Crazy Leveling System

Crazy Leveling System Chapter 74: Spiritual Impact Array


Finally the assesment day came!

The original assessment for the disciple of Jade Palace is not really strict so to speak, but because the influence of Jade Palace expanded from the encounter before, it’s a necessity for Jade Palace to increase the amount of key disciple they have. They need to constantly rejuvenate the generations of disciple they have to make Jade Palace still be a relevant place to cultivate.

Jiu Lingyun stands beside Yi Tianyun, in an anxious manner “Big Brother Yi, I am nervous…” 

The two of them is already on their way to the assessment site. She always feels that she is not good enough, she thinks that her level is way below average. She has no confidence at all, that is almost a certainty that she got that lack of confidence from the treatment she got growing up, or it still may because of the sudden change of environment she get from the Jade Palace.

“Rest assured, I will watch over you, try your best, and believe in yourself.” Yi Tianyun tries to encourage Jiu Lingyun. 

He didn’t see Jiu Lingyun’s practice and performance that often but he thinks that Jiu Lingyun would be doing just fine on her own, he believes than Jiu Lingyun surely had many practices on her own. He believes that she will deliver.

Jiu Lingyun is relieved, hearing Yi Tianyun’s words reassured her a little bit.

The venue is already crowded with disciples. The assessment involve quite a lot of outer disciples, and not to mention that most of them have a quite good innate power too.

“Look, Elder Yi come with a woman, who is she? How could she become close with Elder Yi?”

“She must be after something from Elder Yi, she must have been begging to learn some kind of innate ability from the elder, there is no way some woman from the slums have the innate ability to climb the rank! On top of that her appearance is really ugly!”

“I heard she brought her younger brother here for safety, many of us do too, but its not fair that she gets an unfair treatment, all of us need so much effort to climb the rank!”

Lots of the outer disciples are feeling disdain toward the relationship between Jiu Lingyun and Yi Tianyun that they thought she received special treatment, and began to spread false rumors about her. Yi Tianyun sighed from this negative stare toward Jiu Lingyun, this is embarrassing, how come they become so jealous of her.

Jiu Lingyun joined Jade Palace by Yi Tianyun’s recommendation. Most of the disciples already heard about this and they think Yi Tianyun is being unfair to the other rest of the disciple. Some finds that it just the kind hearted person that Yi Tianyun is, and some other thinks that a people from the slum should not dirtied the Jade Palace ground!

As they passed the disciple, Jiu Lingyun can’t help but hear this false rumor about her and Yi Tianyun. She was shocked and sad hearing this false rumor, and began to feel inferior and more nervous than before.

“Don’t listen to them, you just have to prove them wrong with your own strength. Use their negativity as a fuel to push you forward!” Yi Tianyun give Jiu Lingyun a smile to comfort her.

“I know, Young Master Yi…” Jiu Lingyun still didn’t have the courage to lift her head, scared from the glare she might receive from the other disciple around her.

Looking at this development, Yi Tianyun immediately took Jiu Lingyun to the examination site, with about a dozen candidates waiting, this little amount of candidates is actually normal, because Jade Palace only recruit female, considering the fact that female itself already so scarce in the cultivations world, it just so ordinary to have this small number of recruit for Jade Palace.

However, as Jiu Lingyun keep her stride toward the site, the rumors don’t stop, in fact it gets even worse.

“She really is making everyone envy of her, if you seduce Elder Yi, even you could pass the assesment easily”

“What to envy of her? If I was in Elder Yi’s shoes, I would do the same thing, I would ask my mother to come here, she was a mere farmer after all.”

“Clearly Elder Yi just took pity of her, how can he look at her other than pity? She is so dirty, all her clothes are worn out, but she still wants to join Jade Palace!”

The outer disciple around them keeps whispering back and forth, clearly if they are not afraid of Yi Tianyun, they would talk louder it’s not even surprising if they drive Jiu Lingyun out simply by yelling at her.

While they merely whispered in almost inaudible voice to a regular person, Yi Tianyun can hear them loud and clear. His cultivation is at the level that he can hear a small voice from afar, making him more difficult to be ambushed from afar.

Yi Tianyun glimpsed to all of his surrounding, checking the outer disciple one by one, and come to conclusion that they’re way out of line, they thought just because Jiu Lingyun is here by Yi Tianyun’s recommendation, she’ll get special treatment and pass the exam easily regardless the result she achieved.

