Crazy Leveling System

Crazy Leveling System Chapter 286 Experience Grass


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Yi Tianyun noticed that several people seemed to be following him and Ye Wan’er from afar.

Yi Tianyun knew that was just because the spirit race couldn’t trust Yi Tianyun just yet.

Yi Tianyun decided to ignore them and instead looked around the place. He noticed that the place had a really good cultivation atmosphere; it was no wonder that the Spirit Race had a good cultivation.

He knew that even with such a supportive environment, Yi Tianyun knew that the Spirit Race still couldn’t fight the Netherworld Empire.

The problem was not the level of cultivation that they had, more like the quantity of manpower that they had.

He put the thought away as he saw that Ye Wan’er was already meditating, cultivating her own Spiritual power.

Yi Tianyun immediately tried to absorb the Spiritual Energy for himself and was quite surprised to see the amount of Exp that he got. He got around 8.000 to 9.000 Exp per second!

He wondered what the difference between that place and other cultivation places that he has already tried so far was. He wondered if the Soul Accumulating Grass on the bottom of the Jade Water Deep Pool had something to do with it.

He tried to see the data of the Soul Accumulating grass with his Appraisal Eye and couldn’t find anything unusual from it!

He tried to look around for any unusual Divine Rune that was engraved somewhere that maybe help speeding up the cultivation process of anyone around the pool, but he couldn’t find any.

Yi Tianyun decided to try to absorb the Spiritual Energy with his full absorption power.

Yi Tianyun activated the Dark North Divine Art, and suddenly the Spiritual Energy was beginning to spiral towards him, creating a whirlpool of Spiritual Energy!

The amount of Spirit Power he got was reaching 35.000 per second! He didn’t even use the Crazy Mode just yet!

The situation around the Jade Water Deep Pool began to become unusual as Yi Tianyun continued to absorb a large amount of Spiritual Energy for himself.

The trees around the pool began to shake like they were being pulled into the pool.

People began to stop meditating as they didn’t get the amount of Spiritual Energy that they need.

They saw that the Spiritual Energy surrounded Yi Tianyun and that it was so strong, unlike anything that they have ever seen before.

Ye Wan’er, who was sitting next to Yi Tianyun, was surprised and didn’t know what to say, but as she knew that the look from her people was like pressure to her, she decided to stop Yi Tianyun.

“Take it easy, Big Brother…”

Yi Tianyun immediately asked, “What’s wrong?”

“Your absorption speed is so fast, even faster than elders.” Ye Wan’er shook him a little.

Yi Tianyun saw that Ye Wan’er was trembling a little bit, and other people who were cultivating in the pool looked scared of Yi Tianyun.

However, instead of scaring of Yi Tianyun, Ye Wan’er was excited to see Yi Tianyun’s amazing cultivation speed.

Yi Tianyun asked,  “Does this disturbing others?”

Which he got his answer as the people around began to complain that Yi Tianyun has slowed down their cultivation.

Ye Wan’er once again pleaded to her kind, “Please, this is the only thing that I can give to Big Brother, I need to repay him as he already saved my life. In exchange for my apologies since I already disturbed everyone’s cultivation, I will gladly help you guys if you ever need my help in anything.”

Yi Tianyun immediately patted Ye Wan’er’s head in humor and said, “You don’t have to do any of that. It is better to look around while enjoying the scenery, let’s leave the pool.”

“But…” Ye Wan’er seemed to be reluctant to leave.

“Let’s go.” Yi Tianyun once again invited her to leave with a smile on his face. He already had the necessary information to increase his cultivation speed anyway; it was rude of him if he insisted on cultivating inside the Jade Water Deep Pool anyway.

He couldn’t help but wondered if the Soul Accumulating Grass had the same effect as the Exp card if he ate them.

If it were true, he would purchase a large amount of them to quicken his own cultivation speed!

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