Crazy Leveling System

Crazy Leveling System Chapter 614


When Bai Yulian noticed that Yi Tianyun paid more attention to Yu Shiqian, she became a little more hopeful. If Yi Tianyun took Yu Shiqian as his Dao Companion, White Lotus Mansion would receive significant backing!

But actually, Yi Tianyun was only giving her a chance to improve herself!

He knew that knowledge was the greatest thing that humans could have!

For Yi Tianyun, his Crazy Levelling system was enough to make the best out of his cultivation base. He could become a Divine King by merely killing demon beasts if he really wanted to!

The realm that seemed to be out of reach from other people’s perspectives would be reachable for Yi Tianyun!

“Great Emperor, it is here!” Bai Yulian said as she stopped at White Jade Peak.

It had the greatest landscape that people could see in the entire White Lotus Mansion!

This White Jade Peak was also the place where White Lotus Mansion’s higher-ups lived.

The disciples were forbidden to come here unless they were called!

“Yin Spiritual Energy is the heaviest here! The surrounding area gathered the Yin Spiritual Energy that makes masculine cultivation more efficient here! This place is really great! At least Divine Rune Grandmasters would be benefitted here! White Lotus Mansion seems pretty good!” Yi Tianyun said honestly.

“Yes, that is true, but it inevitably declines overtime!” Bai Yulian said embarrassedly.

A long time ago, White Lotus Mansion was a renowned Mansion that, unlike now! It was unfortunate that so many Experts in the past couldn’t overcome their age, and thus White Lotus Mansion gradually declined.Well, I will start digging here. You have to make sure nobody comes around!” Yi Tianyun said indifferently.

“I already told the Mansion not to interfere with your search. Rest assured, nobody would come here!” Bai Yulian said confidently.

She already told the executives of the Mansion that White Jade Peak was off-limit earlier.

“Great!” Yi Tianyun said appreciatively and took out his Heavenly Netherworld Divine Sword.

A terrifying pressure was immediately released from the sword giving a cold vibe that was hard to ignore.

“This is a divine tool!” Bai Yulian and Yu Shiqian said as they felt a chilling cold.

They were surprised to see a Divine Tool, but they weren’t surprised that Yi Tianyun would have one. But they were shocked to see the scene that enveloped afterward!

Yi Tianyun started to use the Divine Tool to dig the ground with the Divine Tool!

“He used a Divine Tool to dig up the ground?” Bai Yulian said dumbfoundedly.

She was afraid to offend Yi Tianyun, but this scene was too absurd! No matter how strong he was, a Divine Tool was supposed to be treated with respect, but Yi Tianyun just used it like any other equipment!

Yi Tianyun knew that people would frown upon his action, but he didn’t care!

All he thought of was getting the treasure as fast as possible!

With his amazing speed and power, he quickly made quite progress. Bai Yulian couldn’t even keep up with Yi Tianyun’s speed!

The excavated soil was collected inside Yi Tianyun’s storage ring, so there was no need to worry about it later!

After digging for quite a while, Yi Tianyun’s speed was slowed down due to exhaustion, but Bai Yulian thought differently. She thought that Yi Tianyun almost reached the seal!

Yi Tianyun kept digging as he knew the treasure’s exact position, so as he got close to it, he started to dig around it!

He then cleared up the treasure trove’s front, and he knocked it to check if there was something.

A hole was formed, and a cave was seen! Yi Tianyun led the way and went in. As Bai Yulian followed behind, he saw that Hard Profound Iron Stone was covering the cave wall!

“Yang Spiritual Energy was so heavy in here!” Yi Tianyun said casually.

He felt a burning feeling around him, constantly invading his body like fire. But there was no fire in the cave. Instead, there was a huge rock at the end of the cave covered with a dense Divine Rune Seal.

Yi Tianyun also saw a chain with countless tiny Divine Runes engraved on it.

“This is the Devil’s seal?” Bai Yulian said curiously.

They looked at the towering rock cautiously. Although there was no light or any kind of light source, the place wasn’t dark at all. At the same time, the women felt uncomfortable as Yang Spiritual Energy filled the room.

As they saw to the top of the rock, Bai Yulian saw a constant stream of Yin Spiritual Energy falling, cooling down the rock, which greatly weakened the rock.

“I was right. The seal is starting to loosen!” Yi Tianyun said as he looked at everything that constituted the rock and the seal!

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