Crazy Leveling System

Crazy Leveling System Chapter 420


Yi Tianyun checked Xu Fei’s status, and he saw that Xu Fei’s favourability indicated an infinity sign, meaning that favourability wasn’t part of the equation anymore!

This was the first time for Yi Tianyun to see this kind of symbol inside someone’s status, even though Shi Xueyun also believed in him wholeheartedly, it was still different from the loyalty that Xu Fei would be showcasing his entire life!

“I will help you cultivate as efficiently as I can think of!” Yi Tianyun said excitedly as he wanted to see the level up reward that he would get as soon as Xu Fei leveled up.

“Now, if you don’t mind, I have a place for both of you in my faction, it is called Heavenly Clouds Mansion! That is if you don’t mind joining my faction.” Yi Tianyun said politely.

“Heavenly Clouds Mansion? We have never heard of it before.” Xu Fei and Qin Xue said at the same time.

“Yes, it is a new faction, the name itself comes from my real name. Yi Tianyun!” Yi Tianyun said as he explained the Heavenly Clouds Mansion and showed Xu Fei and Qin Xue his real face by taking off the mask that he always wore.

“Is this really you, big brother Yi? You look way younger than me!” Xu Fei said as he was shocked to see Yi Tianyun’s real face.

“Well, my true face is rarely known by the public, but in front of you, I don’t see any needs to cover my face.” Yi Tianyun said with a smile on his face.

After that, Yi Tianyun wore his mask once again and led them both to return to the Heavenly Dragon Imperial City.

Yi Tianyun still needed to talk with Ren Long about the next plan against Netherworld Empire.

Once Yi Tianyun met with Ren Long, they both immediately talked and prepared a foolproof plan to take down the Netherworld Empire once and for all!

Originally Ren Long intended to take down Netherworld Empire by the power of Heavenly Dragon Empire, but as soon as he heard Yi Tianyun’s plan, he immediately agreed as there was no harm on adding more assurance to the plan!

After their discussion was over, Yi Tianyun immediately summoned the Black Dragon and left toward Heavenly Clouds Mansion with Xu Fei and Qin Xue while Ren Long prepared his elite soldier to rendezvous with Yi Tianyun later.

If their plan worked smoothly, there was no need for Heavenly Dragon Empire to bring a huge army to attack the Netherworld Empire!

After Yi Tianyun arrived at Heavenly Clouds Mansion, he took off his mask once again and walked toward the gate leisurely with Xu Fei and Qin Xue followed behind him.

“Aunt! I am back!” Yi Tianyun shouted as he walked inside the gate.

He saw that everyone was already accustomed to his dragon, and therefore he didn’t see anyone that surprised anymore.

“Welcome back! This time you only brought a man and a woman with you? I almost thought that you would bring more than last time!” Shi Xueyun said as he greeted Yi Tianyun.

“Hahaha, there are not that many people who want to join me this time! But let me introduce them to you, aunt. He is Xu Fei, in the future, he will become the first General of Heavenly Clouds Mansion, and this is Qin Xue, his future wife!” Yi Tianyun said as he introduced Xu Fei and Qin Xue to Shi Xueyun.

Xu Fei looked over to Yi Tianyun gratefully and immediately showed a determined expression, he couldn’t disappoint Yi Tianyun, and thus he needed to get stronger faster.

“Welcome to the Heavenly Clouds Mansion to the both of you. I hope that you will get along well with the rest of the people here!” Shi Xueyun said with a smile toward Xu Fei and Qin Xue.

“So, what will you do next?” Shi Xueyun asked Yi Tianyun as she didn’t know what Yi Tianyun’s next plan was.

“We’re finally ready to control Heavens Immersing Ancient Ruins and move it to Heavenly Border Continent! And we would merge with Heaven’s Top Mansion as soon as we get there, completing the Heavenly Clouds Mansion as we originally intended!” Yi Tianyun said excitedly.

“Are you sure? You will completely expose us by doing that!” Shi Xueyun asked worriedly.

“Don’t worry. I’ve already made a few preparations for that. Everything is under control!” Yi Tianyun said while smiling at Shi Xueyun.

“Spirit Race Old Ancestor! Ready to launch the Great Array of flight?” Yi Tianyun said as he finally saw the Spirit Race Old Ancestor walked towards him.

“It’s all ready when you are!” The Old Ancestor said while smiling at Yi Tianyun.

Soon after that, The Old Ancestor activated the Great Array of Flight, and the whole mountain was shining brightly while a rumbling sound like an earthquake was heard all over the place.

After the bright light dissipated from the mountain, the huge temple was immediately catapulted to the sky, successfully floating in the air!

“Great, it seems we don’t have any problem with the Great Array now! Let’s fly toward Heavenly Border continent!” Yi Tianyun commanded excitedly.

The whole temple shone brightly once again and began to move towards the Heavenly Border Continent, its speed wasn’t that fast, but it wasn’t slow either, Yi Tianyun expected them to arrive at the Heaven’s Top Mansion location in a few days with their current speed.

The flying palace immediately surprised everyone who saw it as it was very rare and almost never did they saw a scene like this ever happened in the Earthly Border Continent, it was rare for even a 4th Grade Faction to have this flying fortress, and so many people began to wonder what faction did it came from!

Yi Tianyun knew that he was completely exposed now, but he didn’t really care, as soon as he arrived at the Heaven’s Top Mansion, his Main Quest would be completed, and the reward from it would level him up to Void Spirit Stage, and who could stop him then!

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