They can’t be more wrong. He won’t treat anyone specially, he won’t be biased. If Jiu Lingyun is not reaching the standard to become an inner disciple, than she has to make do being the outer disciple.

“You can badmouth me all you want, but don’t you dare say anything bad to Big Brother Yi!” Suddenly Jiu Lingyun screamed at them with a red eye “I will prove it to you, that I can become the inner disciple with my own strength, Big Brother Yi don’t need to do anything! I will silence you all, just you wait!”

Yi Tianyun didn’t expect Jiu Lingyun to stand up for herself, he smiled, clearly being a timid girl is not going to solve her problem, so this is good for her improvement.

When they saw that Yi Tianyun is looking over to their directions, they are all stopped talking, but the expression they have is still that of disdain and disgusted.

They clearly don’t care about Jiu Lingyun’s words. They didn’t belive anything Jiu Lingyun has just said.

“You don’t have to pay any attention to them, in fact you need this kind of negativity and use it to channel your own power. There’s no better way to silence them other than proving your strength.” Yi Tianyun smiles at Jiu Lingyun.

“Yeah!” Jiu Lingyun clenched her fists. Without saying anything else, she makes a resolution to prove her own worth, she need to show her power, to shut their mouth.

Not long after, Deacon Liang comes. Deacon Liang is the Deacon who manages the outer disciple here in Jade Palace.

She respects Yi Tianyun deeply because Yi Tianyun’s status is much higher than her.

She turns her head to look at Jiu Lingyun at Yi Tianyun’s side, she looks at Yi Tianyun, clearly wanted to say something regarding Jiu Lingyun, before she could speak however.

“There’s no special treatments, conduct the assesment with the usual standard, and follow a strict supervision!” Yi Tianyun look at Deacon Liang with a serious face.

Deacon Liang smiled at Yi Tianyun and nodded lightly. She also disliked a special treatment because of relationship, she thinks that kind of conditioning is disgusting, for her the kind of people to use relationship as a base to join is basically stating that person has no talent whatsoever. She is the living proof, she wasn’t given any kind of special treatment but she still managed to become an inner disciple easily. She doesn’t want to be a burden to Jade Palace for her own weakness if the time comes for Jade Palace’s defences.

After the quick exchange with Yi Tianyun, Deacon Liang began her brief explanation. “This is Spiritual Impact Array, it will constantly use an attack called soul strike, all you need to do is withstand the soul strike from this tool, withstanding ninth wave will grant you the status of official disciple and withstanding up to eleventh wave will grant you the status of inner disciple!”

Fortunately, the candidates only need to withstand two more wave to be considered an inner disciple. He considers it as some kind of convenience, but he does think that not everyone have what it takes to withstand atleast up to the sixth wave.

This test is to divide the disciple into official disciple and inner disciple based on their innate ability. The Inner Disciple having a better potential and innate ability than the outer disciple, is focused in a better training environment.

“Only nine waves this time? I thought they would insist on thirteenth or fourteenth wave!”

“Thirteenth or fourteenth wave impacts? Don’t be stupid, you barely able to do ten wave!”

“Yes, a spiritual cultivation is much harder than body cultivation.”

“I remember a long time ago someone someone managed to hold on until the thirteenth wave”

The disciple talks about the previous assessment and some rumor about it, and can’t really believe they got such a convenience to become an inner disciple.

“Yes, there was indeed a relatively high-level identification of innate ability for this assessment. I, myself managed to hold untill thirteenth wave. Now I have joined the inner court, Inner court standard is much more advanced than this.” Deacon Liang said patiently: “Although the inner disciple standard for now is eleventh wave, if you could hold on for more than thirteenth wave impacts, it would be good for your future, and you’ll definitely earn elder’s attention for that.”

When she finished her explanation, the whole candidates became amazed. They can attract the elder attention if they could withstand fourteenth wave of impacts? This is really tempting. 

Yi Tianyun smiles, this test is to assess the disciple’s spiritual power. If the disciple can hold on until the fourteenth wave of impacts, it means they have a high spiritual power, therefore they have a high potential in all aspects for their future!

Now, after a while, he becomes a little bit excited. He doesn’t know Jiu Lingyun’s potential as he never accompany Jiu Lingyun in training, how far can she go?

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