Crazy Leveling System

Crazy Leveling System Chapter 435


This Netherworld Divine Palm was very huge, it was also very powerful as its pressure terrified everyone near the Netherworld Empire’s palace! Everyone, except for Yi Tianyun immediately retreated as they know that they would die as soon as they got close to the Palace’s door.

“The power isn’t bad! Netherworld Emperor surely reached the power of 90 million easily! This power is way more powerful than any enemy that I have been fighting with all this time!” Yi Tianyun said, impressed by Netherworld Emperor’s power. This huge power was also the reason that the cultivators from Yi Tianyun’s side decided to back down, they could sense the overwhelming power in the air!

But Yi Tianyun’s power has already surpassed the power that Netherworld Emperor’s Netherworld Divine Palm had shown! Yi Tianyun quickly punched the Divine Palm with the same technique that he used against Imperial Preceptor and the Divine Palm was immediately shattered into pieces!

But as the Divine Palm broke, the power within it turned into the Netherworld’s fire, covering a large area in front of the Imperial palace! This fire offset Yi Tianyun’s attack that should’ve broken the palace’s door!

Netherworld’s Fire: Middle Grade Earth Level Fire, this fire is extremely cold!

Yi Tianyun knew that Immortal Fire was far stronger than this Netherworld’s Fire, but the amount of Netherworld’s Fire on this place was far too absurd! The Immortal Fire was an extremely hot fire, meaning that this fire could be neutralized by the Immortal Fire, but it would be exhausting!

“Now we know that the Netherworld Emperor is still inside the Palace!” Yi Tianyun said as he tried to look inside the palace from the opened windows! With his 100 Million combat power right now, Yi Tianyun knew that this fire wouldn’t become a problem for him. So, he immediately flew directly towards the Palace’s door, not even considering the effect of the Netherworld’s Fire on him!


‘Congratulation to Player [Yi Tianyun] for successfully breakthrough to 2nd Layer Void Spirit Stage!’

On the way towards the Netherworld Imperial Palace, the system notification told him that he was successfully breaking through to 2nd Layer Void Spirit Stage! He immediately knew that was all thanks to Xu Fei who has been killing the enemy, giving him a hefty amount of Exp.

Yi Tianyun immediately looked at his status to see the amount of Exp that he needed in order to level up once again, and once he did see it, he was shocked! Now he needed to accumulate 400 million of Exp in order to level up to 3rd Layer Void Spirit Stage! How could he accumulate this amount of Exp! He needed at least 4 to 5 Void Spirit Expert to kill in order to get this amount of Exp, but where could he find that many enemies?

But he knew that the Emperor was at least at the Void Spirit Peak Stage, so he closed his status screen and immediately focused on finding the Emperor! He also knew that he would have to think about getting Exp later, he could search for a bunch of Spirit Accumulating Grass too, there was also a possibility to complete another quest that he had!

Now, Yi Tianyun’s face was bright from excitement, he was excited to see what will await him after he got the peak level of cultivation!

As he approached the Palace, the Netherworld’s Fire around him immediately condensed and turned into a Dark Dragon that was way bigger than the previous Dark Dragon that was summoned by the Imperial Preceptor! It was almost as big as the Heavenly Dragon’s bone that he fought while trying to save Ren Long earlier! Yi Tianyun immediately looked at the Dark Dragon’s status and saw that it was at Void Spirit Peak Stage!

As The Dark Dragon roared, the rest of Yi Tianyun’s army fell back further as to not get caught by the Dark Dragon!

“Yi Tianyun!” Shi Xueyun shouted in worry as she saw that Yi Tianyun kept flying towards the Imperial Palace, not caring the Dragon’s position at all! She really wants to help Yi Tianyun, but she knew with her current power level, she wouldn’t be able to do anything!

The Dark Dragon immediately stood between Yi Tianyun and the Palace and started to spew its Netherworld’s Fire, trying to burn Yi Tianyun with it!

But Yi Tianyun immediately put his hands forwards and started to absorb the Netherworld’s Fire! He knew that the Netherworld’s Fire was just a Spiritual Energy attack and therefore the Heavens Devouring Secret Art will be able to absorb all of it! This secret art was different than the Heavens Swallowing Divine Secret Art that he was using earlier.

Heavens Devouring Divine Secret Art was to strengthen the user while absorbing the Spiritual Power from the user’s surrounding, while the Heavens Swallowing Divine Secret Art was to absorb the Spiritual Energy without doing anything else to the user! But this two Secret Art could be stacked with each other, creating a stronger and more powerful absorption!

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