Crazy Leveling System

Crazy Leveling System Chapter 467


“Let us live? How dare you disrespect us!” Lie Cheng said as he became furious after hearing what Yi Tianyun said. Lie Feng, who was standing beside Lie Hu and Lie Cheng, immediately pulled out his sword as he wanted to kill Yi Tianyun for what he has said.

“It seems that you believe that you are strong enough to fight us! Don’t you know we can kill all of you even if you work together!” Lie Cheng said coldly to Yi Tianyun.

This word was also meant for Liu Long as the Liu He Brothers believed that their party was much stronger than everyone else there.

“Well, I’ve already made my bid. Now, if you want to live, you have to swim in the river too!” Yi Tianyun said indifferently.

“I didn’t get your way of thinking, sure, you are a beast tamer, but what can you do if your beast is underwater?” Lie Cheng said furiously.

“He wouldn’t need the Nether water Shark! we are enough to deal with you!” Leng Hu said as he held his big axe.

“You? You are crazy if you think you can stand toe to toe with us! I will kill you even if you beg for mercy later!” Lie Cheng said furiously.

But suddenly, a figure flashed in front of Lie Cheng and immediately slapped his face! Lie Cheng felt horrible pain, and as he slid across the sand, his face swelled!

His teeth were also broken in several places while blood dripping from his mouth.

Mercy? Now, who would ask for mercy from a piece of shit like you!” Yi Tianyun said as he flashed towards Lie Cheng once again and repeatedly stepped on Lie Cheng’s body, crushing his organs!

Everyone was shocked to see a little kid like Yi Tianyun could easily overpower Lie Cheng, whom they thought was among the strongest on the scene.


‘Successfully killed Lie Cheng!’

‘Reward: 1.200.000 Exp, 4.800 Cps, 1.000 Sps, Lie Hu Step, Wild Impact, Detoxification Pill, Lie Hu Claw, 5x Exp Pill.’

The amount of Sin Point that Yi Tianyun got from killing Lie Cheng was high! That indicated that Lie Cheng was a criminal who has been piling crime after crimes in his life!

“Big Brother!” Lie Feng said as he screamed for Lie Cheng. But now, everyone knew that Yi Tianyun was stronger than Lie Cheng!

“Little Brother Yi’s power was far too strong! Lie Hu’s eldest didn’t even stand a chance!” Ren Liangchen said as he was surprised to see Yi Tianyun easily killed Lie Cheng!

On the other hand, Liu Long trembled as he never expected a boy like Yi Tianyun would be able to kill one of the Lie Hu Brother!

He began to wonder what Yi Tianyun’s cultivation level was. He thought that Yi Tianyun was at least at Core Transformation Peak to be able to kill Lie Cheng easily like that!

They never thought that a boy like Yi Tianyun would be at Void Spirit Stage rank as it was very difficult to achieve! The only reference they had was the Netherworld Empire.

They knew that a Void Spirit Expert in there were only the higher-ups, like the Army General, the Preceptor, and the Emperor himself!

“Now, the rest of you go take a swim, or I will be happy to help you with that myself!” Yi Tianyun said coldly to Liu Long and the other Lie Hu brother.

Lie Feng from Lie Hu brother trembled as he faced the pressure from Yi Tianyun’s aura. He began to think about jumping into the water to save his life!

But he ultimately chose to fight as he wanted to avenge his dead brother!

“I will kill you, bastard! How dare you kill my brother!” Lie Feng said as rushed toward Yi Tianyun with his sword while releasing all the power that he got!

Surely, his power was amazing for the people of his level, but for Yi Tianyun this was just another walk in a park!

Yi Tianyun kicked Lie Feng directly on his chest effortlessly, and the force of his kick sent Lie Feng directly to the Netherworld River!

Lie Feng sank into the bottom of the river without any struggle. It seemed Yi Tianyun’s kick was enough to render him unable to move, and so the water became his grave!

“Second brother! I will avenge you too!” Lie Yan, the last of Lie Hu brother, screamed and rushed toward Yi Tianyun.

“Wow, I am impressed by your tenacity. Although you saw me finished off your brothers, you still charge straight at me. But no matter! You can see them sooner.” Yi Tianyun said indifferently as he kicked Lie Yan as he got close and flung him to the river, sharing the same fate as Lie Feng!

In a matter of seconds, all Lie Hu Brother was killed!

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