Crazy Leveling System

Crazy Leveling System Chapter 331 Good Plan


With the Old Ancestor at the helm of the Great Array, the Dragon Soldier began to be separated from one another, making them vulnerable to surprise attack!

One of the Dragon Soldier tapped the Divine Rune on his hands, but nothing happened, “What is going on? This thing doesn’t work? Imperial Preceptor said that this Divine Rune would nullify the Trace Confusion Great Array!”

They were frustrated by the Great Array as they couldn’t walk forward without hitting a big tree!

They wished that they could fly as it would be a lot easier to avoid the Trace Confusion Great Array!

Suddenly, a voice was heard from the fog, “How can random Divine Rune nullify our Trace Confusion Great Array?”

“Who is it? Show yourself!” The Dragon Soldier quickly looked over the voice source but didn’t see anyone, he panicked and shouted.

Once again, the voice was heard, “On your back.”

The rider quickly looked behind and once again couldn’t find anybody there!

He ordered his Earth Dragon, “Find the voice!”

Even the Earth Dragon was confused that it couldn’t sense the voice anywhere!

The rider quickly shouted while stabbing randomly into the fog, “Whomever you are, come out and stop hiding!”

Yi Tianyun quickly said, “I really behind you.”

The rider quickly turned around only to find that a Scarlet Dagger has already stabbed him in the chest!

Yi Tianyun smirked and immediately pulled the knife only to behead the rider!

Yi Tianyun took his time and played with the Dragon Soldier a little bit, he found that the Trace Confusion Great Array was fascinating, the enemy couldn’t see him even if he stood right in front of them!

“Roar!” The Earth Dragon was confused as it lost its rider, but Yi Tianyun quickly touched the Earth Dragon, and immediately the Earth Dragon was enveloped with white light!

After the light disappeared, the Earth Dragon successfully became one of his pets!


‘Congratulation to the host for successfully tamed an Earth Dragon!’

‘Reward: 100.000 Exp, 100 Beast Taming Proficiency.’

“Old Ancestor can use the Great Array to its maximum potential. It became more powerful compared to when Elder Yan was the one controlling it! With the current situation, I can even create my own army of Earth Dragon with ease!”

He quickly stored the Earth Dragon into his pet bar, that pet bar was a feature that he got with the Beast Taming skill, he could store the beast that he has already tamed inside that feature, and he could instantly summon them again whenever he needed them!

He quickly moved to the next one and restarted the process all over again, he killed the rider playfully and then tamed the Earth Dragon with ease!

Meanwhile, Ye Qingxuan didn’t play around like Yi Tianyun did, she quickly killed the rider and left the Earth Dragon for later as she couldn’t kill the beast easily.

But in the next moment, she saw Yi Tianyun jumped to the Earth Dragon, whose rider was already killed by Ye Qingxuan and saw that a white light enveloped the Earth Dragon!

After the lights disappeared, she was surprised to see not only that the Earth Dragon was still alive, but Yi Tianyun also stroked the Earth Dragon’s head playfully.

“This… how did you convince it?”

“I just touch it.”

That was the sign of a Beast Tamer!

Yi Tianyun never ceased to amaze her!

She quickly said, “I don’t expect that you are a beast tamer too!”

Yi Tianyun rubbed his head and nodded his head and said, “I want to tame all the Earth Dragon that the Netherworld Empire Army brought this time. Make sure that you don’t kill any of them later.”

Ye Qingxuan nodded and said, “You really have a good plan. I want to see the expression that the Dragon General once he sees that a stranger easily tamed all Earth Dragons that the Netherworld Empire had worked hard to cultivate!”

“It must be fun!” Yi Tianyun smiled as he wanted to see the Dragon General’s face after knowing that information too!

Ye Qingxuan and Yi Tianyun quickly rushed forward to kill the Dragon Soldier and tamed their Earth Dragon again!

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