Crazy Leveling System

Crazy Leveling System Chapter 504


A beautiful woman flew down and immediately made a huge statement! But Yi Tianyun was surprised. He thought that the Phoenix Clan’s Lord was a male.

He never thought that they would have a female as their Lord! Yi Tianyun immediately used his Appraisal Eye to check the Lord’s status!

‘Bai Shuihuang: 7th Layer Spirit King Stage.

Age: 29

Fire: Immortal Fire

Martial Arts: Phoenix Divine Body, Phoenix Sky Drive, Phoenix Fire, Phoenix Storm.

Weakness: Extremely Cold Fire

Combat Power: 450.000.000 Points.’

Yi Tianyun was a little bit surprised as he saw that the Lord was only at 29 years old but already at 7th Layer Spirit King Stage! No wonder that she could become the Lord of the Phoenix Clan with that achievement!

“What did you say, My Lord? I am sorry, I thought I heard that wrong.” Great Elder asked confusedly.

“I said that we have to destroy the Heavenly Netherworld Divine Nation to the ground!” Lord Bai said confidently.

“What? Why?” Great Elder said in shock. The rest of the Elders were also stunned after hearing that the Lord wanted to destroy a Divine Nation!

“I went out for so long to check the origin of the Evil Spirit Race so that we could kill this one that was being sealed inside the Phoenix Cave, but I found something that makes my blood boils! The Evil Spirit Race was an ancient race that created their own faction to cultivate, and did you know what faction did this Evil Spirit Race comes from?” Lord Bai said furiously.

“Heavenly Netherworld Divine Nation?” Yi Tianyun said eagerly.

“Correct! The Heavenly Netherworld Divine Nation was their descendant! I returned right away after hearing that Heavenly Netherworld Divine Nation offered their help to reseal the Evil Spirit on the Phoenix Cave! But now that I see that you are not that stupid to take their offer!” Lord Bai said annoyedly.

The Great Elder started to sweat as he knew how close he was to accept the Heavenly Netherworld Divine Nation’s offer!

“It was certainly fortunate! If they demanded less for their help, we would’ve most certainly agreed to their help!” Great Elder said worriedly.

“If you accept their terms, there is no mistaking that they would plan something to get the Evil Spirit out of our seal! They must have a way to break through our seal!” Lord Bai said wonderingly.

“It has to be a Body Possession Technique that they have!” Shopkeeper Ye said solemnly. He was also one of the people that saw the Evil Spirit was trying to possess Yi Tianyun’s body earlier!

“That might be it! if they break the Evil Spirit free from the seal, it would immediately destroy our Phoenix Clan!” Lord Bai said solemnly. “I guess I have to thank this human, aren’t I?” Lord Bai said amusedly.

“I am just doing everything I can, Phoenix Lord!” Yi Tianyun said politely with a smile on his face.

Lord Bai started to ogle Yi Tianyun from top to bottom. Yi Tianyun noticed the intense stare and suddenly felt embarrassed as he wasn’t used to be stared closely like this.

The Great Elder and a couple of Elders who saw this scene were also embarrassed for their Lord’s behavior.

“How old are you?” Lod Bai said after her intense stare.

“I am 19 this year.” Yi Tianyun said honestly.

“19!” all the Phoenix Clan people said in surprise. They thought that maybe Yi Tianyun was already at 30 years old but make himself look younger for some reason.

“It seems that we have the same problem, but you are already at a Divine Rune Grandmaster Level at this age. Where are you from?” Lord Bai asked curiously.

“I am from Mortal World!” Yi Tianyun said with a smile on his face.

“The Mortal World? Are you serious?” Lord Bai said as she was surprised. She never thought that a genius would come from the Mortal World!

“Yes, is there any problem, Phoenix Lord?” Yi Tianyun asked with a smile.

“No, not at all! but come on, let’s have a nice chat at a more comfortable place!” Lord Bai said as she invited Yi Tianyun to come with her.

“Okay.” Yi Tianyun said as he smiled and started to walk with Lord Bai. They acted just like an old friend who finally reunited! The Elders were looking at Yi Tianyun and Lord Bai with an awkward look on their face!

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