gift?” Yi Tianyun smiled, and the sad atmosphere disappeared “But the trap he set here is really devastating.”

“Yes, I didn’t expect that Lei Yun had two Great Arrays. Even with the seal outside being destroyed, I still can’t destroy the cage.” Huan Qin looked gloomy: “seems like he really can’t let me escape this place, could it be…”

“No doubt about it. Let’s get out of here for now. We can’t stay here too long!” Yi Tianyun stood up, he was worried that Lei Yun would do something else, like sending mercenaries to kill them.

Huan Qin nodded and quickly evacuated with Yi Tianyun. When they were about to leave, he thought of something.

“Wait a minute!”

Then, in front of Huan Qin, Yi Tianyun took the Luminous Pearl embedded in the wall : “At least i’ll take this as compensation.”

Huan Qin was speechless, she thought that Yi Tianyun needed to do something important, turns out…..

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