Crazy Leveling System

Crazy Leveling System Chapter 409


Everyone was shocked to see the appearance of another dragon, and the most shocking thing was the fact that this dragon was far more powerful than the previous two!

The dragon immediately rushed towards enemy ranks and started to kill them with his breath attack.

The terrifying blast successfully killed many enemies, especially the lower cultivation of the enemy!


‘Successfully killed Spirit Core General!’

‘Reward: 230.000 Exp, 93.000 Cps, 150 Sps, Violent Dragon Chop Martial Art, Flying to the Heavens Technique, Recovery Medicinal Pill, Spirit Breakthrough Pill.’


‘Successfully …’

The Heavenly Dragon that Yi Tianyun had summoned was killing the enemy like a child throwing a tantrum!

But fortunately, Yi Tianyun had activated all the Exp Card that he had beforehand, maximizing the exp he earned. He had activated a 30x Exp Card, 20x Exp Card, 10x Exp Card, and 5x Exp Card, making his Exp reward 65 times more than normal, and that was still excluding Crazy Mode!

He also activated the 3x Cp Card and 2x Sp Card, so that he also got more Crazy Points and Sin Points than normal!

“How could this happen? Where did this dragon come from?” Imperial Preceptor said with shock still fresh on his face. He then looked over to Ren Long, Ren Zhirou, and Yi Tianyun, and he immediately thought that Yi Tianyun must be the one summoning this dragon.

At the same time, Ren Long was still in awe of the Dragon that Yi Tianyun had summoned, it was far stronger than his own dragon!

In fact, all soldiers of the Heavenly Dragon Empire looked at the dragon in such awe that they began to see Yi Tianyun with even more respect!

The soldier’s morale began to rise as they saw that the new Prince of the Heavenly Dragon Empire was so strong!

They began to fight more valiantly and thus making them looked stronger!

The enemy was startled by this change and failed to react in time when the Heavenly Dragon Empire’s soldier’s charged!

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At the same time, Divine General Long Tian screamed and attacked Yi Tianyun’s Heavenly Dragon with his strongest attack, successfully splitting the dragon in half, but this attack was a vain as the dragon immediately recovered itself and began to attack once more.

“Imperial Preceptor! We need your help with this!” Divine General Long Tian shouted desperately.

Imperial Preceptor gritted his teeth as his flag could only suppress two dragons at a time, but he knew that Yi Tianyun’s dragon was far more aggressive than the other two and therefore needed to be restrained the most!

“Fine! I will take care of that one. You guys deal with this other two dragons!” Imperial Preceptor said as he released the two dragons that he previously captured and moved toward Yi Tianyun’s dragon. He immediately used the whole flag to restrain Yi Tianyun’s dragon, he knew that only half of the flag wouldn’t be enough to restrain such a powerful dragon!

Unfortunately, after the other two dragons were free, they were held at bay by some strong cultivators as they weren’t as powerful then Yi Tianyun’s dragon!

“Prince Yi, it seems we have to join the war ourselves now!” Ren Long said with confidence.

“Not yet! I still have something else for them!” Yi Tianyun said as he leaped forward and summoned a bunch of Earth Dragons, the Red Dragon, and the Black Dragon at the same time!

“He is a Beast Tamer!” The enemy shouted as they began to panic after seeing a large number of dragons.

It was such a terrifying sight for them as they’ve never seen this many dragons in one place before!

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