Crazy Leveling System

Crazy Leveling System Chapter 288 Doesn’t Know


Crazy Leveling System Chapter 288

“You will refine the medicinal pills for us?” Ye Qingxuan and the other Spirit Race Member said surprisedly.

“Yes, as long as there is enough material, I will refine as many as you want. 4th Grade Medicinal Pills are not a problem.” Yi Tianyun said confidently.

“If what you said is true, I need you to refine a group of medicinal pills now. We need it urgently!” Ye Qingxuan said quickly.

“Saintess! Is it wise to let a stranger come with us to refine us a medicinal pill?” An elder of Spirit Race asked confusedly.

“Well, did you have any other option?” Ye Qingxuan said toward the elder.

The elder was quiet as he didn’t have any other solution himself.

No one wanted to offer help for the Spirit Race.

Yi Tianyun said, “Anyone who can’t trust me can watch me refine the pill as long as they wanted!”

Everyone was surprised to hear Yi Tianyun’s suggestion; everyone knew that alchemists never showed how they refined medicinal pills to hide their Pill Refining techniques.

Ye Qingxuan’s eyes shone in excitement! She knew with this suggestion from Yi Tianyun himself. They won’t have any choice but to accept Yi Tianyun’s help.

“Come to the Spirit Pagoda with me! All the materials you need is already there!” Ye Qingxuan said excitedly.

“Would you also come with me?” Yi Tianyun said toward Ye Wan’er.

Ye Wan’er instantly looked at her sister for an agreement that she could follow them to the Spirit Pagoda.

Even though she was from the Spirit Race, she couldn’t enter the Spirit Pagoda without special permission.

Ye Qingxuan nodded her head in amusement and then led the way to the Spirit Pagoda.

As soon as they arrived at the Spirit Pagoda, the residents of Spirit Pagoda raised their brows as they were confused for the outsider has entered the Spirit Pagoda somehow!

Yi Tianyun noticed that the place had many Divine Rune engraved to its wall and that the Divine Rune glimmered in power, meaning that it was a high-grade Divine Rune.

There was no doubt that if that place was destroyed, Spirit Race would lose a considerable amount of power!

No one in the Spirit Pagoda was higher than a Void Spirit stage!

He also noticed that place had a higher concentration of Spirit Energy than any other place that Yi Tianyun had ever visited before!

He saw that place also had many Jade Spirit Stones on the side, and on the wall, it seemed that those Jade Spirit Stones were used to concentrate the Spirit Energy inside the Spirit Pagoda and didn’t leak out outside.

Soon they walked into a Pill Refining Room where he saw a few Alchemists was refining some Medicinal Pills.

He noticed that those alchemists didn’t have that high of proficiency in Pill Refining.

They were only at 3rd Grade Pill Refining Master!


When Ye Qingxuan entered the room, they immediately bowed their head and greeted her with respect!

She immediately said, “He is Yi Yuntian. He will help us to refine the medicinal pills needed for the Spirit Race.”

They frowned a little bit as they saw that the helper was a boy and that he was an outsider too.

They began to complain, “He will only slow us down and that we can’t really trust an outsider. “

Ye Qingxuan said, “There is nothing to worry about, Yi Tianyun is a 4th Grade Alchemist and that you can watch him refine the Medicinal Pill if you can’t trust him.”

The Spirit Race Alchemist was a little bit surprised that a young man like Yi Tianyun could be a 4th Grade Alchemist and that they could watch the way he refined!

One of the deacons reluctantly stood, “I will prepare the alchemy furnace and the fire to use.”

Yi Tianyun quickly told him, “No need, I have my own alchemy furnace and fire.”

Once again, Yi Tianyun’s word surprised everyone.

No one even thought that a young man like Yi Tianyun would have all of the equipment for refining.

They were once again shocked as they saw that the alchemy furnace and the fire that Yi Tianyun had were of a high-grade one!

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