Crazy Leveling System

Crazy Leveling System Chapter 657


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The cultivators gathering around the Heaven Ascending Divine Ruins didn’t expect that the Phoenix Clan Divine Envoy would come personally!

They thought Yi Tianyun would be crushed by the Imperial Dragon Divine Nation and the Phoenix Clan once Tianqing reported back to Imperial Dragon Divine Nation!

But they were clearly wrong!

“Phoenix Clan Divine Envoy, I am very sorry for my rudeness before!” Grandmaster Tianqing shouted as he ran and bowed down to Yi Tianyun.

It was pitiful indeed how his attitude changed as soon as he learned who Yi Tianyun really was.

However, none of the cultivators laughed at him as he was still respected as the Imperial Dragon Divine Nation’s Imperial Preceptor!

“Our Imperial Dragon Divine Nation has just arrived here to help the Phoenix Clan securing this place from other greedy cultivators,” Tianqing said with a smile, despite his face still being covered with bruises and swell from Yi Tianyun’s earlier attack.

He didn’t know Yi Tianyun was the Divine Envoy of the Phoenix Clan as Yi Tianyun didn’t show anything that showed his connection to Phoenix Clan earlier.

If it were not because several people recognized Yi Tianyun as the Divine Envoy, Tianqing wouldn’t have given in!

Yi Tianyun did have the ice phoenix as proof, but it couldn’t fly as fast as Yi Tianyun, and therefore, he didn’t use it!

But Yi Tianyun didn’t want to see Tianqing grovelling near his feet, so Yi Tianyun slapped him once again, sending him flying once again.

The surrounding cultivators immediately got away from Tianqing and stepped back from Yi Tianyun as a result!

“Phoenix Divine Envoy! Please, I am just worried about the altar that might be abused by others since the Phoenix Clan still hasn’t arrived! I wouldn’t do anything else except guard this place until Phoenix Clan arrived!” Tianqing shouted nervously.

He knew that Imperial Dragon Divine Nation wouldn’t help him if he messed around with the Phoenix Clan.

There was no doubt that he would lose his position as the Imperial Preceptor immediately!

But seeing Yi Tianyun was unresponsive to his explanation, he stepped up and kneeled in front of Yi Tianyun once again, “I give my proper respect to Phoenix Clan Divine Envoy!” he said as he showed his greatest respect to Yi Tianyun.

He knew that Yi Tianyun wasn’t someone that he could trifle with. After all, Yi Tianyun saved the entire Phoenix Clan on his own and even destroyed the Heavenly Netherworld Divine Nation in the process.

At the same time, another person came in, “I am also the Phoenix Clan Divine Envoy, bearing a news from the Phoenix Clan!” he said as he immediately kneeled in front of Yi Tianyun.

“From now on, the Phoenix Clan would acknowledge Young Master Yi Tianyun as the Foreign Race Great Elder!” the Divine Envoy said respectfully.

“Did I just become the Foreign Race Great Elder?” Yi Tianyun said with great interest. He didn’t expect that the Phoenix Clan would decide what they would give to Yi Tianyun this fast!

“Yes, the elders of Phoenix Clan arrived at a unanimous decision that you should become our Foreign Race Great Elder, that way, you will hold the authority equal to the Great Elder rank!” Phoenix Clan Divine Envoy said solemnly.

Yi Tianyun was clearly surprised as he never heard of Foreign Race Great Elder before. This was the first time that he ever heard of it, but he didn’t doubt the Phoenix Clan at all!

The cultivators around them were clearly surprised and started to whisper among themselves.

But several of them started to smirk as they believed that the Imperial Dragon Divine Nation would receive the same punishment as the Heavenly Netherworld Divine Nation under Yi Tianyun’s power!

“No wonder he keeps saying that Heaven Ascending Ancient Ruins is his. Clearly, he has the power to back it up!” some cultivators said as they were clearly in awe.

Similar to the rest of the cultivators, Grandmaster Tianqing was also shocked to hear that Yi Tianyun has become someone with such a high position inside the Phoenix Clan.

“How is this possible, he was just a brat, and now he is a Great Elder?” he now realised that he must try even harder to make up for his previous mistakes.

“Okay, I understand. You can go back now and bring that guy with you too! I don’t want to see his face around here any longer!” Yi Tianyun said to the Phoenix Clan Divine Envoy.

He was too lazy to deal with Tianqing as he had another pressing issue at hand.

“Yes, Elder Yi!” the Divine Envoy said respectfully before he turned his attention towards Tianqing.

“You clearly have a death wish. How dare you trouble our great elder Yi like that! Imperial Dragon Divine Nation sure is fearless!” the Divine Envoy said coldly to Tianqing.

“Listen to me! I didn’t know, please!” Tianqing said nervously as he was scared of what Phoenix Clan might do.

Yi Tianyun didn’t bother with them as he immediately left Tianqing to the Divine Envoy and resumed his initial objective to reach the Heaven World.

Everyone immediately knew that Yi Tianyun never lied before as he passed the Divine Rune barrier of the Heaven Ascending Divine Ruin easily.

At the same time, Yi Tianyun heard a scream from the other side, but he didn’t care and kept walking towards the central area. Immediately after he reached the centre, the voice of the little girl immediately heard.

“Your cultivation has increased significantly!” The little girl Phantom Shadow greeted Yi Tianyun.

She was a little surprised to see that Yi Tianyun has already reached the Saint King stage even though not too long ago he was only at the early stage of Spirit King!

“Yes, can I control the Teleportation Array towards the Heaven World now?” Yi Tianyun asked with a smile on his face.

“You can! I thought I have to wait for you for another few decades, but it was a surprise to see you come back so quickly! Have you found the owner’s descendant?” the little girl asked curiously.

“Yes, I already found her! I was really lucky if I say it myself!” Yi Tianyun smiled as he never expected to learn that the said descendant was none other than Jiu Lingyun!

It was clear that his act of kindness wasn’t in vain!

A saying stated that Saving a life would bring many meritorious results than building a skyscraper!

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