Crazy Leveling System

Crazy Leveling System Chapter 43: New Quest


“Good work, here were some Recovery Pills, take it so you recover quickly.” Yan Lingxue took a bottle of Recovery Pill and distributed it to these guards. She also approached Yi Tianyun. “Young Master, this is for you, it’ll allow you to restore your energy. Thank you for your help.” 

Did he even help?

As they looked at Yi Tianyun, several guards showed disdainful expressions. Rather than helping, it was more like he’s the one who attract the bears to them.

However, they didn’t say it out loud, there was no merit in mentioning that anyway.

Yi Tianyun took the Recovery Pill, it was free after all.

“Thank you.” Yi Tianyun thanked her. He accomplished his objective, so he didn’t care about their opinion anyway.

“You don’t have to be too formal. My name was Yan Lingxue, may I know Young Master honoured name?” Yan Ling Xue smiled, her delicate face was like a white lotus, although it was not too beautiful, it looked pure.

100 favorability was enough for Yan Lingxue to become friends with him, so it was not surprising.

“My name is Yi Yuntian.” He reversed his name and used his Hundred Transformation Mask to change his appearance to someone of a similar age.

The Hundred Transformations Mask could allow him to change his appearance to someone of any age, but he couldn’t become a woman, he could only become a man. 

He didn’t know if they were from the Wing Sect or their accomplices, but just in case. He deliberately used a fake name and changed his appearance, which would be safer.

“It turns out to be Young Master Yi. Were you coming here to get experience? May I know from what family were you from?” Yan Lingxue inquired. 

“Just from a declining family, I’m on an adventure to hone my skills. I happened to see you and the rest is history.” Yi Tianyun smiled and hid the truth. 

Anyway, after completing his quest he was going to leave. However, the following words not only surprised him but also the others.

“I have a suggestion for Young Master Yi. Since you’ve come for an adventure anyway, can you accept my offer to become a guard and escort me as I pick some spirit herbs? Not only you would you get to hunt, but I will also reward you handsomely too. Will you accept this offer?” Yan Lingxue asked. 

『Ding! Random Quest Activated: Escort Yan Lingxue』

『Reward: 10.000 exp, 15 prestige and 30 Favourability with Yan Lingxue.』


A quest suddenly popped up. Yan Lingxue gave him the quest that he couldn’t decline. Prestige and Favorability were a must.

He knew that 100 favorability represented being friends, if he accumulated some more it would reach a higher state, and, who knows, maybe there will be additional quests that increase Yan Lingxue’s favorability afterwards.

“I accept!” 

Yi Tianyun did not think too much, since it was a big success earlier too, he was pretty confident he could finish this one as well. Anyway, all he needed to do was find some spirit herbs. What she needed must be somewhere in this forest. 

Just after receiving, a discordant voice was heard from the side. 

“Miss Yan, were you sure you want to hire this unknown kid?” Tan Yongsheng came over and turned a slightly dissatisfied gaze to Yi Tianyun. Looking at Yan Lingxue’s gaze his gaze became softer and had a tinge of love.

“Big Brother Tan, Illusory Beast Mountain is dangerous, so I plan to find more guards. Young Master Yi is quite skilled and powerful. In the previous battle, he was really helpful.” Yan Lingxue said with a smile. “We were too anxious about finding more spirit herb earlier, so now that we have more people, we can find more easily.” 

The old man who sticks close to her did not say a word, obeying Yan Lingxue’s every word. 

“Relying on this barbaric boy? His punch earlier didn’t even kill the bears, if that happened again it will only aggravate the bears, it will only make it more problematic!” Tan Yongsheng frowned, he was simply unwilling to accept Yi Tianyun. 

“As long as I give a weapon to Young Master Yi, I think the situation will be different.” Apparently, Yan Lingxue regarded him as a poor kid. He did not even have a weapon, only relying on his fists to kill the enemy. 

When Tan Yongsheng heard those words, Tan Yongsheng felt even more contempt for Yi Tianyun, so he can’t even defeat the bears even without a weapon?

“Miss Yan, this was unnecessary. Our strength was sufficient.” Tan Yongsheng said. “Hiring a random individual is risky and may cause issues later!” 

Although he didn’t say his name, it was obviously directed at Yi Tianyun.

Yi Tianyun frowned, Tan Yongsheng was too straightforward. 

Yan Lingxue was also unhappy with Tan Yongsheng. She also thought that Tan Yongsheng was too blunt. Although it might be true that Yi Tianyun might be the reason they were surrounded by those bears, at least he didn’t flee and leave them. He helped them to escape after all.

“Big Brother Tan, I have my own opinion, and I think having more people will be safer, so this is my decision.” Yan Lingxue decided to stop listening to Tan Yongsheng’s advice.

Tan Yongsheng frowned, and there was some anger in his eyes, but in the end, he coldly looked at Yi Tianyun. “Kid, you have to follow my instructions, understand? If you cause any problem, you could bear the consequences on your own!” 

“No, I only listen to Miss Yan, she is my employer, not you.” Yi Tianyun said lightly.

Listening to Tan Yongsheng? Even as a joke that’s not funny, he would only listen to Yan Lingxue. If he listened to this idiot, he would be the first one to die. He assumed that Tan Yongsheng had not come to be an escort, instead, he wanted to earn the favour of Yan Lingxue. 

Since he wanted to favour from Yan family’s young miss, three was no need for a stranger to be here. 

“You!” Tan Yongsheng was irritated, but Yi Tianyun was not wrong so he couldn’t say anything else. 

“Say no more.” Yi Tianyun turned to look at Yan Lingxue and smiled. “Miss Yan, I will follow your instructions. What spirit herbs are you looking for?” 

Yi Tianyun completely ignored Tan Yongsheng and did not take him seriously. Tan Yongsheng would do well not to provoke Yi Tianyun, for his own sake!

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