Crazy Leveling System

Crazy Leveling System Chapter 465


Ren Liangchen and the rest of the party stayed on the shore to regain their Spiritual Power. The previous battle with the Nether water Shark has consumed a lot of their Spiritual Power, plus the constant resistance against the black energy that kept trying to seep in.

They’ve been resisting this black energy as soon as they entered the Netherworld Passage!

Fortunately, there was one person on this Netherworld Passage that wasn’t affected by this black energy, and that person is Yi Tianyun! Thanks to the title [Transcendence] that he got earlier, the black energy did absolutely nothing to him!

“Little brother Yi, did you have enough medicinal recovery pill for yourself? I have some more if you need it!” Ren Liangchen said as he offered to give Yi Tianyun some more medicinal pills.

He thought that Yi Tianyun must have used a lot of his Spiritual Power to capture the shark earlier and resisted the black energy at the same time. He didn’t know that Yi Tianyun spent no Spiritual Energy at all!

“Thank you very much, brother Ren, but I am good for now. I have prepared many things before entering this place, thankfully.” Yi Tianyun said as he politely refused Ren Liangchen’s offer. Unless he encountered a powerful enemy around Spirit King Stage, Yi Tianyun didn’t think that he would need any medicinal pills.

“Okay, if you have something that you need, just let us know! We might have it.” Ren Liangchen said as he immediately returned to focus on regaining his Spiritual Energy back.

“Yeah, we will help each other until we reach our goal!” Yang Zhiwen said as he smiled at Yi Tianyun.

“I have to say thank you for dealing with the shark earlier too!” Leng Hu said indifferently. Although it sounded like Leng Hu didn’t mean what he said, Yi Tianyun knew that it was just Leng Hu’s character.

“Yeah, that too. If it were not for you, we wouldn’t be able to reach this shore, this fast!” Yang Zhiwen said excitedly.

They all were grateful for Yi Tianyun is on their team. If it were not because of Yi Tianyun’s help, they might have to return to the entrance.

“You guys can save it until we reach the Ghost World, no? we are still quite far away from it.” Yi Tianyun said as he smiled towards the others.

“Of course! In the river, little brother Yi has done so well for our cause. This time, it’s our turn to lead the way and ensure that we reach the Ghost World safely! We have prepared our self for this thick fog!” Ren Liangchen said confidently.

“Yeah, we specifically prepared ourselves to take this Fog of Death route. If there is no other weird occurrence, we should be able to reach the Ghost World safely in a short amount of time.” Yang Zhiwen said excitedly with confidence.

Yi Tianyun nodded his head innocently. He realized that the place in front of them was going to be a lot harder than the river earlier as the Netherworld Passage Chart put this Fog of Death path as a darker red color than the river. He knew that this place would be a nightmare for a normal cultivator like the three of them!

Yi Tianyun didn’t have to help them if, by any chance, they encountered some difficulties, but after being with them for a while, Yi Tianyun became interested in helping them get to Ghost World safely.

Ren Liangchen then explained that they must wait for the fog to disperse a little bit more. They had to have their sense back in there, and if the mist was this thick, they would be easily confused and get lost in there.

They waited for quite some time, enough time for Liu Long to catch up. Yi Tianyun noticed that the number of people on Liu Long’s boat had diminished significantly.

As he looked over with his Appraisal eye, he noticed that Core Transformation cultivator was the only cultivator left on Liu Long’s boat!

It seemed the Spirit Core cultivators were all dead by the Nether water Shark’s attack!

“You are too slow! You better go back drinking your mother’s milk if you haven’t prepared for the difficulty of this place!” Ren Liangchen said tauntingly as his payback from Liu Long’s taunt earlier.

Ren Liangchen was also pulling his swords out as he wanted to avenge Liu Long’s rude behavior that nearly killed Ren Liangchen earlier.

However, Liu Long was speechless! He knew that he couldn’t fight Ren Liangchen right now as he was exhausted after having to deal with the Nether water Shark!

“Big brother Ren! Please let it go this time. I don’t mean anything on the river. It’s just a prank!” Liu Long said as he tried to calm Ren Liangchen down.

“Shut your whore mouth! You made us a bait for you to escape! If brother Yi doesn’t have the ability to tame the beast, my party might suffer a terrible fate!” Ren Liangchen said furiously.

At the same time, Yi Tianyun looked over to Liu Long coldly. He wasn’t pleased with Liu Long’s action earlier, even though Yi Tianyun wouldn’t be in any danger regardless of what he did, but it was still rude and disrespectful! If he did it to a normal cultivator, it was no different than committing a murder!

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