Crazy Leveling System

Crazy Leveling System Chapter 53: Meet Yan Lingxue Again


Yi Tianyun looked at his wanted poster, and the portrait were very similar, but now he has Hundred Transformation Mask, although he can’t switch gender, everything else is changeable. Unfortunately, he can’t copy other’s face, if he can it would be perfect. 

“Man, do you want to catch this kid? How about teaming up with me and split the reward by half?” At this time a man pat his shoulder, but Yi Tianyun evade it, well the man didn’t think much of it. He continued to look at the wanted poster, and the reward make everybody exited. 

Yi Tianyun looked at him, his cultivation just First Level Spirit Refinement. Moreover, that’s only recently. And he dare to capture him?

“Not interested.” Yi Tianyun ignored him, turned away and left him.

The man glanced at him and shrugged his shoulders. He immediately asked another person next to him: “Man, do you want to catch this kid? How about teaming up with me and split the reward by half, this is 10.000 gold we’re talking about, you can live the rest of your life without worry!” 

“Go by yourself, I heard that Yi Tianyun is not weak, I don’t want to die yet.”

“Yes, I heard that he has slaughtered the entire Wind Pavilion. At that time, the blood flowed into the river and he robbed all of their treasure!” 

“You’re exaggerating, If you catch him, you’ll get the reward along with the treasure he stole right?” 

“Like hell it will be that easy! Without Core Condensation cultivator how can you capture him? I don’t want to die… “

There are a lot of people around, hearing their chattering he remained silent, not only killing people from Wind Pavilion but also Deacon from Wing Sect. This is really exaggerating and the news spread really fast! 

These words become more and more exaggerated, which makes him feel helpless. 

However, he completely ignored it. This is nothing unusual. Anyway, he needs to gather information anyway despite these exagerated news.

Then he passed through Wind Pavilion and Rain Pavilion. Things here are as usual as well no notable changes. Although Wind Pavilion lost several deacons and Pavilion Lord, they have replacement, so they are slowly recover their business. 

Although Rain Pavilion is not as good as Wind Pavilion, ever since their cooperation with Yi Tianyun they make a name for themselves. Therefore, Wind Pavilion don’t mind Rain Pavilion this time. They directed their anger to Yi Tianyun. 

Coincidentally Zi Yuwei came out, she looked sad and worried. She didn’t recognize Yi Tianyun because he used Hundred Transformation Mask, but she looked toward Wind Pavilion with eyes full of anger before finally get back inside. 

“Seems like nothing else will happen. it is time to go back.” 

When Yi Tianyun was about to leave, a familiar face approach him with an old man. They looked at each other, he didn’t expect to meet an acquaintance here. 

“Young Master Yi?” The nature that came over was Yan Lingxue. 

“Young Master Yi?” The old man suddenly looked up. When he saw Yi Tianyun’s face, he suddenly breathed a sigh of relief. The tight expression gradually loosened. He thought it was Yi Tianyun. 

As everyone knows, it is indeed Yi Tianyun, but using Hundred Transformation Mask, no one can recognize him. 

“Miss Yan, what a coincidence. How about the Dragon Tail Grass the other day?” Yi Tianyun is quite polite toward her. At least she is really honest, and her attitude towards him is really polite. 

“The effect is good enough, but it still can’t completely cure the illness… The pharmacist said Dragon Tail Grass alone is not enough.” Yan Lingxue smiled but obviously she is helpless.

“But even knowing that is quite a progress so it’s okay for the time being. I didn’t expect to see Young Master Yi again, after you leave i just go back and unable to thank you, thank you for the last time!”

“Can’t cured by Dragon Tail Grass? What kind of spirit herb can cure it?” Yi Tianyun frowned, unless the patient suffers from other ilness, it’s supposed to be very effective for psychedelic. 

“Yes, Master Kong Liang said that he still needs Soul Returning Grass, combination of those two, can achieve the perfect effect.” Yan Lingxue said.

“Soul Returning Grass?” Yi Tianyun frowned, calmly said: “Soul Returning Grass mixed with the Dragon Tail Grass indeed can amplify the effect, but if the effect is too much, I fear will it cause permanent damage to the soul. The patient’s mind is quite unstable now, right?” 

He is a Third Level Alchemist, he still has no problem with this medicine. 

“Actually, the one who receive the treatment is my father. Recently, he has been cultivating excessively, which led to cultivation deviation. Now he is still in coma. He only wakes up occasionally then unconcious again.” Yan Lingxue thought about it. 

“As far as i know, there is no need to use Soul Returning Grass in this situation, using Dragon Tail Grass alone is enough. Be cautious, he may fall into a coma forever, and he can’t wake up again!” Yi Tianyun’s words are not exaggerated. This is judged based on his knowledge. 

“That is my judgement, is there something wrong with it? From what faction are you again?” Kong Liang brow wrinkled, Yi Tianyun judged his judgement, he’s really dissatisfied. 

“i’m just stating my opinion, what’s the problem?” Yi Tianyun looked at Kong Liang and felt very uncomfortable. Hearing a surname of Kong, Kong Shengfeng immediately popped up in his mind, plus Wind Pavilion, made him feel irritated all of a sudden. 

“Of course, there are problems. I am a Third Level Alchemist, pharmacist, who are you to question my judgment?! This old man dares to bet. Nothing can cure Yan Family’s Head except this method!” Kong Liang also emphasized his status as Third Level Alchemist, that is, who generally calls himself a pharmacist. 

There was a silent rage inside Yi Tianyun: “If the situation of Yan Family’s Head is as what Miss Yan said, then you must not use Soul Returning Grass!”

“Stop joking, who’s the pharmacist here? You or me?” Kong Liang said unhappy, he does not believe what Yi Tianyun said. 

“I am also a pharmacist!” Yi Tianyun calmly said: “Miss Yan, take me to your father, as long as the situation is exactly as what you said, I only need Dragon Tail Grass to cure it, no need for Soul Returning Grass!” 

Yan Lingxue was stunned, watching Yi Tianyun silently, then she said: “Okay, then come with me and have a look.” 

『Random Quest: Cure Yan Family Head.』

『Reward: 10.000 exp, 100 Yan Family’ favorability, 30 Yan Lingxue’s favorability, 20 Prestige.』

Another random quest emerged. Yan Lingxue is really a heaven sent, similar quests are constantly emerging. 


For the time being no matter what reward, Kong Liang really pisses him off! That’s the reason he accept the quest this time!

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