Crazy Leveling System

Crazy Leveling System Chapter 673


Yi Tianyun was surrounded by many cultivators. Most of them were at Spirit King Stage, while the strongest was at 7th Layer Spirit King Stage. Yi Tianyun noticed the greed in their eyes, but he didn’t show any emotion at all. He is, after all, the inheritor of Heaven Creating Divine King!

“We don’t ask much, brother. Just give us 50% of Heaven Creating Divine King inheritance, and we will let you go.”

“We will also take the Divine Rune Knowledge too! If you give it to us, we won’t need anything else.”

“Well, maybe a Martial Art called Universe Divine Secret Art would suffice too!”


Yi Tianyun was smiling deep down as he finally found some free Exp and Crazy Points!

“What would you do if I don’t give you anything?” Yi Tianyun said indifferently.

“That is simple. We will just take it by force! We will use Soul Searching Technique on you!” One of them said confidently.

The cultivators that surrounded Yi Tianyun this time were rogue cultivators, but the Divine Envoys from Zuo Qiu Divine Nation also happened to be nearby. They neither attack Yi Tianyun nor had anything malicious in mind, but they just stood there as they didn’t want to get dragged into this mess. After all, these rogue cultivators were more powerful than them.

“Are you the one who will soul search me? A group of weakling really tried their best to get some meat, I see.” Yi Tianyun said mockingly.

“Arrogant brat! Do you think you’re still under the Heaven Ascending Divine Altar’s protection? No! you are on our turf now, brat!” one of the Spirit King Expert said coldly.

“Yes, you may be able to control the Heaven Ascending Divine Altar, but here, there is nothing you can do!”

These cultivators all thought that Yi Tianyun would be defenceless once he got out of Heaven Ascending Divine Altar as Yi Tianyun was still a teenager.

“You really thought that I’m just a powerless kid? Did you think I am just relying on Heaven Ascending Divine Altar?” Yi Tianyun said in mock surprise.

“Stop wasting our time, brat! Just give it to us, and you will be spared!” an expert said annoyedly, but some of them began to sense that something was off. Yi Tianyun was still calm despite facing so many experts!

“In that case, let me give you a first-hand experience of what I can do.” Yi Tianyun said as he immediately pulled out Heavenly Netherworld Divine Sword and released the Netherworld flames that instantly sent chill down everyone’s spine. Yi Tianyun then swung his swords horizontally, cutting a bunch of cultivators in front of him in two. However, the extreme cold from the Heavenly Netherworld Divine Sword immediately turned everyone it slashed into an ice sculpture.

‘Successfully killed a Spirit King Expert!’        
‘Reward: …..’

‘Successfully killed a Spirit …’


That many cultivators were killed so easily. No one was able to react at all as Yi Tianyun’s movements were too fast! But Yi Tianyun didn’t stop there. He walked forward a few steps and kept slashing his swords towards the rest of the expert.

“He is a demon!” the cultivators far in the back shouted horrifiedly. It was clear that their assumption of the boy in front of them was simply relying on the Heaven Ascending Divine Altar’s power was wrong. The boy’s power was so tremendous that they wouldn’t be able to fight back at all no matter how many cultivators they brought with them!

The cultivators on the back immediately tried to flee, but some tried to attack Yi Tianyun out of stubbornness. It was clear that the greed in their eyes already turned off the reasoning part of their brain!

But no matter what they did, they couldn’t even get close to Yi Tianyun!

Yi Tianyun, however, still used his Crazy Exp Mode. he didn’t need Crazy Points that much as he now had a clue where to search for Shi Xueyun. So, he wanted to get as much Exp as he can from these people.

“Honestly, I wouldn’t mind killing all of you. May you all rest in peace as my nutrients.” Yi Tianyun said as he slowly walked forward and swung his sword effortlessly.

“Escape! We can’t win against him!” the experts started to shout in horror.

“Awww, come on, don’t leave!” Yi Tianyun shouted sarcastically as he started to hunt the cultivator. None of the cultivators could escape from Yi Tianyun as he started to dashe forwards to kill the cultivators quicker.

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