Crazy Leveling System

Crazy Leveling System Chapter 389


Yi Tianyun immediately activated the Dark North Divine Art and Absorbing Star Great Technique so that he could counter the Heavenly Dragon Skeleton’s absorption!

After activating these two abilities, Yi Tianyun immediately touched the skeleton, and to his surprise, the skeleton still absorbed a little of his Spiritual Energy!

“Equip, Evil Dragon Suit!” Yi Tianyun said to equip the suit immediately.

As soon as the Evil Dragon Suit was equipped, Yi Tianyun was shocked as, for the first time, he didn’t receive any Exp from the absorption.

‘Received: 500 Dragon God Bloodline Mastery Points, 800 Dragon God Bloodline Mastery Points, 700 Dragon God Bloodline Mastery Points, …’

Yi Tianyun immediately looked over the required amount of Mastery that he needed to level up the Dragon God Bloodline, but as soon as he checked, he was a little bit disappointed as he saw that he still needed a million mastery points to level it up!

Meaning this small amount of mastery point won’t do much!

He wondered if the skeleton had enough Mastery Points for a level of Dragon God Bloodline. If it did, there was no telling how powerful the Dragon God Bloodline will be!

“Are you okay?” Ren Long asked curiously as he saw Yi Tianyun’s hands were emitting a dark light.

“I am fine, I can still absorb the energy from the skeleton, no problem!” Yi Tianyun said as he smiled lightly toward Ren Long.

“Well, if that was really the case, I hope you can finish it! you are our only hope now!” Ren Long said, feeling hopeful.

Yi Tianyun nodded his head and continued to absorb the Dragon God Bloodline mastery point from the skeleton.

If this was really the treasure of Coiling Dragon Cave, then he will make sure that he would get the best of it!

Yi Tianyun even thought of leveling up his Dark North Divine Art as he thought that the skill would allow him to absorb the Dragon God Bloodline Mastery Points even faster.

But after absorbing approximately 100.000 of Dragon God Bloodline Mastery Points, the Heavenly Dragon Skeleton moved, startling Ren Long!

“Did it just move on its own?” Ren Long asked in disbelief.

“I think so, it clearly moved just now.” Yi Tianyun said while observing the skeleton.

But after a while, Yi Tianyun didn’t think that the skeleton really moved, so he continued to absorb as much Dragon God Bloodline Mastery Points as he could!

But suddenly, the Heavenly Dragon Skeleton slowly moved and talked, complete to Ren Long and Yi Tianyun’s surprise!

“Stupid human! How dare you absorb my energy!” The Heavenly Skeleton said while sounding a little bit pissed.

Yi Tianyun immediately jumped back to avoid any unnecessary injuries if by any chance the skeleton started attacking.

“Am I dreaming right now?” Ren Long said on the side as he was really surprised to see a talking skeleton.

The Heavenly Dragon Skeleton immediately slammed its tail toward Yi Tianyun and Ren Long, but fortunately, the two could avoid the Skeleton Dragon’s attack!

But the Heavenly Dragon Skeleton attacked once more, but this time, Yi Tianyun responded a little too late and therefore couldn’t evade the attack!

But as he was about to get hit, Ren Long grabbed Yi Tianyun’s shirt and immediately threw him out of the attack, but as a result, Ren Long was in the line of attack!

Yi Tianyun immediately gritted his teeth and grabbed Ren Long’s arm and immediately teleported them to the side!

Unfortunately, the Heavenly Dragon Skeleton’s attack still hit Ren Long somehow as Yi Tianyun saw that Ren Long’s hands were shaking from the pain.

“Even though it’s just a skeleton, it still has this much power! How could we defeat something like this!” Ren Long said hopelessly.

But Yi Tianyun didn’t lose hope, he immediately scanned the skeleton for any information using his appraisal eye!

Heavenly Dragon Skeleton: 4th Level Void Spirit Stage

Description: Extremely powerful when it was still alive!

Equipment: Equal to Peak Grade Sacred Tool!

Combat Power: 31.000.000

Weakness: None

Martial Arts: None

Reward on Killing: Heavenly Dragon Soul, Heavenly Dragon Divine Bone, Dragon God Bloodline!

After acquiring all the information that the Heavenly Dragon Skeleton had, Yi Tianyun immediately shifted his attention back towards Ren Long.

“How could you sacrifice yourself like that, Brother Ren!” Yi Tianyun said in disbelief.

“I can feel that you are the only one who could deal with this Heavenly Dragon Skeleton, for I don’t have the ability to do so anymore. But I am sure that I wouldn’t be killed with only one hit from that thing!” Ren Long said while smiling lightly towards Yi Tianyun

“That is not the point! I am here to save you! Not let you die to save me! Furthermore, that thing has gone crazy!” Yi Tianyun said as he pointed over to the Heavenly Dragon Skeleton that was rampaging and destroyed anything in its sight.

“Heavenly Dragon Ancestor! I am one of your descendants! I hope that you could let us pass peacefully as we never meant to do you any harm! We are sorry if our previous action pissed you off!” Ren Long shouted as he tried to reason with the skeleton!

“A descendant? Don’t make me laugh! You human stole our Bloodline and dared to call yourself a Heavenly Dragon Descendant? How dare you! I will kill you, human!” The Heavenly Dragon Skeleton shouted as it got even more irritated!

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