Crazy Leveling System

Crazy Leveling System Chapter 773


The Evil Spirit Race Expert led Yi Tianyun inside with Water Dragon Emperor in tow. Yi Tianyun camouflaged Water Dragon Emperor as it went without saying that no Evil Spirit Race Expert should bring any outsider down here. Meanwhile, Yi Tianyun hid using his ability so that no one could detect him.

“Why are you back so soon? Have you fully seized control of Heaven Ascending Divine?” a voice was heard on the side.

“Yes, it’s almost complete. We just have to bring some more tributes.” Evil Spirit Race Expert said respectfully.

“More tribute? Haven’t we sent some tribute earlier?” The voice asked again as he opened a hole in the barrier for Evil Spirit Race Expert to enter. 

Yi Tianyun immediately took advantage of the moment and passed the figure while leaving the Evil Spirit Race Expert and Water Dragon Emperor behind. Yi Tianyun immediately saw that there was a building that was covered by Heavenly Yin Fire. The fire was pulled inside the building slowly. 

But Yi Tianyun frowned a little bit as he just remembered that he should’ve dragged Water Dragon Emperor along so that he could fight and die! 

A Human? Yu Chang, what is going on? Why did you bring 2 humans with you here?” A voice was suddenly heard from nearby. It was a different story if the human was tied up, but since Yi Tianyun and Water Dragon Emperor weren’t tied up, they immediately sensed something was wrong!

But Yi Tianyun was too lazy to pay any attention to any of them as he was already inside Heaven Swallowing Divine Treasure. Once he was already inside like this, the Evil Spirit Race had nothing to stop him from doing anything he wanted! 

Yi Tianyun was filled with anger as he knew that the Evil Spirit Race had sacrificed so many children, teenagers, and even pregnant women for the purpose of their cultivation and ideas to control the whole realm! It was so obvious that Yi Tianyun even saw several of these children’s bones on the ground at the corner of the building. 

Yi Tianyun saw everything with his Appraisal Eye and saw that one of the three leaders of Evil Spirit Race was enjoying a child’s flesh in his hands while the two other were bathing in a pool of blood! Yi Tianyun realised that it was probably children’s blood too, but just how many children did they kill to leave that much blood?

Yi Tianyun no longer concealed himself as he knew that the Evil Spirit Race had detected him, but they didn’t panic as they only saw a teenage boy and a man. They obviously thought that a human wouldn’t be able to harm them, let alone kill them! Furthermore, they thought that Yi Tianyun wouldn’t be able to leave as they could just close the barrier again! 

In addition to that, these three Old Ancestor-level cultivators had absolute confidence in their own power. They were Saint King Expert that, whose cultivation almost hit the peak of their stage! The strongest between them was at the Peak of Saint King!

“Hey, that one actually has the Bloodline of Heaven Creating Divine King!” one of them said as they looked down on Yi Tianyun. “Yu Cang, that human you brought here today is really excellent! Although I hate Sealing Heaven Divine King the most, eating Heaven Creating Divine King isn’t so bad either!” the man said excitedly.

“Yeah, that is true! If I can go to Heaven World right now, I will search for Sealing Heaven Divine King’s descendants and eat them until there is none of them left!” another man of the three laughed as he licked his lips while looking at Yi Tianyun in anticipation. 

They were really tempted as Yi Tianyun had the bloodline of Heaven Creating Divine King, but they seemed disappointed once they shifted their gaze towards Water Dragon Emperor and ignored him then. “There is no bloodline in that one, but I suppose his Cultivation Base is okay. Feel free to have that one!” The Evil Spirit Race leader said indifferently. They failed to notice the look of disgust and anger in Yi Tianyun’s eyes, but it was clear that they wouldn’t care about it either way!

“Activate Crazy Damage mode! Equip Evil God Suit! Equip Desolate Ancient Set! Equip Dragon God Bloodline! Equip Phoenix Bloodline!” Yi Tianyun said as he activated all his combat-purpose powers. His power immediately shot through the roof!

The three old ancestor-level Evil Spirit Race was surprised by the sudden rise of Yi Tianyun’s power and immediately pulled out their weapon and began to watch Yi Tianyun vigilantly.

“What is that power!” They said to each other as they felt an extraordinary amount of power from Yi Tianyun. They thought that the human boy was just another powerless cultivator, but it was clear that they have made a mistake! Now, they sensed a power that was clearly well beyond any of them!

Yi Tianyun transformed into an Evil God with the power of Evil God Suit, and his appearance wasn’t that different compared to the Evil Spirit Race, but it was clear that the Evil God was much more terrifying than the Evil Spirit Race!

Yi Tianyun was beyond angry at this point as he could see the remains of children no matter where he looked! Yi Tianyun immediately rushed towards the leader of Evil Spirit Race with the Desolate Set and the Phoenix Bloodline that increased his speed dramatically! 

The next moment, Yi Tianyun appeared in front of the Evil Spirit Race that was eating a child. He was disgusted by this man the most as he nonchalantly ate a child’s flesh in front of him! He immediately slashed the man down using the Evil God power and cut the man’s arms and legs! The black flame of the Evil God immediately consumed the man’s body from the wound!

“One down, two more to go!” Yi Tianyun said coldly!

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