Crazy Leveling System

Crazy Leveling System Chapter 47: Begging For Mercy


“Yes, hand over the Dragon Tail Grass, and we will spare your life!” Tan Yongsheng looked evil, his eyes were full of killing intent and greed. 

He was not a fool. He could tell that the Dragon Tail Grass was the key to opening the door, and it was impossible to enter without the Dragon Tail Grass, so he had to get the Dragon Tail Grass! 

“I don’t think you’ll just let me go after I hand over this Dragon Tail Grass to you right?” Yi Tianyun noticed the killing intent in Tan Yongsheng’s eyes, but he just smirked and was not concerned at all. 

Tan Yongsheng and his companions had already surrounded him. They couldn’t afford to let him escape into the Dragon God Palace. The Dragon Tail Grass served as the key, so if they don’t get their hands on the Dragon Tail Grass, they might become trapped in here.

“If you know then just hand it over!” Tan Yongsheng was already rushing over at a breakneck speed and quickly drew his long sword, aiming for Yi Tianyun’s heart!

Yi Tianyun did not move at all, he let Tan Yongsheng rushed toward him until the moment Tan Yongsheng thrust his sword. All of a sudden Yi Tianyun vanished and Tan Yongsheng’s stab hit nothing but air 

Then, all of a sudden, Yi Tinayun reappeared in front of Tan Yongsheng and pushed down on his shoulder, with his brute strength, he forced Tan Yongsheng to kneel in front of him.

“You, your speed…” Tan Yongsheng was shocked. Both his strength and speed couldn’t even be compared to that of Tang Yongsheng’s. 

He couldn’t move since Yi Tianyun locked him in place! 

Yi Tianyun didn’t even let him finish his sentence, activated his Absorbing Stars Great Technique and absorbed his spiritual power. 

『1.500 exp, 1.300 exp…』

Tan Yongsheng’s spiritual energy constantly turned into exp. Tan Yongsheng tried to break free, but he couldn’t do anything. He was powerless before Yi Tianyun and, in the blink of an eye already more than a half of his spiritual power was absorbed! 

Usually, earth level martial arts were all used by big factions. Even in the Jade Palace, only one or two of them could use earth level martial arts! 

This was enough to prove that having extraordinary talent really gave you an advantage. Earth level martial arts were much stronger than human level martial arts, simply put they were ten times stronger than them. 

“Boss Tan, I’m coming to save you!” His companion who came with him yelled and rushed over to Yi Tianyun. He swung his sword, trying to save Tan Yongsheng, but the difference in their power was too big.

Yi Tianyun deflected it and sent his sword flying! Then, he reached out and grabbed the cultivator, holding him to the ground in the same manner as Tan Yongsheng and absorbed his spiritual power. 

In the blink of an eye, his spiritual power was drained, and there was no spiritual power left. This person’s cultivation was low, only at the 8th Level of Body Refinement. 

He ran out of spiritual power, and was unarmed, he could not fight anymore. 

“How do you feel now? Who was going to die again?” Yi Tianyun smiled lightly. 

Tan Yongsheng’s face was pale, he finally understood how powerful Yi Tianyun was and they realize how stupid they were for mocking him! 

“I beg you! I will never stand against you anymore…” Tan Yongsheng instantly asked for mercy, and break into a cold sweat. 

“You think begging will help after all this?” Yi Tianyun squinted.

After Tan Yongsheng heard that, his face became paler. He wanted to run, but he couldn’t move. He could only tremble and constantly ask for mercy. “I beg you, don’t kill me. I, I will become your slave, please spare my life, I am willing to do anything for you!” 

“I, me too! Yes!” The cultivator next to him was also begging for mercy together with him. In order to survive, they were willing to do anything. 

“No, it’s a pity. There were some things that you just can’t get by begging.” Yi Tianyun sneered, an Immortal Flame appeared in his hands, he threw it into their bodies, and they were completely immolated. 


They screamed while being burned to ashes! This was their final outcome. 

“No point in begging for mercy after all this…” 

Yi Tianyun shook his head. When they came in, they were destined to die. They thought that he was weak, but they’re wrong.

『Ding! Congratulations on killing Tan Yongsheng! You gained 2.000 exp and 200 Crazy Points!』

『Ding! Congratulations on killing Cai Wen! You gained 800 exp and 80 Crazy Points!』

They were two insignificant mobs, so they didn’t give him any drops. However, it was true that Yi Tianyun didn’t even active his Luck Aura. 

After killing them, Yi Tianyun turned and walked inside the palace.

Re-examining the Dragon God Palace, he discovered that the decorations inside were just as opulent inside as they were outside. However, they seemed very old, and there were no signs of anyone or anything living here. There was a thick layer of dust everywhere. 

“Is this the Dragon God’s Heritage, does the first person who finds the Dragon Tail Grass gets it?” Yi Tianyun frowned, wasn’t it too easy?

There was no point in thinking about this, all he could do now was keep pushing forward. After entering this passage, suddenly, a row of sharp arrows was shot from the wall and at a high speed. However, Yi Tianyun’s reaction time was faster and he quickly dodged all of the arrows using his Sky Cloud Step. 

Countless additional arrows followed after the first wave, trying to fill him with holes! 

Yi Tianyun did not panic, continued to rush forward, easily avoided these sharp arrows and kept moving forward. However, the walls continued to endlessly fire arrows until he managed to get out of the passage. 

“Sure enough, it’s not that easy but this kind of attack is nothing special” Yi Tianyun remained cautious. This was just the beginning, looks like it might not be so easy!

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