Crazy Leveling System

Crazy Leveling System Chapter 510


So many Phoenixes recognized Yi Tianyun as a worthy partner as they flew above Yi Tianyun, but now, Yi Tianyun’s attention was directed to the Blue Phoenix that still showed no interest in Yi Tianyun!

“The Blue Phoenix really was a prideful creature! Many people have tried to catch its attention, but none has been successful so far!” Lord Bai said as she felt a little more excited upon seeing that Yi Tianyun was eager to earn the Blue Phoenix’s recognition.

No matter what the participant of the test did, the Blue Phoenix wouldn’t bat an eye!

“Hey, if you become my partner, I will make you a lot stronger!” Yi Tianyun said to the Blue Phoenix to draw its attention. But unfortunately, the Blue Phoenix looked at him for a moment and immediately closed its eyes again.

 This most probably meant that the Blue Phoenix didn’t believe in Yi Tianyun’s word!

Everyone was laughing on the side as they felt that the scene was hilarious. It was not that they hated Yi Tianyun. In fact, they were starting to like him, but still, Yi Tianyun was too confident to challenge the Blue Phoenix!

“What did you like? Don’t you love this Immortal Fire?” Yi Tianyun said as he pulled out much bigger Immortal Fire. These big flames once again attracted many Phoenix to Yi Tianyun’s side as they felt inclined to go towards the Immortal Fire. It was not a secret that this Ancient Phoenix cultivated using Immortal Fire!

“Immortal Fire is useless for the Blue Phoenix! The fire doesn’t mean anything to it!” Elder Lei said as he laughed while watching Yi Tianyun.

“Yeah, so far, there is nothing that could draw the Blue Phoenix’s attention. It always ignores everyone!” Elder Luo said with a smile on his face.

The Phoenix Clan people were kept on laughing as Yi Tianyun kept failing to draw the Blue Phoenix’s attention.

“If you failed to make the Blue Phoenix recognize you, you could always pick one of the Phoenixes that was hovering around you. They would immediately agree to be your partner!” Lord Bai shouted to Yi Tianyun as she laughed too.

“No! Keep trying! You wouldn’t lose to that bird!” Yan’er shouted beside Lord Bai as she was excited to see so many Phoenixes around Yi Tianyun.

“Of course! I will not disappoint you!” Yi Tianyun said as he smiled at Yan’er.

The others shook their head as they realized that Yi Tianyun would stubbornly chase after the Blue Phoenix’s recognition.

“It seems the Immortal Fire doesn’t capture your interest, so how about this one then?” Yi Tianyun said to the Blue Phoenix as he pulled out his Netherworld’s Fire! The cold attribute of the fire immediately drove the rest of the Phoenixes away from Yi Tianyun!

 Even the place where he was standing and the fire that spewed out from the volcano was starting to freeze due to the cold attribute of the Netherworld’s Fire!

But in turn of losing the rest of the Phoenixes, the Blue Phoenix suddenly stood up from the parasol tree and chirped excitedly. The Blue Phoenix even created some ice on the parasol tree as it moved. Yi Tianyun smirked as he realized that this Blue Phoenix had an Ice Attribute, not a fire attribute, and therefore it wouldn’t take any interest on any Hot Fire cultivation!

But Yi Tianyunsuccessfully surprised everyone once again. They never thought Yi Tianyun would also have this Netherworld’s Fire, which was the very opposite attributed fire to Immortal Fire.

 They began to wonder how a person could have two very opposite fire at the same time!

“That is the Netherworld’s Fire! How the hell could he controls that fire while he has the Immortal Fire!” Elder Lei said as he was surprised by Yi Tianyun’s Netherworld’s Fire.

“I am thinking about the same thing! It could be said that he has Yin and Yang Fire in his body! this is incredible!” Elder Luo said with awe.

Yi Tianyun never ceased to surprise the Phoenix Clan to the point they were starting to believe that Yi Tianyun wasn’t human! But the most important thing out of the situation was that the Blue Phoenix took an interest in Yi Tianyun and started to fly towards him!

“Would you like to become my partner?” Yi Tianyun asked expectantly.

Yi Tianyun had a hunch that the Blue Phoenix was an Ice Phoenix from the start, that was why it didn’t show any interest on his Immortal Fire! The Phoenix clan had a variety of flames, but none of them had the cold flames on their arsenal, and that was why the Blue Phoenix never showed any interest in any of the previous participants of the Phoenix Mountain test!

The Blue Phoenix chirped in delight as a sign that it agreed to become Yi Tianyun’s partner.

“Great! I promise from today onward. I will make you stronger in my care!” Yi Tianyun said as he stroked the Blue Phoenix’s feathers!

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