Crazy Leveling System

Crazy Leveling System Chapter 483


Yi Tianyun noticed that the box was engraved by at best a 5th Grade Divine Rune! He never expected a whole city inside the Ghost World would struggle to open this box!


‘Successfully accepted the [Help Shopkeeper Ye to open the treasure box!] side quest!’

‘Reward: 30.000.000 Exp, 100.000 Cps, 100 Shopkeeper Ye’s favourability.’

Yi Tianyun didn’t expect to get a side quest for helping this old man, but he was satisfied with it nonetheless!

At the same time, the current Divine Rune Master who was trying to open the box has failed and began cursing at the box.

He was still going at it once again, but obviously, the people behind him were annoyed that the man was still trying while it was obvious that he couldn’t do it!

“Hey, let the others have a shot too! Don’t hog it by yourself!” A young man said to that man annoyedly.

“Brat! This is a 5th Grade Divine Rune! What can you do when you are not even a 5th Grade Divine Rune Master!” the man said coldly.

“You see, you are clearly not a Divine Rune Grandmaster yourself! It was clear that you couldn’t open this box, so why even try! Stop wasting everyone’s time!” The young man said coldly.

The man in the front was clearly annoyed by the young man’s comment, but he chose to step aside as he saw that everyone was indeed annoyed by his constant pointless attempts!

Yi Tianyun was surprised to see the young man’s bravery. He quickly looked at the young man’s status and saw that he was at 7th Layer Core Transformation Stage at the age of 21!

“How many people have come today?” Shopkeeper Ye asked the young man.

“Master! You’re finally here! I was thinking about closing the box for a moment there! There are too many people today. I don’t know how many Divine Rune Master has failed today!” the young man said hopelessly.

“It may seem tedious, but we have to open this box! I hope that you understand this!” Shopkeeper Ye said to the young man. The young man nodded his head and looked down in shame after thinking of giving up!

“This is Shopkeeper Ye’s disciple, Pu Ren! Now, I have done my part, and I still have something else to do, so good luck with the box!” Mo Shu said as he left Yi Tianyun and the rest of the party with Shopkeeper Ye.

But even if Yi Tianyun came with Shopkeeper Ye, he still couldn’t just cut the line as it was rude, and so Yi Tianyun queued along with the other Divine Rune Masters!

Yi Tianyun saw Divine Rune Masters failed one after another, and one of them even tried to attack the box!

Even though the man was at Core Transformation Stage Peak, his attack was still bounced off from the box!

The Divine Rune Master admitted their defeat, and none really wanted to see others succeed as they immediately left the vicinity to save their pride! After seeing the man that attacked the box before, none of the Divine Rune Master ever tried to do the same.

They knew that they wouldn’t be able to overpower the box. Otherwise, a Spirit King Stage Expert like Shopkeeper Ye wouldn’t search for help!

“Let me try!” A Void Spirit Stage Expert came forward while holding a huge hammer in his hand. This hammer was a lower grade sacred tool!

It seems the Void Spirit Expert was thinking of overpowering the box with a huge amount of power! “I am not a Divine Rune Master, but is it okay for me to try to break this box?” The Void Spirit Stage Expert asked Shopkeeper Ye.

“Suit yourself, as long as you can open the box. The sacred tool would be yours!” Shopkeeper Ye said indifferently. Shopkeeper Ye has already known that opening the box with brute force wouldn’t work!

The Void Spirit Expert laughed out loud, and his body immediately turned into steel! The expert immediately swung the huge hammer down to the box, and suddenly the box shone bright, and the expert was immediately thrown into the sky, badly injured!

The expert has failed as the Shopkeeper Ye has predicted! The box had a strong shockwave Divine Rune that would activate as soon as someone tried to break it!

Yi Tianyun smirked to himself as he saw the expert’s stupidity. If a Spirit King cultivator couldn’t open the box, what made him think that a Void Spirit expert could!

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