Crazy Leveling System

Crazy Leveling System Chapter 61: Trouble


When Yi Tianyun asked this question, he looked so scary. Yuan Ping finally realized what kind of person he was facing. No wonder that Wang and Zeng Family Head were killed. It’s not that they are too weak, but Yi Tianyun is just too strong! 

“I didn’t expect you to be this strong, but I can’t die here just yet. Yuan Ping looked at him coldly and said: “As long as you let me go, then we can consider this never happen, we will never meet again in the future. If you kill me, Wind Pavilion will never let you go! Chief Pavilion Lord will avenge me, you think you can escape? Of course you can’t boy!” 

Let alone give up Yuan Ping even threatened Yi Tianyun. If he kill him, he will endure endless pursuits and never escape. 

“If you really think so, then you got to see this!” Yi Tianyun looked at him with a sneer, raised his hand to his face, and gently removed the Hundred Transformation Mask, revealing his real face.

After Yuan Ping and everyone else saw it, he was dumbfounded on the spot, he can’t believe his eyes. 

They have seen this face on the wanted list. It’s the wanted list distributed by Wind Pavilion. Anyone who can capture Yi Tianyun can become Vice Pavilion Lord of any Wind Pavilion branch! In addition to Vice Pavilion Lord, there are so many tempting rewards. 

Now that person is in front of himself, not only he’s so strong, he can even create a perfect disguise. 

“You, you…” Yuan Ping is really shocked by this fact, he kept pointing his finger to Yi Tianyun but no words came out from his mouth. 

“Chase after me? you think I am still the same old Yi Tianyun?” Yi Tianyun sneered, Yi Tianyun immediately unleash a heavy punch, Yuan Ping tried to block, but it’s pointless. 


The punch instantly killed them, turning them into exp for Yi Tianyun. 

[Ding, successful killing Yuan Ping, obtains 60.000 exp, Double Exp Pill, Heaven Feather Sword Technique, 1400 Crazy Point!] [Ding, successfully killed Deacon Liu, obtains 50.000 exp, Double Exp Pill, 800 Crazy Point!]

He got a bunch of exp, Crazy Point and some items from killing these two. 

[Ding, congratulations to the host, successfully breakthrough to Fifth Level Core Condensation!]

Finally, he leveled up once again, successfully breakthrough to Fifth Level Core Condensation. This level up is very fast nonetheless, but this is not enough to satisfy him. Other cultivator will do anything to get this kind of system, but this isn’t even enough for Yi Tianyun. 

Is this too slow? Those who are in their 30s and 40s are still at Third Level of Core Condensation. How old is Yi Tianyun now? Seventeen! Yet he’s already at Fifth level of Core Condensation. 

Afterwards he turned around and face Yan Lingxue with his real face. 

“You, you are Yi Tianyun… Yi Yuntian, Yi Tianyun… You are the one Wind Pavilion have been looking for!” Yan Ling Xue was shocked. 

“Yes, I am the one Wind Pavilion have been looking for.” Yi Tianyun did not bother to explain anything to these two, he just said: “I’m afraid that you can’t stay here any longer, you better escape as soon as possible before Wind Pavilion or maybe Wang and Zeng Family come.” 

Vice-Chief Pavilion Lord of Wind Pavilion died here, there’s no way this is not going to be a big news right? 

“No problem, little brother, we will leave tomorrow.” Yan Family’s Head nodded and said: “you must be careful as well, don’t get yourself caught by Wind Pavilion’s people.” 

“Yan Family Head, don’t worry, do I look that weak?” Yi Tianyun laughed.

“If you are weak, you won’t be able to save me, and my daughter.” Yan Family’s Head smiled gently, not worried. 

Yi Tianyun shook his head, chuckled, but didn’t say anything. 

“Young Master Yi, are you really leaving…” Yan Lingxue wants to stop him but can’t think of any good reason. 

Yi Tianyun’s strength, talent and his manner is just extraordinary, they believe that Yi Tianyun must have a strong faction as a backer, they don’t think they can stop Yi Tianyun from leaving. 

Yi Tianyun smiled slightly and immediately turned back to wear the mask and said: “Yes, I still have something to do, goodbye!” 

Yan Lingxue wanted to say something, but refrain herself from doing so, she just sighed and bury everything in her heart.

