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Crazy Leveling System Chapter 7: Instant Kill


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The next couple of weeks, Yi Tianyun hunted the monsters each night, riding his Snow Wolf King to the snowy mountains.

However, since he didn’t have any extra ten times exp cards, so the exp he gained was relatively little, plus there were not that many monsters here anyway, so he couldn’t level up that quickly.

Time passed quickly, and half a month passed.

Today was the day of the duel, the crowd had already gathered, but Yi Tianyun was nowhere to be found.

“Palace Lord Shi, is Yi Tianyun coming?” When Zhao Hualong did not see Yi Tianyun anywhere near the stage, he made fun of him.

Fang Yun’s face was kind of disappointed.

If Yi Tianyun ran away, he would miss his chance for revenge.

“He’s preparing himself. He will be here soon.” Said Shi Xueyun calmly. In her heart, she would have preferred Yi Tianyun to run away instead of coming here.

“Glad to hear it. If he actually ran away, you would be held responsible! You can start by giving us your quota for entering ancient ruin. Otherwise, Spirit Sect would not just let this matter go!” Zhao Hualong said.

“Why should I run away? The Jade Palace is my home. Why should I bother escaping? I already said I would participate! I so will!”

Yi Tianyun came over from the distance. He walked calmly, showing no signs of panic, but the people have not yet realized the true power hidden within him.

But they did sense he was not the same as half a month ago.

When Yi Tianyun killed Fang Chen, they all thought that it was a coincidence, or maybe Yi Tianyun used a kind of dirty trick. They simply didn’t believe that Yi Tianyun was strong enough to kill Fang Chen.

“I appreciate that you didn’t run away with tail between your legs!” Fang Yun’s eyes were cold.

Shi Xueyun sighed heavily, even though Yi Tianyun didn’t run away, no one was rooting for him nor expect him to win, neither the Jade Palace nor the Spirit Sect.

Spirit Sect thought that he was bragging, and the Jade Palace thought that he was desperately trying to protect his dignity and forcing himself to come here regardless of the result of the duel!

“Since the participants are finally here, Palace Lord Shi, shall we begin?” Zhao Hualong sneered seeing Yi Tianyun arrived. Their victory was practically guaranteed before the fight even began.

“That’s good, then it should be a best of five, the faction that wins three times will be the winner and earn the right to enter ancient ruin.” Shi Xueyun said solemnly.

“Yes, it will be five fights and three victories. Who will be the first to go?” Zhao Hualong turned his eyes toward Yi Tianyun as if challenging Yi Tianyun to go first.

“Then, I will go first!” Yi Tianyun volunteered to go first, before walking towards the stage.

When Yi Tianyun was about to enter the ring, he was stopped by Shi Xueyun and whispered to him, “Go admit defeat, even if this is a duel of life and death, you can admit defeat!” Her expression was very serious.

“If I admit defeat, I am not worthy of your protection, aunt.” Yi Tianyun smiled at her and went up to the martial arts stage, leaving a stunned Shi Xueyun.

The distinguished Shi Xueyun had no problem showing everyone how precious Yi Tianyun was to her, and Yi Tianyun was not afraid of making enemies out of the Spirit Sect!

Shi Xueyun was not his actual aunt, but that’s not the point, to protect Yi Tianyun, she would even go as far as slapping Zhao Hualong, endangering the relationship between the two factions. He once again reinforced how much she meant to him!

“Very good, then without further ado, let’s begin!”.

When Yi Tianyun walked onto the stage, Zhao Hualong waved at his disciple Fang Yun. He then solemnly announced, “This is a life-or-death duel, you can’t admit defeat unless you go out of bounds!”

Zhao Hualong added the conditions for admitting defeat, so Yi Tianyun couldn’t admit defeat too easily. It would be a different story if he managed to get out of the arena though.

It’s not like that trash could outrun Fang Yun anyway.

Shi Xueyun’s face changed, but she could not argue and had no choice but to agree.

