Crazy Leveling System

Crazy Leveling System Chapter 655


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“What? Are you leaving?” the three Old Ancestors asked curiously at the same time.

They didn’t want Yi Tianyun to abandon them. Furthermore, they were indebted to Yi Tianyun, so they couldn’t make any demands for Yi Tianyun to stay either.

“Yes! I have to go to Heavens World!” Yi Tianyun said honestly.

“Heavens World? The passage from Ghost World to Heavens World was long gone. If you want to go to Heavens World, you need to go to Mortal Worlds first! But since you are that powerful, I don’t think you can go through the Mortal World Passage carelessly! How would you plan to pass the passage?” Old Ancestors Zheng Tian said curiously.

“Relax, I’ve got that covered!” Yi Tianyun said with a smile on his face.

He could use the Heaven Ascending Divine Altar, and even if he couldn’t, he could return to the Mortal World first using the passage that he used earlier before!

Since he possessed the guardian power now, he could use the passage without difficulty!

“If that’s the case, then we hope you a safe travel!” the Old Ancestors said with a nod.

They knew that they couldn’t stop Yi Tianyun from leaving, but fortunately, the Heaven Netherworld Divine Nation has been destroyed so, they didn’t have anything to worry about anymore.

After their conversation, Yi Tianyun followed the Old Ancestors back to the Phoenix Nest and found Bai Shuihuang at the gate.

She has already eradicated the rest of the Heavenly Netherworld Divine Nation and divided the treasure they got into several Storage Rings.

“Divine Envoy, this is the spoil of war that we got from Heavenly Netherworld Divine Nation. You can choose whatever you want as you confirm them for yourself.” Bai Shuihuang said as she put the storage rings on the table.

This was only a small part of the treasure that the Phoenix Clan has recovered from Heavenly Netherworld Divine Nation.

Other things such as cultivation place, vehicles, and many other things that couldn’t be put into a storage ring remained untouched.

Yi Tianyun nodded his head and took a closer look at the treasures that the Phoenix Clan have recovered.

He then sorted the treasures and took one small storage ring as he handed the rest back to Bai Shuihuang.

He left behind many Medicinal Pills, Weapons, and Armour as he knew that the Phoenix Clan could put them to good use.

“But this is too much, Divine Envoy!” Bai Shuihuang said worriedly, but Yi Tianyun just shook his head.

“You guys deserve this much for helping me eradicate the Heavenly Netherworld Divine Nation. You earn this, so you don’t need to worry about anything! But if you insist, perhaps, you can help train Luo Yan with these treasures while I am gone.” Yi Tianyun said while smiling at Bai Shuihuang.

Yi Tianyun’s time with Luo Yan was short, but it was memorable nonetheless. But since Luo Yan has said that Yi Tianyun was her adoptive father, Yi Tianyun would live to that expectation.

Suddenly, Luo Yan herself walked in and immediately greeted Yi Tianyun, “Father, did you want to say something to me?” Luo Yan asked curiously.

Although she has already regained her memories, she hasn’t forgotten about Yi Tianyun. After all, Yi Tianyun was the one who protected her when she was in a pickle.

“Yes, I wanted to tell you that I will be going to Heaven World soon! I hope I can come back soon enough and see for myself your stronger self.” Yi Tianyun said while patting her head.

“Of course, Father! when you return, I will be stronger than you!” Luo Yan said with a cheerful smile.

“I will be looking forward to when that time comes!” Yi Tianyun said as he patted Luo Yan’s head and let her go afterward.

Luo Yan then greeted the elder while watching Yi Tianyun left the Phoenix Nest’s vicinity.

“We are fortunate enough to have such a kind Divine Envoy! We couldn’t give anything to him in return even though he has already given us so much!” the three Old Ancestors said while shaking their heads.

“It was natural. I’m confident in my ability to judge someone’s character; that’s why I  granted him the Divine Envoy status. But I understand that he was a man that would treat others according to the treatment that he received. Therefore, we must work hard to return the favour that we received today. I just hope that we can help him with something that we can do someday.” Bai Shuihuang said confidently.

The three Old Ancestors nodded their heads in unison as they continued to watch Yi Tianyun disappearing towards the horizon.


‘Successfully completed the urgent quest [Rescue the Phoenix Clan!]’
‘Reward: 500 million Exp, 100.000 Cps, 100.000 Sps, 200 Phoenix Clan Favourability.’

Yi Tianyun finally received the quest reward. Although the exp wasn’t enough to level up, it helped nonetheless.

As Yi Tianyun headed straight towards Heavenly Ascending Divine Altar, he found many ordinary cultivators were observing the Heaven Ascending Divine Ruins from the side.

Yi Tianyun realised that a lot of cultivators have been eager to go inside the Heavenly Ascending Divine Ruins but refrained from doing so just because it was inside Heavenly Netherworld Divine Nation’s territory.

But now that the Heavenly Netherworld Divine Nation was gone, they flocked to this place immediately.

On the other hand, Phoenix Clan left this place alone as they knew that it was Yi Tianyun’s domain. They knew that Yi Tianyun already received the place’s inheritance, so they didn’t want to lay a hand on this place.

But still, these cultivators were stopped on their track from entering the Heaven Ascending Divine Ruins as Yi Tianyun has activated the defence mechanism of this place, which was a divine rune barrier that wouldn’t be broken so easily even by Divine Rune Master!

But Yi Tianyun clearly saw someone was already inside the Heaven Ascending Ancient Ruin’s step, looking confident.

“Starting today, this place is under Imperial Dragon Divine Nation’s control! Everyone should just leave!” the cultivator shouted confidently.

Yi Tianyun knew this man as Grandmaster Tianqing. He was the man who couldn’t open the box in Fortune City earlier, and now he wanted to claim the Heaven Ascending Ancient Ruins for Imperial Dragon Divine Nation? he had to be cracking a joke here!

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