Crazy Leveling System

Crazy Leveling System Chapter 702


“Tianyun…” Jiao Linghe walked towards Yi Tianyun with a slight hesitation, but she eventually came around and held him firmly in her arms. She was a crying mess right now as she never expected to see her son again. 

Yi Tianyun himself was embarrassed by this turn of events, but he couldn’t say that he wasn’t touched by the motherly affection he received. But then again, he didn’t really feel anything as he didn’t have a strong emotional connection with his mother.

A moment later, Jiao Linghe let go of Yi Tianyun, and her expression wasn’t as stiff as it was earlier. She wanted to shout because of how happy she was as she could see her son again, but she refrained from doing so as she realised that this wasn’t the time. She also knew that Yi Tianyun wasn’t ready for her yet.

“Tianyun, she is your mother!” Shi Xueyun said carefully as she saw Yi Tianyun barely showed any reaction. She was anxious that Yi Tianyun would break Jiao Linghe’s heart by rejecting her or suddenly get mad as he was abandoned in his childhood.

“I understand if you found our encounter awkward. We haven’t really met each other before. It would be too much for you.” Jiao Linghe said as she sighed disappointedly. She knew that Yi Tianyun never met her before, so she realised that Yi Tianyun wouldn’t be able to feel the emotional connection like her.

Immediately, Jiao Linghe turned her attention towards Heaven Fiend, who was struggling helplessly on the ground. It was clear that the end was close for this man as his body started to fall apart into sands. “This is your own karma! You still want me dead even after getting your hands on my Blood Drinking Grasses?” Jiao Linghe said coldly.

Heaven Fiend just stared at her with despair in his eyes. He never expected their situation would be reversed like this. 

“Just kill me and get it over with!” Heaven Fiend said indifferently as he wouldn’t ask for mercy. He was prepared to die every day, so he wasn’t afraid of dying! He knew that he wouldn’t show mercy to anyone, so he wouldn’t expect anyone to show mercy to him either.

“Don’t worry, I will, but it wouldn’t be fast!” Jiao Linghe took out the Blood Drinking Grass and let a small drop of blood dripped into her hand. Heaven Fiend and Heaven Blood immediately trembled as they smell the strong metallic smells from the blood.

“What the hell are you trying to do?” Heaven Fiend shouted as he looked terrified. 

“Why would you want to know?” Jiao Linghe said coldly before placing a drop of blood on Heaven Fiend’s chest. A root suddenly emerged from the ground and punctured Heaven Fiend’s body before slowly draining his blood. Jiao Linghe also did the same thing to Heaven Blood before they screamed in pain. 

But it wasn’t long before they were sucked dry. Yi Tianyun didn’t say anything as this was the characteristic of Blood Drinking Grass. It had to absorb blood before it could grow, and it didn’t matter whose blood it was.

After a while, a Blood Drinking Grass grew from the speck of blood that Jiao Linghe dropped on their body, and their Blood Essence was completely dried up, but they weren’t dead just yet. Although they have run out of gas, it would take a while for them to finally succumb to their fate.

Jiao Linghe immediately plucked the Blood Drinking Grass from their chest and sealed them before they could absorb anyone else’s blood.

“Let’s go. We don’t have anything else to do here.” Jiao Linghe said to Yi Tianyun and Shi Xueyun, who nodded immediately and left with Jiao Linghe.

“Elder Sister, why would you come to a dangerous place like this? is it for those Blood Drinking Grasses?” Shi Xueyun asked curiously. “Does it have something to do with Yi Xingchen?” Shi Xueyun asked further.

“Just come with me for now. You will find out eventually.” Jiao Linghe said as she glanced at Yi Tianyun before flying forward.

Shi Xueyun nodded and remained silent as Yi Tianyun never talked from the beginning. He kept thinking about what was on his mother’s mind. Soon, they went from the forest to a somewhat safe location. Jiao Linghe directed them to a cave, and once Jiao Linghe removed the hidden Great Array that protected the place, they all got in.

Inside the cave, they all saw a Water Cristal Coffin, and inside lied a handsome man that surprised Shi Xueyun immediately. “Is that Yi Xingchen?” Shi Xueyun asked surprisedly.

Yi Tianyun was surprised after hearing Shi Xueyun’s question. He didn’t expect to see his own father inside a coffin like this. Furthermore, this man was supposed to be Sealing Heaven Divine Nation’s number one genius, so what was with this sorry state he was in?

He immediately felt the aura around the coffin and realised that his father wasn’t dead, but it was obvious that his Blood Essence has been drained.

“Why would his Blood Essence dry up like this? what happened?” Yi Tianyun asked Jiao Linghe as he observed Yi Xingchen’s condition.

“I don’t really know who sent those people, but your father and I were attacked! We successfully got away, but we found out that your father was poisoned not long after. It was Bloodthirsty Poison that will drain the target’s Blood Essence, causing them to fall into a long-deprived sleep. I can only supplement him with a Blood Essence Medicinal Pill. I’ve been preserving his condition for more than ten years now. It happened just before we wanted to go back to Mortal World to find you. But as you can see, the situation doesn’t allow us to do that.” Jiao Linghe said with a saddened look on her face.

“You have to know that it wasn’t our intention to abandon you. The situation never allowed us to do that!” Jiao Linghe said as she shed her tears as she looked over to Yi Tianyun. She couldn’t drag her husband to Mortal World in this condition as the Blood Drinking Grass only grew properly around there and no medicine could help Yi Xinchen in the long run on Mortal World.

“I never expected the situation to turn out like this. Do you have any idea who the perpetrator might be? You may have suffered, but so am I!” Yi Tianyun said coldly, he could guess who had done such a thing, but he hoped that wasn’t the case!

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