Crazy Leveling System

Crazy Leveling System Chapter 57: Siege


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“Almost done…” 

Yi Tianyun felt that his alchemist mastery also leveled up all of a sudden. He gave the Yan Family ten upper level spirit pill and a large number of pill. This is worths quite a sum. Of course, he himself got a lot of benefit too, besides he managed to breakthrough to 4th Core Condensation Realm, his alchemist mastery also leveled up to the intermediate mastery! 

Primary alchemist mastery is relatively low, so it’s quite easy to level it up to the intermediate level. 

After he finished refining, he got up and walked out the door. One of the guards standing outside hurriedly bowed and and said: “Master Yi, what can i help you with?” 

They’re here ever since Yi Tianyun began refining in case Yi Tianyun need something. 

“Nothing in particular, just take me to Miss Yan,” Yi Tianyun said. 

They headed to where Yan Lingxue. When they’re near the hall, they heard a conversation. 

“Yan Family’s Head seems fine, as if you’re never sick in the first place.” Zeng Family Head sitting next to him smiled, but it does’t seem like a sincere smile. 

“Yeah, I heard a few rumors about you these past few days. Now that I saw you myself i’m relieved. We are here to congratulate for your recovery.” Wang Family Head smiled: “This is our congratulatory gift. Please accept.” 

Yan Family Head is sitting in the middle of the hall, Yan Lingxue is standing next to him, both of them are smiling and seem friendly. 

“Thank you for your kindness. I am already grateful for the fact that you pay me a visit,” Yan Family Head smiled and did not accept the gift. 

“You are welcome, you’re our friend after all…, this gift is just complementary” Wang Family Head said with a smile: “But there is one more reason we come here, we’re to ask for your help.” 

“What is it? Please say it, as long as it’s still withing my power, I will help.” Yan Family Head smiled and have no idea what these two are going to ask him.

“I heard that Yan Family has a holy level alchemy furnace. I wonder if I can borrow it?” said the Wang Family’s head. 

Yan Family’s Head expression changed. Yan Lingxue next to him was shocked. She wonder if someone leaked this information. 

“Wang Family Head, how can we Yan Family have such luxurious item? We have a few good spirit tools though, and we’re satisfied with it.” Yan Family Head smiled. 

“Hey!” The Wang family slammed the tea table next to him into pieces, he sneered then stood up and said: “can you stop pretending? We had spies here beforehand saying you have a holy level alchemy furnace. You think you can fool us? I refrain myself to do this before because I was afraid of your big brother in Qingxuan. Recently, there was news from Qingxuan’s family that your brother was killed. Now, you Yan Family, has no one to rely on!” Wang Family Head said, his earlier courtesy was just a farce. Zeng Family’s Head smiled and stood up. His smile was so creepy. He kicked the box next to him and it turned out that it was a coffin! It was a coffin, not a recovery gift at all! 

“Yan Family Head, we know each other, I will give you a chance, either hand over that holy level alchemy furnace, and marry your daughter to my son as a concubine then at the very least Yan Family will not completely disappear, or from now on, there will be no more Yan Family in this city” Then he affirmed: “i bought this coffin here for you, either hand your alchemy furnace to us or you’ll be buried alive, choose one of them!“

Two of them is cultivator at Core Condensation, and Wang Family’s Head was slightly higher. He broke through to Second Level Core Condensation. To sum it up, they’re much stronger than Yan Family Head. 

When Yan Family Head heard that his eldest brother was dead, his expression didn’t change, but Yan Lingxue was shocked, and her eyes reddened. Obviously this is her first time hearing that news. 

“Oh, uncle…”

Her eyes were red, and she realized that her father was desperately trying to reach Core Condensation Realm. Because if there is no Core Condensation cultivator on Yan Family, they will be threatened by the siege of these two family, and Yan Family will be no more! 


Yan Family Head pushed Yan Lingxue and and signal her to escape. Yan Lingxue fled to the courtyard, and he quickly prepare for a skirmish and unleash his aura. However, compared with the two of them, there the gap is too far. Besides, he’s still not fully recovered, how can he stand against them? 

Do you really think she can escape? The whole Yan Family is surrounded by our people!” Zeng Family Head sneered. 

Yan Family Head’s face became pale “seems like this is the end for Yun Family…” 

Actually when he regained consciousness he already planned to escape as soon as possible, but because he met Yi Tianyun, he decided to wait for Yi Tianyun until he finished refining. He didn’t expect it would take quite a while, and the news spread too fast. 

“I said hand over that holy level alchemy furnace, we will let you live…” 

“Are you stupid? How long do you think i’ve been a Family’s head?” only exerting this much effort to infiltrate our family and now you said you’ll let us live! You really think i’d buy that do you?” 

Zeng and Wang Family will let him go? That’s obviously a big fat lie, leaving a root will cause endless trouble! 

Zeng Family’s Head and Wang Family’s Head menacingly. It seems that Yan Family’s head already saw through them. 

“Well, the cat is out of the bag, no point in hiding the truth then, this is the end of the road!” Zeng Family Head sneered. 

“End of the road? For who i wonder?” At this time a figure came in from the passage on the side of the courtyard, followed by Yan Lingxue, standing behind him. 

The teenager who walked in is Yi Tianyun! 

“Who are you?” Zeng Family Head looked at him from the top of his head to the bottomo of his toe, and didn’t know who it is.

“I am just a guest of Yan Family. Do you want this alchemy furnace?” Yi Tianyun take out the Purple Fire Alchemy Furnace. 

Their eyes flashed a ray of light, showing ecstasy. 

“This is holy level spirit tool!” They are so excited like a little boy who received a toy, this is holy level spirit tool, the general sect doesn’t have it, but this small family have it! 

Yan Family’s Head saw Yi Tianyun coming in with Yan Lingxue and hurriedly said, “You, why would you come back…” 

“Yan Family is in difficult situation, and I can’t just escape by myself.” Yi Tianyun smiled: “No. When I’m about to see miss Yan, I saw a group of people who were up to no good. I heard everything from outside. Yan Family Lord gave me this alchemy furnace. Did you intend to entrust the alchemy furnace along with miss Yan?” 

Yan Family Head sighed and can’t say anything back. Even though someone tried to help him they still can’t escape this situation!

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