Crazy Leveling System

Crazy Leveling System Chapter 771


Yi Tianyun then personally went to the prison inside the Heaven Ascending Divine Altar to free the prisoners that have been captured by the Scarlet Monster Clan with the Mermaid Girl on his side. This was his way of appealing to the ocean’s denizen that Mermaid Clan could be trusted so that Mermaid Clan would have an easier time unifying the ocean! But certainly, the mermaid girl didn’t know anything about Yi Tianyun’s ulterior motive. 

After they freed all the prisoners around the Heaven Ascending Divine Altar, Yi Tianyun had no more use of the Mermaid Girl here, so he sent her back towards the Mermaid Clan Base. “Go back now, return to your Mermaid Clan and tell Princess Lan about what happened here.” Yi Tianyun said, but suddenly his eyes caught a glimpse of Lan Qingling not too far away from their position. “No, scratch that. It doesn’t seem to be necessary right now.” Yi Tianyun sighed as he walked towards Lan Qingling.

He never thought that the Mermaid Princess would sneak out and follow him to this dangerous place. It just showed how troublesome the princess could be. 

“Princess?” The mermaid girl said as she was surprised to see Lan Qingling here.

“Great! Little Yu, you survived!” Lan Qingling excitedly said as she hugged the Mermaid Girl.

“Yeah, I am fine, thanks to the kind man here.” Little Yu said as she felt relieved to see someone she knew.

“He is the young Master of our Mermaid Clan. Thankfully he got to you before something bad happen!” Lan Qingling excitedly said as she looked at Yi Tianyun, but Yi Tianyun reached out and smacked Lan Qingling on the head.

“Why can’t you just listen to anything I said? Don’t you know coming here is dangerous?” Yi Tianyun annoyedly said as he stared at Lan Qingling. 

“I come here to make sure that there was no harm coming to Young Master’s way! But after I know that nothing goes wrong, I simply observe from a distance! I saw that Young Master is very amazing!” Lan Qingling said as she rubbed her head with a frown on her face.

“Great! Now that you are here, I want to ask you a question. I have to take this Heaven Ascending Divine Altar back to where it was before. Do you have any means to do it?” Yi Tianyun asked curiously. Heaven Ascending Divine Altar was a big building, so there was no way he could move it alone. He knew that he had to return it if he wanted the Teleportation Great Array to work properly!

“That is simple, Young Master! We just need to find a few Huge Sea Whales to drag Heaven Ascending Divine Altar to anywhere you want. I believe we can find the whales in no time!” Lan Qingling said excitedly. “Our Mermaid Clan will handle this task! Just tell us where we should bring the Heaven Ascending Divine Altar to, and we will do it!” Lan Qingling said confidently.

“Good! Then I will leave this task to Mermaid Clan. You should drag Heaven Ascending Divine Altar to Devil Cloud Island. If anyone tries to stop you, kill them without mercy!” Yi Tianyun said solemnly. He deliberately made it sound ruthless as he knew that there were a lot of cultivators out there tried to capture the Mermaid Clan, either it was Scarlet Monster Clan in the ocean or Human on the surface.

“But don’t worry, even if you don’t have the power to kill them, Heaven Ascending Divine Altar will protect you!” Yi Tianyun smiled at Lan Qingling. He had already ordered the Tool Spirit to protect the Mermaid Clan and attack whoever got in their way.

“Alright, we will do it efficiently!” Lan Qingling said excitedly. She wanted to repay Yi Tianyun for helping her family earlier, and this sounded like a good plan to ease her debt a little bit.

“Good, now that I can leave it to Mermaid Clan, I will go to their den and kill those Evil Spirit Race!” Yi Tianyun coldly said with raging killing intent .

“But do you know where to find it, Young Master?” Lan Qingling curiously asked as she didn’t know where their den would be.

“I don’t know, but these two should be able to guide me there!” Yi Tianyun said as he snapped his fingers, and two figures appeared behind him. It was the Water Dragon Emperor and Spirit King Expert of Evil Spirit Race. They both have been under Yi Tianyun’s control. Although Yi Tianyun didn’t know whether Water Dragon Emperor knew of the Evil Spirit Race’s den, the Spirit King Expert of Evil Spirit Race should know this location, so Yi Tianyun wasn’t worried at all!

So, Yi Tianyun immediately asked them a series of questions. He asked Water Dragon Emperor what Evil Spirit Race had planned on the surface and how much progress they’ve accomplished. Both of them obediently answered Yi Tianyun’s question even though they were asked about the nest’s location and the detailed plan of Evil Spirit Race. 

“I’m disappointed in your rashness, Water Dragon Emperor! Didn’t you know that the Evil Spirit Race would destroy the Mortal World once they took control?” Yi Tianyun asked coldly.

“I don’t know! Heavenly Clouds Emperor, I beg of you to let me go. I merely got fascinated by their temptations and promises!” Water Dragon Emperor said nervously after Yi Tianyun returned the control to him.

“Fascinated? You want to kidnap my men and threaten me just because you are fascinated? Now, I want to be fascinated by you too! I will tell everyone how heroic you are later. You bravely fought the Evil Spirit Race despite knowing that you have no chance of winning and sacrifice yourself for the greater good!” Yi Tianyun said coldly.

“Please forgive me!” Water Dragon Emperor said as he dropped on his knees, begged for his life, and cried on Yi Tianyun’s feet. As for the Spirit King stage Evil Spirit Race beside him, he didn’t do anything as Yi Tianyun has forced him to spill out everything he needed to know, so the Evil Spirit Race man didn’t have anything else to say.

“I didn’t expect Evil Spirit Race to have this much power despite being in Mortal World! They had five Saint King Stage Experts, making them somewhat in average Divine Nation power.” YI Tianyun said as he looked at the Evil Spirit Race man. He took control of the Water Dragon Emperor once again as it got annoying to hear him beg for his life all the time!

These five Saint King Stage Experts included Cang Yun and Cang Min, meaning there were 3 more Saint King Experts he’d have to deal with! Nonetheless, it was amazing that the Evil Spirit Race could cultivate all the way to Saint King Stage in Mortal World. However, it was clear that these people consumed other race’s Blood Essence to achieve such a thing!

Yi Tianyun couldn’t wrap his head around the idea of how many people had died by Evil Spirit Race’s hands. They killed many people and extracted their Blood Essence so that they could get stronger. This kind of thing really disgusted Yi Tianyun to the core that he couldn’t wait to pulverize them thoroughly!

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