Crazy Leveling System

Crazy Leveling System Chapter 706


“Jiao Linghe! To think that you dare to step foot in this place again just to attack me? This is a rebellion!” Deacon Xiao stood up angrily while caressing his face. 

Yi Tianyun sighed as he was kind enough to let the man live, but he was starting to regret it now. “You still have the guts to say that? Now I give you two choices, either you take us to second elder, or I will slap you once again!” Yi Tianyun said coldly.

Deacon Xiao was furious after hearing Yi Tianyun’s words, “Huh? You wish! If you want me to take you to the second elder, apologize to me now!” Deacon Xiao said with a smirk on his face, but he made a wrong decision here. Yi Tianyun slapped him in the face once again, and it was so fast that Deacon Xiao didn’t have the time to react!

“What did you just say? Go on, spit those words once again!” Yi Tianyun said coldly while Deacon Xiao was lying on the ground with blood dripping from his mouth and broken teeth. But the look on Deacon Xiao’s face was still furious as his pride was getting trampled.

“I will not take you there!” He said between his broken teeth. Yi Tianyun slapped him once again, further injuring Deacon Xiao’s face.

“Are you sure you wanted this?” Yi Tianyun said calmly.

Jiao Linghe and Shi Xueyun silently watched the scene from the side as they thought that Yi Tianyun was ruthless, but the Deacon was to blame as well!

“I will bring you there!” Deacon Xiao said weakly as he couldn’t stand the pain anymore. Thus Yi Tianyun stopped and dragged Deacon Xiao to stand back up and pushed him to start walking. The Deacon immediately walked towards the second elder’s place with a bitter look in his eyes. Many disciples of Sealing Heaven Divine Nation who saw Deacon Xiao were confused when they saw Deacon Xiao’s swollen face. However, they couldn’t bring themselves to ask as Deacon Xiao seemed to be with a guest.

Most people there didn’t know Jiao Linghe, unless they’ve been staying there for a long time like Deacon Xiao.

With Deacon Xiao’s guidance, they walked deeper into the mountain. This mountain was called Fengtian Mountain, and it was guarded by two Spirit King Experts as it was the most important sacred mountain for Sealing Heaven Divine Nation!

If anyone wanted to hike up the mountain, they had to show a secret order or notify the elders to enter. And thus, after Deacon Xiao was close enough to the guards, he immediately ran over and shouted nonsense. “These people are trying to broke into Fengtian Mountain! They even hurt me and threaten me to get their way!” Deacon Xiao shouted as he ran to the guards.

Yi Tianyun sighed and immediately rushed over and slapped Deacon Xiao once more. This time, Deacon Xiao was left unconscious from the attack, but Yi Tianyun still didn’t kill him. The expression of the guards quickly changed. When they noticed Jiao Linghe in the midst of strangers who came with Deacon Xiao, they immediately realized that Deacon Xiao was making a false accusation.

But still, they didn’t approve of Jiao Linghe coming back after running away with their young master in the past.

“I want to see the second elder.” Jiao Linghe said solemnly.

The two guards looked at each other and closed their eyes as they found the situation bothersome. “Alright, I will report this situation to the elders and ask if they allow you to enter Fengtian Mountain. In the meantime, you all stay here.” One of the guards said with a solemn face.

The guard immediately left towards the mountain to report, leaving the other guards to treat Deacon Xiao’s injuries. But after a while, a new voice boomed from the side, startling Jiao Linghe and the guards. 

“You again!” the old man shouted.

“Long time no see, Third Elder!” Jiao Linghe greeted coldly. She didn’t show any respect for the old man as she looked at him disinterestedly. 

The third elder was surprised by Jiao Linghe’s attitude, but when he saw the young man beside her, he finally noticed that the face was familiar. “Is that young man Yi Xingchen’s son?” the third elder said solemnly.

“Yes, I want him to meet the second elder. But, what is it to you?” Jiao Linghe said calmly.

“Capture them!” The third elder said calmly as he pointed his finger towards Jiao Linghe and Yi Tianyun. The disciples who came with the Third Elder immediately surrounded them as they followed the third elder’s order.

“What is the meaning of this, Third Elder? We just wanted to see the second elder, and you want to capture us? Did you want to kill me now?” Jiao Linghe said coldly.

“Why wouldn’t I do this? Yi Xingchen has betrayed the family to be with you! It was a give that I’d capture and interrogate you regarding that matter. It was a shame for Sealing Heaven Divine Kingdom to lose Yi Xingchen, but we have to uphold the law!” the Third Elder said calmly.

“Really? I wonder if you have anything to do with us being hunted down on the past!” Jiao Linghe said calmly. The Third Elder’s expression changed a little bit, but it didn’t show much for others. 

“What are you saying? You didn’t even bother keeping contact with us for so long, and now you accused me of hunting you down? We are searching for you, but we didn’t want to kill you!” the Third Elder said calmly.

The third elder was back to his poker face after that, but Yi Tianyun knew better. The slight change of expression in the third elder’s expression earlier showed that he knew something about the hunt for Jiao Linghe and Yi Xingchen.

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