Crazy Leveling System

Crazy Leveling System Chapter 328 Prepare


Yi Tianyun quickly prepared all the items necessary to refine the Detoxifying Pills and then immediately refined the Pill, this time he had to make a few more pills to make sure that the Old Ancestor was completely detoxified!

The Imperial Preceptor’s poison was toxic, the poison that coursed through the Old Ancestor’s system couldn’t be healed with only one pill, he must take the detoxifying pills until the poison was completely gone!

At the same time, Ye Wan’er, who was confused with too many things, quickly asked her sister, “Sister, are you already acquainted with Big Brother before I brought him to the Spirit Sanctuary?”

Ye Qingxuan quickly said, “I don’t really know him. When I saw him on the Spirit Sanctuary, that was the second time we met with each other!”

Ye Wan’er quickly asked, “How come you didn’t recognize Big Brother at that time?”

Ye Qingxuan said, “Yi Tianyun could change his face with ease, I didn’t recognize the face that he used at that time. In fact, Yi Tianyun was a man with many accomplishments in the outside world, for example, the Star Pavilion’s tournament and Dragon City’s Destruction!”

Ye Qingxuan added, “The most important thing was that Yi Tianyun was the one who saved me from Lei Yun’s trap!”

Ye Wan’er was surprised to hear that Yi Tianyun’s previous face was fake and that he was the one who saved her sister when she was in need.

As far as she remembered, her sister was saved by a man younger or at the same age as Ye Wan’er, which meant that Yi Tianyun was a lot younger than he currently looked!

The two sisters began to discuss what they knew about Yi Tianyun as they were curious about Yi Tianyun.

At the same time, Yi Tianyun didn’t take notice of what they were discussing and just refined the Detoxifying Pill for the Old Ancestor without care.

He finally finished one Detoxifying Pill and immediately gave it to the Old Ancestor, he also said, “Old Ancestor need a few more Detoxifying Pills to detoxify his system fully.”

The Old Ancestor nodded his head and immediately ate the pills that Yi Tianyun just gave.

The Old Ancestor’s complexion suddenly changed for the better but immediately followed by vomiting black blood!

The black blood withered the grass that came in contact with it in a matter of seconds!

The two sisters immediately rushed towards the Old Ancestor and asked, “Are you okay, Old Ancestor?”

“I am okay, and I felt lighter after vomiting that black thing!”

Ye Qingxuan turned her attention towards Yi Tianyun and asked, “How do you know how to refine the Detoxifying Pills for the Old Ancestor? As far as I knew, the poison is a special poison made by the Imperial Preceptor!”

Yi Tianyun rubbed his head and said, “I can smell the ingredient for the poison, and with that information, I can specify the ingredient necessary to make the antidote!”

Ye Qingxuan immediately shouted in the excitement, “You have the ability of Medicine King! You should become the Medicine King in the future!”

Medicine King was the same as an Alchemist Grandmaster.

Ye Wan’er was surprised once again as she asked, “Big Brother can become Medicine King?”

“I…” Yi Tianyun quickly felt embarrassed as he was half lying, he couldn’t say that he knew the poison composition with the help of the Appraisal Eye as he no one should have that ability!

Yi Tianyun reminded the Old Ancestor that he still had to take a few more Detoxifying Pills to change the topic.

The Old Ancestor nodded his head in amusement as Yi Tianyun never ceased to amaze him.

Yi Tianyun then handed over a few Detoxifying Pills to the Old Ancestor, “I must go prepare myself for the upcoming fight.”

“Me too.” Ye Qingxuan also excused herself.

The Old Ancestor nodded as he tried to relax and took another Pill.

Ye Wan’er stayed with the Old Ancestor to take care of him if he needed any help later.

Meanwhile, outside of the Old Ancestor’s place, Yi Tianyun quickly asked Ye Qingxuan, “Do you still have the Soul Accumulating Grass for me?”

He needed the grass to make the Soul Accumulating Pills to make sure that he could breakthrough to the next level so that he could handle the Dragon General!

Ye Qingxuan nodded and said, “You can have all the Soul Accumulating Grass that the Spirit Race had inside the warehouse.”

Yi Tianyun immediately said, “I don’t need all of them. I only need around 100 of them.”

Ye Qingxuan shook his head and said, “Soul Accumulating Grass was a rare item, the Soul Accumulating Grass inside the warehouse not even close to 100. You can have all of them as the number was below your expectation.”

Yi Tianyun was surprised to hear that although they could harvest the Soul Accumulating Grass easily, the number was still small!

Yi Tianyun immediately realized that the grass was really a rare item!

Ye Qingxuan quickly led Yi Tianyun towards the warehouse and immediately gave him all the Soul Accumulating Grass inside.

Yi Tianyun immediately headed towards the Spirit Pagoda to refine the Soul Accumulating Grass that he had at the moment, as Ye Qingxuan headed towards the outpost to prepare the Spirit Race fighter to participate in the upcoming skirmish!

Yi Tianyun rushed towards the Spirit Pagoda as he wanted to breakthrough to the 5th Level Core Transformation Stage.

In the Spirit Pagoda, he quickly refined the Soul Accumulating Pills while using the Crazy Mode to increase the refining speed, he even used the Lucky Aura to make sure that the Pills he refined was at high grade!

At the same time, the Dragon General led a group of Dragon Soldier towards the Spirit Forest!

Around 30 Earth Dragon stomped the terrain, shaking the ground, scaring the people nearby that they immediately evacuated to safety.

They were worried about the Spirit Race, as they were sure that the Earth Dragon would trample the forest at this rate!

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