Crazy Leveling System

Crazy Leveling System Chapter 399


Yi Tianyun searched the place excitedly, he knew that there was a chance that the phoenix has left the place already, but the probability it was still here was not zero! He knew that he must look carefully for it!

Not long after, Yi Tianyun found a hole on the river that wasn’t big but enough for a person to enter. He immediately used his Spiritual Energy to explore the hole as he didn’t want to be trapped underwater. But unfortunately, the hole was too deep, and his Spiritual Energy couldn’t cover it all, but he got the feeling that the hole was connected to the mountain nearby, and he also understood that the Phoenix Crystal must be coming from this hole!

So, without any more hesitation, Yi Tianyun jumped down to the hole and quickly swam inside to find out what was in the other end of the hole.

After going down for a while, Yi Tianyun finally felt the water around him changing direction upward, meaning that the end of the hole was near! Sure enough, he could see a faint light coming from the top!

He became excited and immediately sped up to arrive quicker.

After he got out of the cave, he immediately felt a strong heat that could be compared with the prison that trapped Ye Qingxuan.

Yi Tianyun looked around, and suddenly he became excited!

He saw a big fire parasol tree that swayed in flame while a small phoenix was resting below.

Yi Tianyun could see many Red Crystals scattered around the phoenix, proving his theory that this crystal was once part of the phoenix’s egg!

But the place was a little bit weird, as he saw a divine rune around the room that prevented escaping outside!

The only place left that could serve as an entrance was the small underground cave!

Fortunately, the man Yi Tianyun met earlier didn’t know about the rarity of the red crystal. Otherwise, he wouldn’t let anyone know about this place!

Yi Tianyun immediately walked forward, but as soon as he walked closer to the Fire Parasol Tree, its leaves began to sway wildly and suddenly turned into flames and were hurled at Yi Tianyun!

Yi Tianyun was a little bit surprised and immediately activated his Absorbing Star Great Technique!


‘Successfully added 50 Immortal Flame Mastery Points, 100 Immortal Flame Mastery Points, …’

“Hey, this thing increased Immortal Flame mastery! This is great!” Yi Tianyun said excitedly.

He was struggling to add a mastery for this Immortal Flame as he didn’t really feel the need to level it up, he was focused on improving his combat power, so increasing his Martial Arts, Ability, and Crazy Mode, come first!

Although he did increase the Immortal Flame’s mastery from constantly using it, it was still far from leveling up!

But he surely didn’t expect that tree would attack him like this!

He immediately used the appraisal Eye to see what he was up against this time.

‘Fire Phoenix Tree: 8th Level Spirit Core Stage.

A tree born after the death of a phoenix had a trace of the Soul Memory of a Phoenix. Automatically attack any outsider with Phoenix Fire!

Reward on kill: Phoenix Soul and Immortal Flame!’

Yi Tianyun was mistaken, it wasn’t a fire parasol tree, but a Fire Phoenix Tree!

Although he always heard that a phoenix would never die, he never expected to have one transformed into a tree before!

A couple more fire leaves shot out from the tree, and Yi Tianyun kept absorbing all its qi without any problem.

The attack became more intense as he got closer and closer towards the tree, but as the leaf began to dwindle, the intensity of the attack dropped, it seems that this tree could attack as much as the amount of leaf it had!

Yi Tianyun immediately assumed that the Fire Phoenix Tree was only attacking him in order to protect the small phoenix below it.

Yi Tianyun thought that maybe the tree was originally the mother of this small phoenix and wanted to protect it for the last time!

Yi Tianyun didn’t know whether the tree could communicate, but he surely wanted to!

Yi Tianyun wanted to reassure the Fire Phoenix Tree that he will protect the small phoenix for he knew that the small phoenix couldn’t leave this place, and this place didn’t have any food to sustain the small phoenix’s life!

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