Crazy Leveling System

Crazy Leveling System Chapter 481


Yi Tianyun made a high-level detoxification pill to cure the Ren Liangchen!

“Did you guys also encounter any danger before I teleported you guys here?” Yi Tianyun asked Yang Zhiwen and Leng Hu.

“Well, I didn’t encounter anything, I was teleported to a forest, and there is nothing dangerous in there as far as I can sense it! but while I was looking around, I was teleported here!” Yang Zhiwen said descriptively.

“I was teleported to the edge of a swamp, it looks dangerous, but I don’t see anything that could harm me at that moment, but as I look around to find the way out to look for you, I was sent here!” Leng Hu said casually. “What about you, boss? What is the situation over here looks like?” Leng Hu asked casually.

“I also didn’t sense any danger around here, but as I move around, I thought of you guys, if we are teleported to a different place, that means you guys might be in trouble! And so, I quickly teleported all of you here! It was fortunate that I got to Brother Ren quickly. Otherwise, he was sure to die from this poison!” Yi Tianyun said solemnly.

Yi Tianyun then administered the pill to Ren Liangchen, who fell unconscious, and as soon as the detoxification pill entered his body, Ren Liangchen’s complexion was slightly improved!

They were not in a hurry, so there was no reason for Yi Tianyun to leave them here to fend for themselves. So, the party rested on the grassland while waiting for Ren Liangchen to recover.

After Ren Liangchen was back to normal, he quickly expressed his gratitude toward Yi Tianyun for saving his life once more! He knew that he was fortunate that Yi Tianyun was with him now. Otherwise, he would’ve already become a snake meal!

“Okay, now that we are set! We have to find a place to settle down for a while. After we find this place, I have to head towards my destination!” Yi Tianyun said casually as he immediately flew towards the direction that the Soul Guide led him to.

Ren Liangchen and the others followed Yi Tianyun by flying too. Fortunately for them, they could fly here. Otherwise, it would be bothersome!

Yi Tianyun’s goal was to find some city in the way towards the Phoenix Nest! And sure enough, Yi Tianyun soon saw a big city that was surrounded by a towering wall!

“Broad Cloud City!” Yi Tianyun said as he read the plaque that was placed on the gate. They quickly descended to the ground and walked toward the gate casually.

The guards didn’t even care about the new presence and quietly stood on the side of the gate like nothing happened; they didn’t even charge them for entering the city.

Yi Tianyun immediately saw that the city was buzzing with cultivators and peddlers along the road. There was so much stuff that they could have if they had the money for it!

The cultivators’ cultivation level varied from each other, but the lowest was at Core Condensation Stage, while there were so many cultivators at Core Transformation Stage!

Yi Tianyun even saw several Void Spirit Expert came and went here, while the highest that Yi Tianyun saw was at 4th Layer Void Spirit Stage!

As soon as Yi Tianyun walked to the market street, the shop owner immediately called them over one by one while offering them the best item in their shop!

They were clearly passionate about their profession. If Yi Tianyun didn’t have anything specific in mind, he would probably buy a couple of items from these merchants!

But there was one thing that he needed the most that he couldn’t find freely on the mortal world!

“Did you guys have any Soul Accumulating Grass?” Yi Tianyun asked casually.

The merchant disappointedly shook their head as they didn’t have the soul accumulating grass that Yi Tianyun needed. But suddenly, a cultivator appeared beside Yi Tianyun and said that he knew someone who would sell Yi Tianyun some Soul Accumulating Grass!

“I know someone who has Soul Accumulating Grass to sell. Do you guys want me to take you there? My name is Mo Shu, by the way!” The cultivator said casually.

“Okay, lead the way!” Yi Tianyun said as he let Mo Shu led them to the place that he said was selling some Soul Accumulating Grass. Yi Tianyun didn’t trust the guy completely, but he was curious since if he could buy the Soul Accumulating Grass in bulk here, his level could increase exponentially!

Furthermore, Yi Tianyun also noticed that there were so many cultivators here that guided another cultivator to the shop that they wanted!

Yi Tianyun also saw that Mo Shu greeted everyone he passed by; clearly, Mo Shu had a good relationship with the people here!

Under Mo Shu’s guidance, they came into a shabby looking shop that was still closed! Yi Tianyun frowned as he realized that the shop was still closed in the middle of the day! But this fact didn’t seem to deter Mo Shu’s resolve at all!

He quickly knocked on the door and said that someone was coming to buy spirit medicine from the shop!

After he knocked, Mo Shu stepped back a little bit, and as the door was opened, Yi Tianyun was a little bit surprised to see a 2nd Layer Spirit King cultivator here! Not only that, but he was an old man with a scary look on his face!

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