Crazy Leveling System

Crazy Leveling System Chapter 541


Ming Chen immediately urged Ba Long to fight back, and Ba Long nodded, Ba Long immediately stood with pain evident in his face, but he still tried to unleash his strongest attack once more!

Ba Long unleashed a strong phantom shadow attack towards Yi Tianyun once more, but like earlier, Yi Tianyun easily countered the attack, causing a big explosion on Ba Long’s body!

When the explosion subsided, Ba Long was already severely burned and now laying unmoved on the ground! The spectators were shocked and tried to shout Ba Long’s name, but they didn’t get any reply as Ba long has already lost consciousness.

“Damn! He really is useless!” Ming Chen said as he looked at Ba Long frustratedly.

“In the face of danger, you didn’t even hesitate to sacrifice your companion! You really are a coward!” Yi Tianyun said tauntingly with a smirk on his face.

Yi Tianyun then rushed towards Ming Chen with a Heavenly Thunder concentrated on his fist! This Heavenly Thunder on his arm worth 900 million combat power!

At the same time, Ming Chen was surprised, but he neither evade nor counter Yi Tianyun’s attack, but instead running toward the unconscious Ba Long and stabbed him in the heart with his Netherworld Divine Sword!

“Lend me your power for the last time!” Ming Chen said as he smirked coldly at Ba Long! After he stabbed Ba Long, a phantom shadow was released from Ba Long’s body, and Ming Chen immediately absorbed it!

That was Ba Long’s soul; Ming Chen planned to absorb Ba Long’s soul to enhance his own Combat Power further!

Yi Tianyun immediately looked at Ming Chen’s status and noticed that his Combat Power was rising rapidly! In the end, Ming Chen’s combat power stopped at 1,13 billion points! Ming Chen has surpassed Yi Tianyun’s combat power once more!

Yi Tianyun was quite surprised that such a method was possible! A soul sacrifice like that was clearly a demon’s power! No one in their right mind would sacrifice their own comrade!

“Now, you will die by my hand!” Ming Chen screamed coldly to Yi Tianyun. A demon phantom shadow appeared and caught the Heavenly Thunder that Yi Tianyun threw at the last moment. The phantom squashed the Heavenly Thunder easily and immediately rushed to punch Yi Tianyun!

“Die, you bastard!” Ming Chen shouted coldly.

Yi Tianyun sighed as he found Ming Chen troublesome! Ming Chen’s new combat power was indeed amazing, but it was still nowhere near the level of Spirit King Peak Cultivator’s combat power!

At the same time, Ba Long, who was on the verge of death’s door, looked coldly at Ming Chen like he was about to curse him with his eyes!


‘Successfully killed Ba Long!’

‘Reward: 160.000.000 Exp, 10.000 Cps, 2.000 Sps, Devouring Dragon Spear, Ba Long Armour, Ba Long Boots, Dragon God Bloodline.’

Yi Tianyun smirked as he received the reward for killing Ba Long even though Ming Chen was the one who killed Ba Long! Plus, Ba Long also dropped a Dragon God Bloodline even though Ba Long himself didn’t have Dragon God Bloodline!

“Fuse Dragon God Bloodline!” Yi Tianyun said to himself without hesitation.


‘Successfully leveled up Dragon God Bloodline to 6th Grade level!’

‘Next Level requires 50.000.000 Cps.’

After successfully leveling up the Dragon God Bloodline, Yi Tianyun’s power rose significantly! His combat power stopped at 1,15 billion points, giving him a slight edge over Ming Chen’s power!

“Here! I will return the power of your companion back!” Yi Tianyun said as he threw the Giant Battle-axe on his hands towards Ming Chen with Heavenly Thunder backing it up!

Ming Chen immediately tried to block it with his Demon Phantom Shadow’s hands, but the axe just split the phantom shadows’ hands in two!

Ming Chen was surprised as he never thought that he would still lose against the intruder even after absorbing Ba Long’s soul!

“Just drop dead already!” Ming Chen screamed frustratedly. Ming Chen then stabbed himself with his Netherworld Divine Sword, and shortly after, his body released a steady stream of Blood Essence that was immediately absorbed into the Netherworld Divine Sword!

The sky suddenly went black, and a big demon appeared in the sky, tearing through the clouds violently!

Yi Tianyun checked once more and noticed that Ming Chen’s power rose once more, and this time, it stopped at 1.2 billion points!

But Yi Tianyun knew that Ming Chen’s power came with a huge price as Ming Chen wouldn’t be able to have this kind of power without sacrificing his blood essence and soul!

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