Crazy Leveling System

Crazy Leveling System Chapter 704


Yi Tianyun has already made up his mind, leaving Jiao Linghe speechless! At the end of the day, they were up against Sealing Heaven Divine Nation. Even though Yi Tianyun demonstrated an exceptional strength earlier, she didn’t think he could fight them all off. They would have a number of Divine King experts, which was on a whole different level compared to the four bandits that Yi Tianyun fought earlier. 

“If you want to go there, I will come with you!” Jiao Linghe said confidently.

“Fine by me.” Yi Tianyun nodded. He didn’t mind his mother coming with him as he could make sure that she is safe! It was better than staying here.

Jiao Linghe then used Ring of Living Creatures so she could bring the sleeping Yi Xingchen along safely. She really hoped Yi Xingchen could be saved and wake up to see his own son has become a strong man.

Yi Tianyun then summoned the Blue Phoenix and quickly flew towards Sealing Heaven Divine Nation! 

‘Successfully completed the main quest ‘Find the Parent!’.’
‘Reward: 500 million Exp, 100.000 Cps, 2x Super Lottery Roulette Ticket.’

‘Successfully take a new Main Quest ‘Cure Father’s illness!’.’
‘Reward on completion: 500 million Exp, 100.000 Cps, 2X Super Lottery Roulette Ticket.’

The soul guidance immediately disappeared, but it was worth it even though he had to lose 3 million Cps in exchange. Hadn’t he rushed to Jiao Linghe’s aid, she would have been dead! Now that he got another Main Quest, and he was already on his way to complete it without the guidance of the quest, Yi Tianyun couldn’t help but think that everything was already in order.

At the same time, Jiao Linghe was shocked once again as she saw that her son had summoned a strikingly beautiful blue phoenix. Her mind kept thinking that her son has already achieved so much that even surpassed both his parent!

She wanted to ask Yi Tianyun how he got all this power, but she didn’t know where to start. She knew that she owed Yi Tianyun so much for abandoning him on Mortal World! Shi Xueyun, who sat next to her on the phoenix, sensed her frustration and immediately held her hands.

“Sister, what are you thinking right now? Do you want to know what Yi Tianyun has been doing over these years?” Shi Xueyun asked curiously.

Yi Tianyun heard what Shi Xueyun was saying and felt a little bit awkward as he couldn’t help it if his mother was still unsure how to approach him. Nevertheless, he wouldn’t say anything for now. And thus, Shi Xueyun began talking about what she knew about Yi Tianyun. She told Jiao Linghe about the feat that Yi Tianyun accomplished in Mortal World that shocked Jiao Linghe once more. She didn’t know that Heavenly Jade Palace has changed so much that it even become an Empire now!

“My son has established his own empire?” Jiao Linghe asked surprisedly. She was crying out of relief when she heard that her son wasn’t struggling hard these days, nor did he have to beg for other’s help to live his life.

“Yes, Yi Tianyun is very powerful. He is talented, indeed! Just like you!” Shi Xueyun said with a smile on her face. Jiao Linghe wiped the tears from her eyes before she looked towards her son. 

“My son, you have worked hard over the years!” Jiao Linghe said with a proud look on her face. She didn’t care about the enemy that Yi Tianyun had to destroy to build his own empire, but she knew that it wouldn’t be easy.

“It was alright. I have Aunt with me at all times.” Yi Tianyun said with a big smile on his face as he looked over to Shi Xueyun. 

Shi Xueyun was flustered slightly, but she didn’t break away from Yi Tianyun’s contact. She didn’t know if it meant that they were officially together, but it was surely a big leap, seeing that her sister could become her in-laws in a near time. 

Seeing the exchange between Shi Xueyun and Yi Tianyun, Jiao Linghe couldn’t help but giggle happily. “From the very beginning, I’ve already wanted my son to marry someone like you in the future, but I don’t really think that it would become the truth!” Jiao Linghe said with a happy smile on her face as she looked at Shi Xueyun.

“Sister, did you really think it that way at the time?” Shi Xueyun asked surprisedly. Yi Tianyun was also curious as his parent already tried to find him a wife even though he was just born.

“Yes, you’re talented, kind, and have a sense of responsibility. Otherwise, I wouldn’t trust you to guard Yi Tianyun. I already know that you will take good care of him!” Jiao Linghe said with a warm smile on her face.

Shi Xueyun was stunned that Jiao Linghe already thought that far ahead. She thought that Jiao Linghe might not want her son to pick someone older than him, but it turned out that Jiao Linghe was supporting their relationship. 

However, she knew that age wasn’t a real problem. After all, a cultivator could live for a thousand years as long as they could cultivate their power and technique to a certain degree.

“Since you are together, just know that I support it to the fullest. I don’t have anything I can gift to you right now, but maybe this necklace would suffice for now.” Jiao Linghe said as she handed over a necklace to Shi Xueyun. It wasn’t an ordinary necklace at all. It would be around Mid Grade Sacred Tools level.

“Son, I hope you would take care of Shi Xueyun from now on. Protect her from any danger through thick and thin.” Jiao Linghe said solemnly with a warm smile on her face.

“Thank you, mother, I will!” Yi Tianyun smiled as he really appreciates his mother’s support.

“Son, we owe you a lot, and we know that you don’t really need our skill now, but I hope we can make it up for you in the future.” Jiao Linghe said hopefully.

Yi Tianyun nodded his head as he was lost for words. He couldn’t describe the feeling that he felt right now, but he was really grateful that he could get along with his parent.

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