Crazy Leveling System

Crazy Leveling System Chapter 697


Desolate Bone Forest, one of the most dangerous zones in Heaven World where anyone that entered the place without a proper guidance would surely be killed! As its name suggested, this place was covered in bones, several of them even come from a rare race such as the Dragons, Phoenixes, or even Giants! If any cultivators found such bones, they could sell it for a large sum of gold or even absorbed it for themselves to gain the power. 

But, this place also had many Demon Beast that were strong enough to fight Saint King Expert or even kill them. Therefore, one couldn’t just carelessly enter this place. The reason this place had so many bones in the first place was the result of a war that involved every race in the past and thus this place was created as a result of the casualties of that war. 

Besides getting some Spirit Medicine and the bones itself, there was nothing else to this place, because of the blood that seeped into the ground, this place also produced many tree demons. Unlike the Ghost World Passage, this tree demon was more aggressive and stronger. 

The best course of action if anyone encountered them was to escape as they couldn’t move that fast. Otherwise, the tree demons would attack relentlessly!

“Tianyun, what do we do now? This is Desolate Bone Forest!” Shi Xueyun said as she knew this place after reading about it when she was at Heavenly Plum God Clan. She knew Desolate Bone Forest’s characteristic and the fact that this place was also one that shouldn’t be visited.

“But they are here!” Yi Tianyun said confidently. Soul Guide couldn’t be wrong, if it were wrong, his Crazy Points would go down the drain. 

“They are here? No way! Why would they come into a dangerous place like this?” Shi Xueyun said as she was worried of her elder sister’s safety.

“I too, didn’t know the answer to that question, aunt! But I know for sure that they are here somewhere! Maybe they decided to come here after they were chased by the Sealing Heaven Divine Nation!” Yi Tianyun said while wondering about his parent’s reasons too.

But suddenly, three Spirit King Experts surrounded Yi Tianyun and Shi Xueyun with greedy eyes.

“I don’t know why there’s a brat with a beautiful woman and a phoenix in a place like this, but I sure don’t mind!” 

“It seems this young brat comes from a rich family, I really envy you!”

“Hey, we are really in luck today!” 

The three of them snickered, definitely planning on robbing Yi Tianyun and probably even kidnapped them.

“It is a dangerous zone, but this is too easy!” Yi Tianyun said disinterestedly. 

“Yi Tianyun, we have to find elder sister quickly! They’re definitely in danger!” Shi Xueyun said as she didn’t really care about the bandit. 

“Hey boss, it seems that they are ignoring us!” one of the bandits said as he smirked at Shi Xueyun.

“A young boy who comes from a rich family would definitely be arrogant, but this is fine! We have to kill the boy first and then we get to have fun with the woman!” the boss of the bandit said with a smirk on his face.

“Begone!” a cold light appeared and impaled the boss of the bandit directly to the ground, then suddenly a fierce Immortal Fire immediately swallowed his body, burning him to ashes before he could even scream!

‘Successfully killed a 3rd Layer Spirit King Stage Expert!’
‘Reward: 250 Million Exp, 25.000 Cps, 15.000 Sps, Poisonous Dragon Palm, Sacred Soul, Poisonous Dragon Armour, Poisonous Dragon Boots, Poisonous Dragon Pill, 1 million Exp Pill.’

Yi Tianyun could kill Spirit King Expert with ease now. He didn’t have to use any weapon as he could just use the immortal fire to deal with them. This was the reason why he didn’t really want to upgrade his blacksmithing technique as he rarely used any weapon in the first place. 

“Boss?!” the bandits said as they couldn’t comprehend what just happened when they saw their boss was killed in one fell swoop! The attack was ridiculous as none of them could even react to it. But Yi Tianyun wasn’t done just yet. He immediately impaled the rest of the bandits to the ground and the tree and also ignited them with the Immortal Fire, leaving nothing behind.

But this was no doubt thanks to the full set of Desolate Ancient Suit that he got earlier. It further amplified his power and even caused almost all of his attack to be a critical hit!

“It seems that I have to let the blue phoenix in charge, this is way too easy!” Yi Tianyun said as he nodded his head towards the blue phoenix. He just wanted to find his parent, but it seemed this place was also a bandit den too!

Shi Xueyun nodded as she was still surprised by Yi Tianyun power. She realised that Yi Tianyun was more powerful than what she saw previously. She wondered just how much Yi Tianyun could grow in such a little amount of time.

“Well, let’s go in!” Yi Tianyun said as he held Shi Xueyun’s hands and marched in with the phoenix in tow. Flying wasn’t safe here and thus he resorted to walking as he could detect danger more efficiently that way. 

At the same time, Shi Xueyun didn’t have a fear in her heart as she knew that as long as she was with Yi Tianyun, she wouldn’t be in any danger!

“Wait for me elder sister!” Shi Xueyun said determinedly. She hoped that Jiao Lingyun was really there, so that she could see her elder sister again. She didn’t know how Yi Tianyun could know that his parent was there, but she decided to trust Yi Tianyun and not question his method!

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