Crazy Leveling System

Crazy Leveling System Chapter 650


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“Now that’s one hell of a defence!” Yi Tianyun said as he inspected the Holy King with his Appraisal Eye.

The others were shocked by Yi Tianyun’s destructive power, but the fact that the Holy King was able to regenerate from that attack was even more shocking.

No wonder the Heavenly Netherworld Divine Nation dared to attack Phoenix Clan; with their Holy King’s absolute power, the Phoenix Clan didn’t have any chance to strike back.

The Holy King knew that the Phoenix Clan wouldn’t stand a chance against him. As proof, they couldn’t even deal with the Evil Spirit Race in their Phoenix Cave.

If the Phoenix Clan lost this war, they would definitely become a slave to Heavenly Netherworld Divine Nation!

With their Phoenix Blood Essence being milked every day, the Heavenly Netherworld Divine Nation would become stronger while they grew weaker.

Phoenix Blood Essence had little to no value for those with ordinary Bloodline, but they could always sell it to others who needed it!

“That one certainly packed quite a punch, but it’s not enough to overpower me!” The Holy King said as he grabbed his short sword and swung it at Yi Tianyun.

Be it power or speed, Holy King coming out on top was undeniable.

In the blink of an eye, the Holy King rushed towards Yi Tianyun and attacked him relentlessly. But Yi Tianyun’s defense was also commendable!

He had the Evil God Suit and two pieces of Desolate Ancient Set with him, further increasing his defensive power high enough to be able to defend himself against the Holy King’s attack!

It was nothing unusual in the cultivation worlds that someone with a weaker offensive power than their enemy wouldn’t necessarily lose against their enemy as they might have a stronger defensive power.

But then again, defensive power was obscured by the offensive power, making it hard to measure the cultivator’s defensive capability.

“You are very powerful indeed!” Yi Tianyun said as he could feel that his hands were a little numb for a while after blocking the Holy King’s attack.

However, Yi Tianyun’s defensive capability was high enough that the Holy King was unable to penetrate his defences!

Everyone gasped as they saw that Yi Tianyun managed to block the Holy King’s attack. They finally regained their hope that Yi Tianyun might be able to win!

“It seems like you have polished your body well. I wonder how long you can withstand my attack!” the Holy King said as he stomped his feet on the ground, and suddenly a Divine Rune was materialized on the ground.

The Holy King’s body suddenly turned to gold, and a dazzling light immediately covered the Phoenix Cave!

Yi Tianyun immediately used his Appraisal Eye and saw that the Holy King’s body itself was turned into a weapon on a Lower Grade Divine Tool-level!

“Great, it’s about time I take this seriously as well!” Yi Tianyun said as he finally activated the Dragon  God’s Bloodline and the Royal Phoenix Bloodline.

With both of his Bloodline activated, Yi Tianyun’s combat power rose up through the roof!

His body was covered with thick dragon scale, and he even grew tail along with a pair of Phoenix Wings on his back. His Combat Power kept rising until it stopped at 2.5 billion points!

This kind of power was really divine! Furthermore, the Black Flame that shrouded Yi Tianyun became wilder as it resonated with Yi Tianyun’s power.

Therefore, Yi Tianyun quickly used the Black Flame to create a small meteor and slammed it towards the Holy King!

The black flame immediately collided with the Holy King’s dazzling golden light and immediately exploded.

The explosion almost destroyed everything in its path, including the stone statue. The Phoenix Cave was obliterated and shows the sign that it will soon collapse!

Bai Shuihuang and the others immediately evacuated away from the Phoenix Cave as they know that they wouldn’t be able to withstand the impact of Yi Tianyun and the Holy King’s attack. The three Old Ancestor could probably withstand it, but they didn’t want to risk it!

“This is madness! Divine Envoy’s too strong!” the Old Ancestor said to each other as horrified looks covered their faces.

Yi Tianyun was so powerful that they couldn’t help but wish for his victory!

But still, they couldn’t afford to lose this war as the Phoenix Clan would meet their demise at the hands of the Heavenly Netherworld Holy King’s hands!

“I really hope the Divine Envoy would win soon!” Bai Shuihuang and the others prayed for Yi Tianyun’s victory as they couldn’t see him and the Holy King from their current location.

But their restlessness was finally gone as suddenly a black glow was seen flying out of the Phoenix Cave and floated on the air.

A golden glow soon followed, and after a while, it was clear that Yi Tianyun took damage from the Holy King as a punch mark was visible from Yi Tianyun’s chest.

Meanwhile, the Holy King was unscathed!

This was the result of the Holy King’s tremendous combat power, as he was currently almost ten times stronger than Yi Tianyun!

“You’re pretty strong indeed, but unfortunately, that won’t be enough to overpower me! It was regrettable that you may be potentially the best the Human Race has to offer! After all, my martial arts and Bloodline’s power is a lot stronger than you!” The Holy King said with disdain.

It might sound condescending, but his words were the truth; the Holy King indeed had better martial arts and Bloodline than Yi Tianyun.

While Yi Tianyun may have a lot of Martial Arts in his arsenal, he didn’t have any Martial Arts at High-Grade Heavens Level.

Therefore, all martial arts that he had right now was ineffective against the Holy King!

But Yi Tianyun still couldn’t accept that Human’s Bloodline was far worse than others’!

“You keep looking down on Human Bloodline, but you are wrong! Human Race is a very determined race, so we have unlimited possibilities!” Yi Tianyun said coldly.

From Yi Tianyun’s opinion, having a strong determination would create varying reliability.

After all, if a cultivator had a strong bloodline and powerful martial arts, they wouldn’t be able to develop without any determination!

Let me give you an easy example; Heaven Creating Divine King is a Human Race Cultivator!

Wasn’t he hailed as the best cultivator of his time?

He was able to breakthrough to Divine King Stage and overpower other Divine Kings at his time!

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