Crazy Leveling System

Crazy Leveling System Chapter 539


Dragon Valley was closely similar to Phoenix Nest, but it was in the Heaven World instead of Ghost World! Yi Tianyun’s Dragon God Bloodline was the prominent bloodline of Dragon Valley’s higher-ups!

Everyone who watched Yi Tianyun’s fight right now would have assumed that he was from the Dragon Valley, but he has already denied it!

They began to wonder where else would a Dragon God Bloodline user came from other than the Dragon Valley!

“There was no way you’re not from Dragon Valley! No other place has such a pure Dragon God Bloodline than that place!” Ba Long said with a terrified look on his face.

“What is it to you? does it matter where I come from?” Yi Tianyun said indifferently. He didn’t care what these people thought of him as long as he could destroy the Heavenly Netherworld Divine Nation!

If the Dragon Valley really ended up taking the blame for Yi Tianyun’s action, he would apologize later, but for now, thanks to the Hundred Faces Mask, he didn’t need to be afraid of being recognized!

“Heavenly Netherworld Divine Nation has never provoked you! why did you come here and go this far?” Ba Long said worriedly.

“As I said before, I am not from the Dragon Valley! Whether you believe it or not, it’s not my problem anymore!” Yi Tianyun said as he walked towards Ba Long slowly.

However, Ba Long didn’t try to escape; instead, he pulled out a Medicinal Pill from his storage ring and immediately swallowed it!

This medicinal pill was Frantic Divine Pills! With this medicine, Ba Long would be able to increase his spiritual power even if he was being suppressed by Yi Tianyun’s Dragon God Bloodline.

Surely, after taking the Frantic Divine Pill, Ba Long’s combat power exploded to 630 million points! The power was fearsome indeed!

“That frantic divine pill sure is not bad!” Yi Tianyun said as he saw Ba Long’s explosive power, but Yi Tianyun also knew that using this Frantic Divine Pill would also decrease the user Spiritual Energy after the time limit was up! So, it was a very risky pill to consume!

Seeing Ba Long roared in a powerful aura and knowing that he must have consumed a Frantic Divine Pill, the spectator began to cheer for Ba Long again!

They screamed Ba Long’s name like he was some powerful hero coming to the rescue!

Ba Long immediately rushed towards Yi Tianyun confidently, as he knew that his power was nothing like before!

He rushed without any weapon at hand as his hands have already turned into claws, and it was better than any other weapon that he had now!

“Die!” Ba Long shouted as he threw a punch at Yi Tianyun’s face. The Dragon Phantom Shadow that followed Ba Long also attacked! This attack power could easily kill a Spirit King cultivator if they were caught off guard!

Yi Tianyun yawned and gently threw his own punch towards Ba Long’s attack! Everyone who saw the scene snorted as they thought that there was no way the teenager could challenge Ba Long’s power! They thought that the teenager has already given up and accepted his fate!

But the next scene shocked them, when Yi Tianyun’s fist collided with Ba Long’s fist, a shockwave of explosion surprised everyone!

After the smoke faded, everyone was shocked beyond their wits. Ba Long’s arm was cut off clean! So much blood spurted out of his lost arm, creating a pool of blood on the ground!

On the other hand, Yi Tianyun received no damage at all! This was the proof that Yi Tianyun was far stronger than Ba Long!

Even if Ba long has already taken Frantic Divine Pill, he couldn’t surpass Yi Tianyun’s power!

“Your power is not bad! But not good enough!” Yi Tianyun said as he rubbed his fist tauntingly.

Yi Tianyun flashed forward and instantly reappeared in front of Ba Long! Yi Tianyun grabbed Ba Long’s head and absorbed his Spiritual Energy for extra experiences!

But at the same time, Yi Tianyun noticed that Ming Chen was trying to escape the Divine Circle!

It was a shameful act, but Ming Chen knew that his probability of winning was low! He was stronger than Ba Long, but seeing the enemy could deal with Ba Long so easily, it wouldn’t be difficult for the enemy to deal with him too!

“Where are you going?” Yi Tianyun asked as he looked at Ming Chen coldly. Yi Tianyun then pointed his finger to Ming Chen, making Ming Chen eligible for a duel!

On the other hand, Ming Chen was surprised that a golden bind that rendered him unable to attack the intruder earlier has vanished!

This meant that he could attack the intruder himself! Ming Chen looked at the intruder and noticed that he was still busy dealing with Ba Long!

Ming Chen smirked and prepared himself to sneak attack the intruder!

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