Crazy Leveling System

Crazy Leveling System Chapter 591


The suppression from the superior bloodline was truly remarkable, especially for the Dragon Clan, as the superior bloodline was absolute!

“Now, what are you going to do?” Yi Tianyun said tauntingly.

He knew that the World Dragon Empire must’ve thought that Heavenly Clouds Empire was backed by the Dragon Clan of the Heaven World!

Emperor Chen Chen looked at Yi Tianyun and felt uneasy as he saw Yi Tianyun looking so relaxed. Furthermore, he couldn’t figure out why Yi Tianyun had the Dragon God Bloodline as he never heard such a bloodline existed in Mortal World!

The cultivators who have been watching the fight were confused. All they saw was the Emperor, Former Emperor, and the Protector Dragons all kneeling on the ground in front of Heavenly Clouds Great Emperor.

“Young noble, I know now that we shouldn’t be enemy! Why don’t you reveal whose faction is behind Heavenly Clouds Empire?” World Dragon Great Emperor said nervously.

Everyone was shocked after hearing the World Dragon Emperor’s word. He was adamant about striking Yi Tianyun earlier, but now, he was ready to surrender?

They didn’t know what was happening, sowing confusion to every cultivator. But they all reached the same conclusion, that Heavenly Clouds Empire must have a Divine Nation backing them!

World Dragon Great Emperor was no exception. Although it wasn’t clear whether the Heavenly Clouds Empire was backed by Heaven World or not, it wasn’t worth the risk!

Provoking a Heaven World’s faction meant annihilation on Mortal World Faction!

There was nowhere to hide from the Heaven World influence; not even Ghost World could hide them!

“Why would I do that?” Yi Tianyun said with a cold smile on his face.

Yi Tianyun then intensified the aura that he released, causing stronger oppression on World Dragon Emperor and Former Emperor.

“It seems you misunderstand something! Our World Dragon Empire has a good relationship with the Dragon Clan of Heaven World! If you hurt us, you would be in trouble later!” World Dragon Emperor said nervously.

Yi Tianyun heard another great information here, it seems the Dragon Clan has established a mutual alliance with World Dragon Empire, but there was something odd here!

If the World Dragon Empire really formed an alliance with the Dragon Clan, why would they agree to help the Heavenly Netherworld Divine Nation?

“Don’t mind him! According to the Alliance’s term with the Dragon Clan, they would let us know if they send someone to Mortal World! This time, we didn’t hear anything from the Dragon Clan, and therefore, this guy isn’t from Dragon Clan, and he might have stolen the Dragon God Bloodline from somewhere!” Former Emperor Chen Xuan said confidently.

“You are right! We didn’t hear any news from Dragon Clan! You almost got me there! Now, why don’t you give us those Dragon God Bloodline of yours!” Emperor Chen Chen said excitedly.

After seeing Dragon God Bloodline, which was very rare, their greed got the better of their judgement!

“Well, I never said that I am from Dragon Clan, but surely, you have prepared for the worst if you decide to fight me!” Yi Tianyun said with a smirk on his face.

“Don’t you underestimate us too far? Did you think the Dragon Clan Bloodline is all we got?” World Dragon Emperor said as he pulled out a Dragon Gun covered with Divine Rune, he immediately shot Yi Tianyun, and a terrifying dragon roar immediately came out of the muzzle.

That was a Divine Tool!

Yi Tianyun should have known that the number one Empire on Mortal World should at least have a Divine Tool, but he totally forgot about it!

Although it was just a lower Grade Divine Tool, it was still more powerful than any Sacred Tool!

“Hahaha, that is Chen’er’s specialty! The Dragon Gun would obliterate you, and we will take your Dragon God Bloodline!” Chen Xuan shouted excitedly as he saw Chen Chen shot Yi Tianyun with the Dragon Gun.

The rest of the cultivators also shouted World Dragon Emperor’s name excitedly as their Emperor’s victory was certain at this point. There was no way a Mortal World Cultivator could dodge an attack from a Divine Tool!

“The Divine Tool’s power is absolute! There is no way you can dodge this!” Chen Chen said with a smirk on his face.

But Yi Tianyun was different! He had a Divine Tool himself, and honestly, World Dragon Emperor’s Divine Tool disappointed him!

So, he just stood there to make it clear that he could block the World Dragon Emperor’s Divine Tool attack!

Yi Tianyun then waved his fist as he saw the attack coming and thrust his fist at World Dragon Emperor’s attack!

“Dragon God Fist!” Yi Tianyun said casually.

This was part of Dragon God Secret Art, an ultimate attack! The Dragon Protector that only observed the fight on the side was once again intimidated by Yi Tianyun’s Dragon God Bloodline aura!

Yi Tianyun’s Dragon God Fist created a flash of light that was followed by a dragon roar, broke the World Dragon Emperor’s Divine Tool attack, and struck the ground, causing a loud bang that shook the earth!

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