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Crazy Leveling System Chapter 76: Starting


Jiu Lingyun’s performance is leaving everyone in awe, nobody expect Jiu Lingyun to achieve that level of performance. Now she can directly join the inner disciple and she’s the only one capable to join inner disciple in this assessment. Everyone that talking shit about her earlier has their face looking down the ground. They’re clearly embarrassed for harassing her, and cannot perform as good as her.

This performance prove it to everyone that she didn’t join Jade Palace because of her relation with Yi Tianyun, but she join Jade Palace by her own strength.

Yi Tianyun is just as surprised everyone else. He didn’t expect Jiu Lingyun to enter Inner Disciple so easily.

[Hidden Quest Completed: Saintess Initial Training] [Reward: 50.000 Exp, 50 Jiu Lingyun’s Favorability, 30 Prestige]

System notification suddenly appeared, startled Yi Tianyun a little bit. He reads the notification and become confused. He doesn’t know anything about a Saintess, let alone a quest about training one.

“Is Jiu Lingyun a Saintess?”

Yi Tianyun looks at Jiu Lingyun and straightforwardly ask, “Lingyun, are you a Saintess?”

“Ha? What is a Saintess?” Jiu Lingyun is confused by Yi Tianyun questions, she doesn’t understand his question.

“May I know about your parents?” Yi Tianyun asked.

“I have never known my parents my entire life, I live with my little brother in the slum ever since i was little and that’s all I know.” Jiu Lingyun talk about her past a little bit with still a little confusion in her face, but she doesn’t express any sadness, or anger, like she doesn’t really care for having a parent or not.

“Then your little brother… is he not your biological brother?” Yi Tianyun asked.

“My little brother is not my biological brother, yes. How do you know that he is not my biological younger brother?” Jiu Lingyun wondered.

“Just a guess, don’t worry.” Yi Tianyun tried not to pry any further, and stop asking her question, but he has a theory in his mind.

So, Jiu Lingyun may be a Saintess but which sect would abandon a Saintess? from the looks of things, Jiu Lingyun innate ability has developed already, she didn’t break a new record in this assesment, but judging from her cultivation, her progress is definitely off the chart.

For a start this assessment need the disciple that wanted to participate to be at least a Ninth Level Body Refinement or above. Which mean that Jiu Lingyun is already at this level, and she arrived at Jade Palace just recently. So she just started her cultivation recently too. It’s amazing that she already reach this level.

“You could’ve entered the Heavens Immersing Ancient Ruins, if your cultivation is a bit higher.” Yi Tianyun becomes very interested, if he can help Jiu Lingyun to cultivate faster, there is no doubt that she can become a Saintess. If he got this as a quest, amazing rewards are waiting for him, he’s sure of it.

This is certainly a special kind of Quest!

“No, I am very happy just to join Jade Palace. I just become a disciple recently, If I took my chance to enter Heavens Immersing Ancient Ruins surely there will be more rumors spreading around.” Jiu Lingyun shook her head and she surely felt that it’s not her place to participate in this Heavens Immersing Ancient Ruins, even if she qualified in terms of cultivation level, she would probably still reject the offer, she doesn’t want to trouble Yi Tianyun.

“This is not the place to be humble, your innate ability is very good. You have already proved yourself, but your cultivation isn’t there yet. Don’t worry, there are plenty of opportunities in the future for you to enter the ruins, keep working hard in cultivation and make me proud.” Yi Tianyun smiled at Jiu Lingyun. He has to help Jiu Lingyun cultivate, he got excited by the title Saintess!

The system definitely will not deceive him, this is definitely a Hidden Quest!

After explaining a few things to Jiu Lingyun, he let her tend to other things she needs. Obviously she needs to clear some formal stuff first, for her to formally become an inner disciple.

Not long after, the time to enter Heavens Immersing Ancient Ruins is finally here. Jade Palace already selected and organizes eight excellent disciple to enter, and Qin Xue, the on who accompanied Yi Tianyun to Wind City is also among them.

“Heavens Immersing Ancient Ruins is about to open?” Yi Tianyun asked Shi Xueyun at the palace.

“Yes, this time you will accompany the participants with Great Elder in charge. This time I don’t have to go, I’ll stay here in Jade Palace.” Shi Xueyun said.

If Yi Tianyun and Shi Xueyun leave at the same time, the palace would be very vulnerable, it will be troublesome if by some chance Wing Sect choose to attack at that time. Jade Palace also need to accompany their participant for entering the ruins. It would be not good, if the participant got ambushed by some greedy group of people that wants to enter too.

“No problem, but in case Wing Sect is coming to attack, be careful.” Yi Tianyun worried.

“Don’t worry, if it comes to it, we will rely on supreme elder, they will have no problem Wing sect. We still got some trick up our sleeve.” Shi Xueyun tries to ease Yi Tianyun’s worry.

Yi Tianyun is a little relieved. He really settle this with Wing Sect and just eradicate all of them, so they couldn’t lay a hand to Jade Palace any longer, but it would be difficult and time consuming, because Wing Sect’s territory is so far from here, and entering their territory won’t so easy too.

Yi Tianyun’s cultivation is pretty high, but it doesn’t mean that he can get in and out of enemy territory so easily. Sure he can get exp along the way, but it won’t be enough, because their territory only has ordinary demon beast, meaning that the beast itself would not drop a good amount of exp for him.

“Well, if there is any problem arise, you have to let me know immediately!” Yi Tianyun voices his concern “Whoever dare to lay a hand on you, will never live to see the next day!”

“What do you expect, they surely would come in any given opportunity, there is no way those old man will keep their heads down.” Shi Xueyun talk with a light smiles “You should go already, we don’t want to be late on this important day. Don’t worry about me now.”

“Okay, okay, I’ll go now, too bad I can’t go in, haha. .” Yi Tianyun says with a little laughter.

“Your cultivation is already too high to enter. There is nothing you could do about it.” Shi Xueyun looks at Yi Tianyun and say “Don’t be disappointed about the ruins, there is no special things inside anyway.”

She didn’t know that the thing Yi Tianyun really worried about is his own Main Quest.

“Well, I’ll go now, aunt. See you later.”

When he reach the palace gate, the elder already waiting on him. the second elder is there too, looking proud at her proud disciple, because of the increased amount of quota, she can finally rest easy now that she can grant her disciple the opportunity to enter the ruins.

With nothing else to talk about, they got into their designated carrier and made their way to the Heavens Immersing Ancient Ruins.

After a few days on the road, they finally got close to the ruins entrance. Yi Tianyun can see the mountain range is very long in line, as far as the eyes can see. In the side of the mountain, he can see there is already many carriages bringing people from another sect already arrived, and they all gathered together in small group, they seems to be in deep of discussion.

As Yi Tianyun and his group got closer, he can see the majestic gate of Heavens Immersing Ancient Ruins. This Heavens Immersing Ancient Ruins was built in to the mountain range. The gate itself placed in the middle of mountain range. The structure itself seems like very ancient, and Yi Tianyun can feel a very powerful aura comes from inside the gate.

The vibe he got from the powerful aura emanated from the ruins is like that of ancient dragons, old and very powerful, almost primordial. He reaches his conclusion that the ruin is already been there for a long time. This ruins itself has a special way of entry, beside it requited a certain level of cultivation, it also needs a special token to enter. The token has a fixed amount every time the gate is open, and that is also the reason behind the quota that each faction competes against.

Because without this token, ones couldn’t enter the ruins even if they have the required cultivations.

“This is Heavens Immersing Ancient Ruins? Now how can i get in?” Yi Tianyun wondered, he never gave up on the idea to finish his main quest.

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