Crazy Leveling System

Crazy Leveling System Chapter 401


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“I will leave my child in your care! Please, take care of her!” The phoenix said as she gradually disappeared, the Fire Phoenix Tree was slowly disintegrating along with the disappearance of the Phantom shadow.

The little phoenix was immediately awoken as she sensed that the tree that held her body was disintegrating.

She quickly stood, but she wobbled and almost fell to the ground due to her current condition, she chirped to the tree, and her eyes were filled with tears.

Yi Tianyun understood as the Fire Phoenix Tree has been a mother figure to this little phoenix.

“Goodbye, my child!” The phoenix phantom shadow said to the little phoenix.

Yi Tianyun immediately sighed and tried to comfort the little phoenix by.

But the little phoenix immediately pecked Yi Tianyun’s hands and turned hostile.

But Yi Tianyun wasn’t mad about the little phoenix’s rude behavior, it just lost its mother!

So, Yi Tianyun immediately pulled out the Immortal Flames and let the little phoenix basked in its aura.

“Look, I will do you no harm! Your mother has told me everything I need to know about you, and she also told me to take care of you, this is what your mother left me.” Yi Tianyun said with a warm smile on his face.

The little phoenix immediately calmed down after feeling the aura from the Immortal Flame, and Yi Tianyun immediately used this opportunity to hug the little phoenix and stroke her feather.

Yi Tianyun immediately noticed that the little phoenix enjoyed his gentle approach, as it may have been lonely this whole time.

Yi Tianyun also took out some medicinal pills to strengthen spiritual power and gave it to the little phoenix.

Smelling the medicinal fragrance from the pill, the little phoenix chowed down the pills without a fuzz.

“Your cultivation is too low! I will refine an advanced level Body Refinement Pill for you next time!” Yi Tianyun said as he petted the little phoenix a little.

Yi Tianyun couldn’t give anything else to the little phoenix at the moment as the phoenix’s cultivation level was indeed a bit too low. If he forced the phoenix to eat more medicinal pills, the phoenix might get sick!

The little phoenix happily bounced to Yi Tianyun’s arm as its favourability increased after seeing the Immortal Flame aura and being fed by Yi Tianyun.

“Now, little one, you have to enter my pet bar for a while, I am afraid that you might get injured outside!” Yi Tianyun said affectionately.

The little phoenix didn’t seem to mind, and therefore, Yi Tianyun immediately put the phoenix inside his Pet Bar.

“Great, now it is time to leave!” Yi Tianyun said as he walked toward the hole once again.

But as he got close to the hole, an explosion suddenly happened in the back of the room.

“I finally destroyed the Great Array that protected this place! I swear there must be treasure here!” A voice shouted excitedly.

“Yeah, I found a Phoenix Crystal nearby, there must be a phoenix here!” another voice was heard among the rubble.

A few figures immediately entered the cave with curiosity on their face, but they soon saw Yi Tianyun standing in the opposite direction as them, surprising them completely.

Yi Tianyun noticed that one of them was Xu Jian, one of the people he met inside the Coiling Dragon Cave!

“You again?” Xu Jian said angrily.

Yi Tianyun on the side was relieved that he got to the little phoenix first. Otherwise, the little phoenix would be taken away and probably sold to an auction!

“Long time no see, how are you doing? You are from the Coiling Dragon Cave, right?” Yi Tianyun said casually.

Yi Tianyun noticed that the two other people who came with Xu Jian had pretty high cultivation, while the highest was at the 6th Level Core Transformation Stage!

“Do you know this guy?” Liao Yunguang asked Xu Jian curiously.

“He is the guy that beat Big Brother Liao inside the Coiling Dragon Cave earlier! He was the bastard that beat up your younger brother!” Xu Jian said towards Liao Yunguang.

“So, he was the guy who was brave enough to stand against Liao Family!” Liao Yunguang said coldly.

Yi Tianyun just shrugged his shoulder indifferently as he didn’t even consider these guys as a threat!

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