“Yan’er, do you like him?” Yan Jiazhu smiled. 

Yan Lingxue blushed, she nodded, but then shook his head, but did not say a word. 

“Hey, don’t be too depressed. With such a young age he’s already that strong, he will definitely become important figure in the future…” obviously what he meant by that is, she won’t be able to make him fall for her. 

If Yi Tianyun is here, he will see Yan Lingxue’s Favorability already reach 270! In the end Yi Tianyun did save her family and, maybe that’s why she fell so hard for Yi Tianyun. 

Yi Tianyun did not stop at Wind City. He directly head back to Jade Palace. After leaving the city, he immediately mounted his snow wolf and rushed to Jade Palace! 

In the Jade Palace. 

“Palace Lord, Heavens Immersing Ancient Ruins almost begin, have you decided what to do with Yi Tianyun’s quota…” Great Elder next to her asked carefully. 

Shi Xueyun has this glum expression on her. Ever since she heard that Yi Tianyun is being pursued and escaped, she has been having this expression. So whoever saw her cold expression trembled in fear, and they can’t help but ask her really carefully.

It’s been less than a week since the opening of Heavens Immersing Ancient Ruins. Yi Tianyun’s quota has been empty, and she doesn’t know how to fill this hole left by Yi Tianyun, Great elder has been cautious too ever since, that’s why she ask her carefully. 

Shi Xueyun is normally cheerful, but when it comes to personal matter like this, she’s just so scary to approach.

“Leave it empty , wait for Yi Tianyun.” Shi Xueyun’s voice was cold, even the elders felt chill down their spine. 

“But… what if he’s still not here when Heavens Immersing Ancient Ruins begin?” Great Elder asked cautiously. 

“I said empty it, waiting for Tianyun to come back, didn’t you understand?” Shi Xueyun glare at the Great Elder. 

They shuddered and immediately shook their heads. Palace Lord is like an empty shell. They don’t know what to say to her. 

“Palace Lord, I know that you are worried about Yi Tianyun, but we don’t have a choice. When Heavens Immersing Ancient Ruins began, can you let this quota be empty, and you are not willing to let other outstanding disciples enter? Besides, he clearly said that he has severed the ties with Jade Palace. Moreover, both Wing Sect and Wind Pavilion are involved. If we let Yi Tianyun participate or help him, it is like declaring war to them. Aren’t we looking for unnecessary troubles here?” 

Of course, the one speaking is Second Elder. Although she had a change of heart, she is very dissatisfied with such a big problem. She did not expect Yi Tianyun to dump this big trouble to Jade Palace. 

“Second Elder, do you think Tianyun brought trouble to our Jade Palace, instead of they provoked Yi Tianyun and at the end was defeated by him?” Shi Xueyun was as sharp as ever, and Qin Xue told her what happened without missing any detail. 

At first, it was Kong Shengfeng, then Liang Tiancheng threatened to attack Jade Palace, and finally angered Yi Tianyun. how could it be Yi Tianyun’s fault? 

“Even if that is the case, we need to be indulgent for now. This is such a big event too, how can we mess this up?” Second Elder was dissatisfied.

“It’s not something I can forgive! Our Jade Palace is too indulgent, causing them to look down on us. You think we haven’t been indulgent enough over the years?” Very sharp, Shi Xueyun’s argument is really sound. 

It is a fine to endure, but that’s not the case when they get over their heads like this. 

For example, this quota, if they were indulgent back then, they wouldn’t be able to enter Heavens Immersing Ancient Ruins to begin with! 

Second Elder showed her helpless expressions. It’s because their lack of strength, she thought that all they can do is to endure. 

“Palace Lord…” At this time, the guards hurried in from the outside, and looked nervous: “Palace Lord, people from Wing Sect and Spirit Sect is here…” 

“Hmmm? Heavens Immersing Ancient Ruins are not open yet, aren’t they too early… There must be some conspiracy!” Shi Xueyun stood up and her face was cold. “If something happens to Yi Tianyun, I will bury the whole Wing Sect!” 

Her voice is cold, no one doubted her words… because she really could do it, even though maybe not now, it is possible to do it. 

Shi Xueyun doesn’t care about indulgent or appearances. However, it is because of her that Jade Palace is gradually back on the right track.

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