Crazy Leveling System

Crazy Leveling System Chapter 698


Yi Tianyun now knew that the most dangerous part of this Desolate Bone Forest was the bandit. They would cause more harm than the Demon Beasts as Demon Beasts weren’t exactly intelligent creatures. These bandits would definitely target lone cultivators or small groups as they had the advantage in number. Furthermore, their cultivation level wasn’t that bad either.

It was fortunate for Yi Tianyun that he could easily kill these bandits without so much effort. It was no good showing mercy to any of these bandits as they would just attack again the next chance they got. 

“The Yin Spiritual Energy in here is strong! Any ordinary cultivator would be poisoned in no time for sure!” Yi Tianyun said as he observed his surroundings. The place was covered with the fog of Yin Spiritual Energy that could be lethal for any ordinary cultivator. The best case to avoid this fog was by flying, but anyone below the Core Transformation stage didn’t have that ability, meaning that they would die if they came there.

As Yi Tianyun and Shi Xueyun delved deeper into the forest, the environment gradually got even more hazardous. It was still daytime, but the surrounding was so dark due to the black fog covering the sky, making the ambiance very gloomy.

“Fall back!” Yi Tianyun said as he noticed countless vines traversed on the ground and covered the exits. Yi Tianyun immediately burned them with Immortal Fire as he was very annoyed by the sudden attack. As always, the Immortal Fire easily burned the creeping vines to ashes.

The vines let out a scream-like sound, which was very chilling as it was just a tree demon.

“These Tree Demons are above the Void Spirit Stage. This place is really dangerous!” Yi Tianyun said as he watched the Tree Demon burn. He had no doubt that Desolate Bone Forest was really a dangerous place!

There was no doubt that any cultivator below Void Spirit Stage would be killed there, as they would become a plaything for these monsters. Not only that, but Yi Tianyun also noticed many other Demon Beasts in his surroundings stalking him, waiting for a chance to ambush. But as they saw the fire that burned brightly, they decided not to reveal themselves.

The other Demon Beasts were no pushover either, as the lowest was at the Core Transformation Stage, and the strongest was at Void Spirit Peak Stage!

“It is dangerous here! I hope that elder sister is safe!” Shi Xueyun said with a frown on her face as she was getting worried. Hadn’t she come here with Yi Tianyun, she would’ve been trapped here and unable to escape. She also noticed that there was no point in asking the cultivators in the area as well.

“Don’t worry. I feel like we are almost there, so let’s pick up the pace.” Yi Tianyuun said as he lifted Shi Xueyun up and picked up the pace.


At the same time, in a dismal mountain forest in the distance, a beautiful woman hid on the edge while staring at the abyss in the distance. She didn’t know how long exactly she has been there, but she had a feeling that she has been there for a really long time, suppressing her aura so that no one could notice her presence.

“Why hasn’t it come out yet? It’s been two weeks!” The woman said with a sharp glare.

But suddenly, a blood-red light flashed in front of her, and at the same time, blood-red Grasses moved on the ground. The woman’s expression lit up as this was what she has been waiting for. Nevertheless, she knew that she must stay patient, so she waited.

The blood-red Grasses began to absorb the Yin Spiritual Energy from its surrounding, drawing more and more Yin Spiritual Fog towards it. 

The woman has spent her entire time in this place absorbing the Yin Spiritual Energy so that she could become stronger over time. So, after the blood-red grass finished absorbing the Yin Spiritual Energy, the woman trapped it inside a blood-red cage. These grasses could move, and the woman obviously didn’t want to let them get away as she needed them for her cultivation.

The grass struggled to break free from the cage, it even discharged some of its Yin Spiritual Energy to corrode the cage, but it was all a wasted effort.

The woman immediately snatched all the grass, bundling them into one before tying them up firmly. The grass stopped struggling at once as they couldn’t move anymore. The woman smiled as she was pleased by the amount of blood-red grass that she managed to get her hands on.

She immediately pulled a Jade box and put all the blood-red grasses inside it before sealing the box.

“Great! I got a bunch of Blood Drinking Grass this time! That should save me years of hard work!”  the woman said excitedly as she was prepared to indulge in her profits. But as she started to walk away from the scene, four beams of light burst out from the ground and formed a cage that trapped her inside.

“Jiao Linghe, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for catching those Blood Drinking Grasses for us! If it weren’t for you, we wouldn’t be able to catch it so easily. We didn’t have the knowledge to build the necessary Great Array to capture it!” a man said as he landed on the ground with 3 others. They were all Spirit King Stage experts, and they all smirked at the beautiful woman in front of them.

The beautiful woman is Jiao Linghe, Yi Tianyun’s mother!

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