Crazy Leveling System

Crazy Leveling System Chapter 45: Dragon God Heritage


“Dragon Tail Grass!” 

Yi Tianyun pointed towards the bottom of the tree. He did not expect to find it so easily. What luck! 


Yan Lingxue looked in the direction pointed by Yi Tianyun and found that there really was some Dragon Tail Grass. She had read detailed descriptions about it, so she could tell at first glance whether this was Dragon Tail Grass or not.

“It really is Dragon Tail Grass!” 

They’re all stunned, they didn’t expect Yi Tianyun to find the Dragon Tail Grass this fast. What could they say now that Yi Tianyun easily found the Dragon Tail Grass?

Yi Tianyun walked over to the Dragon Tail Grass, so he plucked it. When he pulled it up, his hand stung! 

“Weird, is it because of this grass?” Yi Tianyun felt strange. He checked it carefully and found that the Dragon Tail Grass was somewhat different, slightly bigger than normal Dragon Tail Grass.

Aside from this bunch, there were several other bunches that looked ordinary so he harvested them too. While Yi Tianyun harvested the Dragon Tail Grass, the rest came over. 

“Did you really find it?” Tan Yongsheng still had a sceptical attitude. He refused to believe that Yi Tianyun actually found Dragon Tail Grass, and in such a short time to boot!

“Miss Yan, here was your Dragon Tail Grass.” Yi Tianyun handed it to her.

Yan Lingxue took the Dragon Tail Grass, took a closer look and smiled at Yi Tianyun with amazement. “It really is a Dragon Tail Grass. I didn’t expect Young Master Yi to find it in such a short time. That’s amazing!” She was grinning with excitement.

She thought it would take a while to find it since it was quite late, and they needed to return because it was too dangerous at night. Turns out he managed to find it almost instantly, this saved them a lot of time.

“Now that we’ve found it, let’s go back now.” Yi Tianyun laughed. 

Everyone else couldn’t hide their embarrassment and as the situation turned awkward. They mocked him, yet he found it so easily.

Yan Lingxue nodded with a smile, and now she could go back. 

『Ding! Congratulations on completing a random quest!』

『Reward: 10.000 exp, 15 prestige and 30 Favourability with Yan Lingxue.』

Finding the Dragon Tail Grass meant he completed the quest.

Just as she was about to leave, they a sudden boom, and a ray of light rose into the sky. The coloured light filled the sky. The constant stream of spiritual power seemed to indicate the birth of a treasure. Fluctuations came from afar. The most important part was that the light then proceeded to cover Yi Tianyun’s body as if he’s a chosen one! 

Everyone was shocked, it had happened so suddenly. They couldn’t process everything! 

『Limited Quest: Dragon God Heritage.』

『Time Limit: 3 Days』

『Reward: Obtain Dragon God Heritage.』

『Failure Condition: Upon exceeding the time limit, the host will be killed by the Dragon God.』

“What the fuck!!” 

Yi Tianyun was dumbfounded. What’s going on here? If he fails, he would be killed by the Dragon God! What’s that supposed to mean? 

Immediately, he looked toward Dragon Tail Grass in Yan Lingxue’s hand and had a suspicion arose in his mind. “Is it because I pick this up earlier?”

Now that he thought about it, that Dragon Tail Grass was a bit strange. It was unlike the other Dragon Tail Grass. The normal Dragon Tail Grass did not sting him anyway. His hand bleed after plucking the first Dragon Tail Grass, after the blood was absorbed by the soil, he became shrouded by the light. 

Then he realized that Dragon Tail Grass must have triggered this quest! 

“I was selected by the Dragon God? Was it because I activated my Luck Aura?” Yi Tianyun was shocked. “My luck is so incredible that it scares even me!” 

Hearing the consequence of failure was death by dragon god, his excitement was disappeared? 

“This… what happen?” Yan Lingxue and everyone else was dumbfounded. For some reason, a beam of light shrouded Yi Tianyun.

However, this light beam did not last long, after covering him for a short period, it completely disappeared. However, in the distance, there was a constant stream of fluctuating light. When you looked at it, you would tell that there would be many treasures. 

“Miss Yan, I must leave now, I hope this Dragon Tail Grass will be of you!”

Yi Tianyun hastily ran and quickly disappeared from their sight. The time limit was a short three days. It seemed that the item he needed to find was still inside the forest. He couldn’t let this drag on for too long. If he took too long, he would be killed by the Dragon God. 

Although he did not know what the Dragon God was, the name Dragon God was already pretty scary. 

“Young Master Yi…” Yan Lingxue wanted to ask Yi Tianyun to stay, but he disappeared in the blink of an eye. She wanted to invite Yi Tianyun back to her family. She didn’t expect him to leave so soon. 

At this point, Tan Yongsheng went silent for a moment, and immediately turned to the next guard and said. “You, come with me. The rest of you will escort Miss Yan back, it’s not too dark yet so it shouldn’t be dangerous!”

Then he turned to Yan Lingxue. “Miss Yan, my men will escort you instead of me. That light seems to indicate that there will be treasures up ahead. We were going to have a look. Rest assured, it’s not so dangerous on the way back” 

After talking to Yan Lingxue, he hurriedly took his companion and chased after Yi Tianyun. When he saw the light earlier, he was convinced that it was a treasure. Who cared about the rewards of an escort mission? If he could find a good treasure, he would become stronger and nothing was more important than that.

Yan Lingxue looked at them then looked up at the flashing light but shook her head. Her priority now was to take the Dragon Tail Grass back, instead of staying here. 

“Let’s go.” Yan Lingxue finally glanced behind her, and she quickly evacuated and did not continue to stay here. 

The old man next to her also glanced back and continued to follow Yan Lingxue. He obeyed the instructions of Yan Lingxue and did not listen to other people. He just followed her silently. 

At this point, Tan Yongsheng who quickly ran in the direction of the disappearing Yi Tianyun looked cold. “This kid must have a treasure, otherwise the light would not shroud him!” 

“What do we do now?” Said the guard next to him. 

“We’ll go after him. After he finds the treasure, we’ll ambush him from behind… Once that happens the treasures will be ours!” Tan Yongsheng’s face was fierce, warping from evil intent.

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