Crazy Leveling System

Crazy Leveling System Chapter 318 Catching


Yi Tianyun looked at the mighty beast in awe.

Even without wings, Yi Tianyun knew that type of dragon would be useful for the defensive measure.

The beast itself was still underdeveloped as he noticed that it was still on the Spirit Core Rank Demon Beast!

The Dragon Tamer of the Netherworld Empire itself was at the Core Transformation Stage Expert. He quickly ordered the Earth Dragon to kill all the escaping prisoners as it would be better to kill them than letting them escape.

“Hurry up!”

Ye Qingxuan’s complexion changed as she realized that the tamer would kill everyone without any second thought, she quickly took out as many Blast Divine Runes as she got and hurled it towards the rampaging beast!


It attached successfully and exploded on impact; unfortunately, the Blast Divine Rune didn’t kill the beast; it only stopped the beast on its track and injured it a little.

Yi Tianyun immediately realized the true potential of the beast. Its defense power was really exceptional!

For a Spirit Core rank Demon Beast to withstand that many Blast Divine Runes was really something.

The Dragon Tamer quickly sneered at Ye Qingxuan while saying, “Your effort is futile. No attack will be capable of injuring the Earth Dragon!”

“It’s Dragon Soldier!” Someone shouted.

Dragon Tamer was a unit serving the General Long, they tamer always had a dragon with them at all times, making them sort of an unbeatable army in a way.

Although the Earth Dragon wasn’t really a Divine Beast, its power was already close enough to that of the real Dragon Clan, the number of Earth Dragon also outnumbered the real Dragon Clan by a large margin, so they could be used as an army for a defensive position.

The Netherworld Empire was the only one who used the Earth Dragon as an army as they had the Dragon Tamer with them.

The injured Earth Dragon quickly swiped its tail towards Ye Qingxuan and instantly flung Ye Qingxuan towards the wall.

The Old Ancestor quickly rushed towards Ye Qingxuan as he said, “We must get out immediately, I will hold that Earth Dragon.”

Ye Qingxuan ignored the Old Ancestor and threw the Blast Divine Rune relentlessly towards the beast while saying that the rest of the Spirit Race had to get out of the prison first for her to get out.

The Earth Dragon ignored Ye Qingxuan’s Blast Divine Runes and quickly rushed towards her at full speed.

Ye Qingxuan’s complexion changed once more, the only weapon she had was no use against that beast!

She quickly dodged the Earth Dragon, but as she soon as she did, Yi Tianyun came and kicked the Earth Dragon down.

The Earth Dragon screamed in pain as it couldn’t withstand Yi Tianyun’s kick.

“Ah… its skin so hard.”

Yi Tianyun helped Ye Qingxuan to get back on her feet and told her, “Lead the rest of the prisoners out from the prison, I will handle the Earth Dragon.”

Ye Qingxuan nodded and immediately shouted for the rest of the prisoner to follow her.

Meanwhile, the Dragon Tamer was a little bit surprised to see that someone could knock back the Earth Dragon that easily!

“Who is that kid? He is so strong!”

Seeing that one dragon was no match against the man in front of them, the two other Dragon Tamers quickly sent their Earth Dragons to fight Yi Tianyun.

“Kill him!”

They knew that if the General Long came and saw that they hadn’t resolved the situation, they will be punished for their incompetence!

The three Earth Dragons quickly charged towards Yi Tianyun at full speed to crush him into smithereens.

The Dragon Tamer quickly ordered the Earth Dragon to enhance their physical attribute, and quickly the Earth Dragon did so as their scale thickened, and Earth Attribute began to cover their whole body.

A sharp spike began to form at their body; as a result, ready to stab Yi Tianyun to death!

The Earth Dragons began to corner Yi Tianyun and made sure that there was nowhere for him to run, but Yi Tianyun was looking at the Earth Dragon in interest!

“The beast was so strong, can I tame it?”

He found that the beast was fascinating, and thus he wanted one for himself!

He Quickly rushed towards one of the dragons and slammed the dragon with all his might towards the ground.

The rest of the prisoners who observed Yi Tianyun’s fight in worry were shocked to see Yi Tianyun smashed down one of the dragons so easily!

Yi Tianyun’s power was too strong. Not even an Earth Dragon could block it!

Yi Tianyun quickly landed on the downed Earth Dragon’s head and enveloped the dragon in white lights!


That light was none other than the Pet Capture ability that he got as he broke through to Core Transformation stage!

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