Fang Yun looked at Yi Tianyun and sneered, “I know what the second elder was trying to do, he can’t escape!”

Then Fang Yun followed up and stood in front of Yi Tianyun and looked at him coldly. “I will kill you with my own hands, face the consequences of killing my brother!”

Although, at this moment, he was not trying to avenge his brother but trying to win the battle!

Fang Chen was his little brother. Although he was furious, he was, at the same time, also embarrassed. He harassed people every day, but that does not mean that anyone can just kill him without warning!

“Kill your brother? That brother of yours, not only trying to snatch my pill, but also trying to kill me, stop with the blatant lies! All you want is the quota for entering ancient ruin!” Yi Tianyun looked at him indifferently and calmly continued, “Go ahead and make your move, so I can make my move too.”

“You’re the one lying! Let me see what you’ve got!” Fang Yun got ready in his stance, and used his Eagle Claw Art, shaping his hands into eagle claws, he rushed toward Yi Tianyun. An illusion of a huge flying eagle appeared behind him as though he really turned into a giant eagle.

He aimed his attack toward Yi Tianyun’s throat, trying to kill Yi Tianyun with a single strike.

Yi Tianyun just stood still.

The disciples of the Jade Palace thought that Yi Tianyun was blind.

Is Yi Tianyun a fool?

Shi Xueyun was preparing to save Yi Tianyun’s life!

Zhao Hualong smirked, thinking it’s all over for Yi Tianyun. Fang Chen was not the best, but it was absolutely not a problem for him to deal with this trash!

The next instant, Yi Tianyun opened his eyes, and his eyes shone with bright light, like a vast river of stars, flowing through his eyes.

“Absorbing Stars Great Technique!”

Yi Tianyun forcefully reached out and grabbed Fang Yun’s hand, he absorbed Fang Chen’s spiritual power!

Get 1 exp, 2 exp, 3 exp…

Suddenly, Fang Yun’s body became stiff, and his face pale. He felt the spiritual power in his body suddenly vanish! He wanted to get rid of Yi Tianyun’s grip, but Yi Tianyun wouldn’t let him get away.

A cultivator who has no spiritual power would grow weaker over time and end up paralysed.

“Let me go!”

Fang Yun roared, and his other hand quickly pulled out a dagger from his arms. He aimed the dagger at Yi Tianyun’s heart in a bid to kill Yi Tianyun before he was killed.

Yi Tianyun saw through Fang Yun’s attack and quickly countered Fang Yun by grabbing his dagger-wielding hand and slamming the dagger in Fang Yun’s hand into his own chest before allowing the force to carry Fang Yun onto the ground.

Fang Yun slammed heavily on the ground, slightly stunned by Yi Tianyun’s move.

Yi Tianyun grabbed Fang Yun’s hand and pressed it down onto his own chest.


The sound of blood clogging Fang Chen throat filled the air around them.

“Big brother like little brother, always going for a sneak attack, is this your family’s secret technique?”

Yi Tianyun sneered and yelled out. He lifted his foot and kicked up. 


Fang Yun was kicked away, flying into the air. Zhao Hualong quickly responded and quickly flew over. Jumping up to catch Fang Yun.


Fang Yun spat out a big mouthful of blood, and immediately widened his eyes. His face became very dark, this was similar to what happened to Fang Chen before, it was a sign of poisoning.

The next moment, Fang Yun eyes dimmed, and he died.

It was a familiar scene, there was no difference between him and his brother, and

they both use dirty tricks to boot.

Ding! Killed Fang Yun. Gained 700 exp and 20 Crazy Points!

Got a Recovery Pill!

“This was all I get?”

Yi Tianyun shook his head, he thought that he would get something amazing, but turned out he only got a recovery pill. He wondered why, maybe it was because he already knew the martial art Fang Yun used earlier, the Eagle Claw Art, and a technique wouldn’t drop if you already possess it.

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