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Crazy Leveling System Chapter 147: Forging Tool


Yi Tianyun found a place to rest for a bit. With 3 months to spare he wasn’t in a hurry to leave the city. He looked at the memento left by Zhu Yuxuan for her sister Zi Yuwei, the jade pendant. He sighed, he finally understood why Zhu Yuxuan’s favorability wasn’t reduced, and he finally realized why Zi Yuwei have never been found before. 

Zhu Yuxuan must have done something to disrupt the search if not completely halting it. She must have realized her sister went to Earthly Borders Continent! 

Zi Yuwei must have been in search for power, knowing that to restore her family’s name, power was all she needs. But if she kept looking for helping hand instead of strengthen herself, it was all gonna be in vain, Yi Tianyun thought to himself.

Yi Tianyun thought for a while, he realized that he was still far too weak to challenge Profound Azure Mansion by himself , he must push himself to become stronger! He needed to try some new things to see what happen. 

With that thought in mind, Yi Tianyun quickly attempted to forge.

“Start Forging Tools!” he shouted. Yi Tianyun took out all materials he had to forge soul tool and made a preparation to forge them. Once he finished preparing, Yi Tianyun checked the success rate to forge soul tools and he was shocked due to how low the chance is.

“What is this? How can it be this low? Only 20% success rate!” he thought for a second and tried adding another effect.

“Activate Luck Aura!” he shouted, and once again he checked the success rate, and this time it increased to 50%! But this chance still left Yi Tianyun wondering.

“How is it not 100%?” Yi Tianyun didn’t understand what’s with this success rate, with Luck Aura activated his luck is supposed to be increased by 10 folds! 

He checked his forging skill, and his luck aura. He found out that it will not improve the chance to forge advanced equipment higher than 50%, if he really wished a better chance he needed to find other way to increase the success rate. He understood this rule, as he experienced before when he was in Heaven Immersing Ancient Ruins, he could find the array thanks to his luck, but it that’s all. He didn’t have the skill to fix the array nor the knowldge about it.

“It seems that the system is trying to keep things fair, I still didn’t have enough power to forge this!” 

Yi Tianyun was a little bit frustrated as he couldn’t level up faster with this method. However, setting ‘gain exp’ aside if it was just to forge low level Soul Tools, he would do it even if the success rate was just 50%. And suddenly he remembered that he had an item for forging.

“Oh yeah, I still have Forging God Hammer!” He immediately equipped it and noticed that his success rate improved by 10%!

“This trinket is very nice!” he shouted in excitement. 

After taking a deep breath, he began forging immediately. He started by melting the material with his immortal fire, and then tempering it. 


‘Successfully forge a ‘Lower Grade Soul Tool’ 

‘Reward: 100.000 Exp, 500 Forge Mastery’

“Hmm, 100.000 Exp, this is not bad!” but he soon felt otherwise, with the time he had left, he couldn’t use forging as a reliable methot to level up. It was too slow for his liking, in fact after he calculated the time he forge one earlier and the chance the forging failed, he could forge 40 to 50 lower grade soul tool at most! It was just not worth his time at the moment. 

“Sell a Lower Grade Soul Tool!” He shouted as to check how much it costed. The system notification immediately popped up giving Yi Tianyun information about the price.

“10.000 Crazy Points…” he thought over it for a while and concluded that 10.000 was a fair amount for that. 

After a while, Yi Tianyun decided to forge all material he got and then he would hunt Demon Beast afterwards. He proceeded to forge the batch of materials he has and many of them were successful but some were failed. Although the chance is as high as 60% there is still room for failure. 


‘Successfully levels up immortal fire to Earth Level. Immortal Fire effect enhanced 10x, forging time of tools and pills reduced by 50%, success rate increased!’

‘Next Grade: 100.000 Mastery Required’

After the notification popped out, Yi Tianyun was shocked. He forgot about immortal fire’s mastery completely, not once did he check the status nor the need to upgrade it. After he read the upgraded effect very carefully, he was completely surprised!

“This immortal fire is amazing! Increased success rate and shortened forging time! He immediately checked the success rate to forge Soul Tools and noticed that now he had 80% success rate! This is very amazing!

He checked immediately if Immortal Fire can be leveled up by feeding it any item to increase its mastery. Soon Yi Tianyun noticed that he can only feed Immortal Fire with the same item to increase its mastery and by buying another immortal fire itself on the shop. He still needed 100.000 Crazy Point for it, he only shook his head seeing this huge amount of Crazy Point needed. 

He quickly paid the crazy point needed to buy another immortal fire and increase the mastery with pitiful feeling in his chest!

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  1. Someone says:

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